Toyota GT86 review and drifting!

Uploaded by autoblogger on 28.05.2012

Welcome in this new Toyota!
I say this because this a driver's car, and that is exactly how Toyota wanted this car to be.
That was quite a shock actually, because we know Toyota from hybrids, hybrids and more things like that.
Toyota has a tradition with driver's cars, but ignored that for some time.
10 years ago Toyota had the Supra, which is completely off the radar.
And the Celica is also nowhere to be found.
But, now they're back with the GT86, a very fun car to drive!
But this is a car for which I have to educate you first.
Because we are spoiled with front wheel drive and downsized turbo engines.
I'm now driving 100 km/h (60 mph) with 2800 rpm in its 6th gear.
I now completely floor it, resulting in almost nothing.
Now you may think, that's weak...
...because with a TDI or downsized turbo engine the car reacts immediately and with power.
You may even have a dual-clutch automatic transmission, so it automatically shifts back in a fraction of a second.
Nothing of all that in this version of the GT86, because we're driving one with a manual transmission.
An automatic transmission is available, but you don't want that, you want the manual one.
This is a car that you have to grab in its scruff and firmly lug to where you want it.
If you think: I should take this corner in its 3rd gear, wrong! 2nd gear!
Should you take it in its 4th gear, no! 3rd gear!
On the highway, continuous everything in the 4th gear!
Just push it!
This block is at its best above 5000 rpm...
...and the maximum torque of a little over 200 Nm is reached at 6200 rpm.
There's also a shift light installed, to tell you: shift up now!
The rpm limiter is pretty subtile... there's less danger of losing all the power during a drift when you're close to the rpm limit.
There's a boxer engine in the GT86, which shows the link that this car has with Subaru, which produces a similar car.
And both cars are developed by Toyota and Subaru together.
The engine has a volume of 2 liters, no turbos but it does have direct fuel injection...
...which is unique for a boxer engine.
200 hp.
In normal (line) engines, the cylinders are placed vertical.
While in a boxer engine, they are placed horizontal.
Lower, thus a lower center of gravity.
This is not a very heavy car to start with, a little over 1200 kg (2646 pounds).
All the things mentioned before are the basic ingredients for a true driver's car.
Very direct steering and very precise brakes.
This is really useful when you're in the mountains going downhill...
...and drive over a little bump, then you immediately feel your grip changing.
And of course: rear wheel drive!
Because that is the holy Grail for a motorist.
At least, if you like sportive driving of course.
But, as I already mentioned, you really have to drive it firmly.
But think about it as your girlfriend: sometimes it's good to hold her firmly...
...that's what she likes and makes her perform better.
There're disadvantages though: 200 hp is not a lot.
You especially notice that when you want to start a drift, you really have to get it out of balance.
Or maybe give the clutch a small tap, to get it into oversteer.
But the balance is amazing!
When you're driving a curved mountain road, it almost feels like this car is dancing together with you.
But, this amazing driver's car has some more disadvantages.
Firstly, you have to educate yourself, this means:
No 60 km/h (38 mph) in the 5th gear as the government wants you to...
...because it's good for the environment. No! Keep the rpm above 5000.
Secondly, the maximum power, this car simply wants more.
You want this car to have 270 or maybe even 300 hp.
But maybe this is something for the future, because a boxer engine with turbos is an excellent combination.
Lastly, especially for the Netherlands: the price.
40 grand.
For that money there are not a lot of other options with rear wheel drive.
Let alone, rear wheel drive with 200 hp and such a focus on the true driving experience.
You can buy a lot of other things with that kind of money though.
But, they are so much duller, for example the Golf GTI or Seat Leon Cupra or M├ęgane RS.
They are all fantastic, and maybe even faster, but oh so much duller!
This is driving in its purest way, so this should be your second or third car.