How to Decorate Baby Shower Gifts | Pottery Barn Kids

Uploaded by pbkids on 05.01.2011

Hi, I'm Kelli Ronci, and I'm a stylist for Pottery Barn Kids.
How you choose to present your shower gift is just as important as the gift itself.
I like to choose a color palette and overall theme,
and then personalize it in some way so it will appeal to the mother to be.
For this gift, I chose the theme of changing time,
and I decided to go with an overall organic palette of green.
As an alternative to the traditional box and wrapping paper,
I chose to present this gift in the Pottery Barn Kids Sabrina Diaper Caddy,
which is not only adorable, but useful, and a gift in and of itself.
In keeping with my color palette, I chose the green gingham liner.
Along with the adorable Pottery Barn Kids Lamb Critter Squeak Rattle,
I chose to fill this gift with environmentally friendly and organic products,
such as cloth diapers, and some organic diaper creams.
To embellish the gift, I chose to wrap some of these beautiful laurel leaves and other greenery around the handle.
To decorate the handle, take a long stem of greenery, and wrap it around the handle.
Then take a second stem, and do the same thing, in the opposite direction.
Then cut small pieces of greenery and poke them into the wrapped stems to fill in the gaps.
This is a great way to present a gift that is not only beautiful and useful,
but also environmentally friendly.