Boys Over Flowers aka Boys Before Flowers: Full Episode 9 (Official & HD with subtitles)

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It's too loud! Be quiet!
It's really delicious!
We are . . . Don't eat!
Just put it on anywhere.
Hey, be quiet!
Butler Lee, it's so noisy.
It's almost time for him to wake up.
Should we seat him at the head of the table? Or . . .
No, the middle of the table there, there ...
Butler Lee!
You sit here. Got it? And . . .
Put the Jjim on my side!
KangSan, please stop fidgeting!
My favorite . . . Honey, please stop!
So noisy. Please be quiet.
Did you sleep well?
It isn't much, but please eat up, Goo SeoBang. (SeoBang = hubby / daughter's husband).
Eat it while it's warm.
Honey, this jjim.
Right, right, right. This jjim was done really well since I cooked it for a long time.
It's really good. Just try.
Are you alright, Goo SeoBang?
Big brother, are you going to keep living in our house?
We don't get to eat pancakes even on national holidays. This is the first time we've had a breakfast like this before!
Did JunPyo go somewhere?
He is still sleeping.
Tell him to come down. Just let him be.
He was up late last night with the F4 young masters.
At his age, he still hangs around with those kids. . .
What about those kids?
Don't you know how glad I am that JoonPyo has such friends?
The heir of ShinHwa can't have and doesn't need friends.
In his position, he can't afford to let anyone be on par with him. He has to be cold hearted. That way, if needed, he can always fall back to the family. Don't you understand anything?
I would rather die than acknowledge that way of thinking.
Do you know how many times we have breakfast together each year?
And what fault do we play in that?
Bring him.
Forget about it. I'll go myself.
Goo JoonPyo, Mother is coming in!
Where did that child go?
I am asking you why Joonpyo isn't here!
Making kimjang? (kimjang=BIG amount of kimchi made to store during winter)
Your family of 4 is going to eat all this?
You don't eat only kimchi everyday. . . No, hyung. We do. We only eat kimchi.
Because of the high prices, we are making less than the past.
Ready! ready!
Get set!
Get set! Go! Jandi!
Kang San!
Gang San!
Pass it!
Hey, is it fun?
I brought them. Honey, bring the aekjeot. (Aekjeot = the water salted with a sand eel/anchovy).
Honey, is this the aekjeot? Yes.
Let me mix them for you.
Nooo, that's not how you do it. You have to spread it out like this.
You have to learn how to make this before getting married.
How about it? It's good.
Honey! We are here. Shh! Be quiet, please.
Honey, Goo seobang's skin is delicate. You have to scrub it gently.

Don't worry. - Goo seobang! I will prepare some refreshing coffee and milk for you.
Let's go.
Get clean!
One, two, three!
Ah fishcakes! Ma'am. Six pieces, please. Two per person.
It's delicious. Of course it's delicious!
Can I have some more? Of course! How many? Just eat them all!
Eat them as much as you want.
What's wrong with him this time?
Did he eat something weird at Geum JanDi's house?
JunPyo, did you really go to JanDi's home yesterday?
You guys. Have you ever made kimjang?
What? What's that?
You haven't? Then, have you ever gotten scrubbed down at a public bathhouses?
Huh. What's he talking about?
You haven't eaten a fishcake at a cart bar, right?
Do you guys even know what it's like to really live life?
I liked him better when he was messing up proverbs. I'm more scared of Geum JanDi than small pox.
SunBae! (=senior)
There seems to be a lot of things bothering you lately.
Is it because of JoonPyo?
You're going to catch a cold.
I'm fine. Thank you.
This is really warm!
Can I give you some advice?
Yes? Don't avoid him.
Who was the one who said it was cowardly to avoid things?
Senior . . .
Don't avoid him... give him a chance.
Honestly, it feels like a burden being dragged around in JoonPyo's world.
There's no such thing as JoonPyo's world or JanDi's world.
Just like you and I are of the same world,
If it is a burden, you can drag him into your world. Isn't that your speciality?
I'll take your advice. Thank you, SunBae! See you again.
Stop pacing around like that. Just call her.
Stop and think about it. If your the first to call, then she'll have you whipped.
I won't call. I won't move a finger until she calls me first.
That's right! You are doing well. That is a basic principle right out the playboy's rule book. It's called "Pushing and Pulling".
How can you say that as you're watching him do that? Withdrawal symptoms of Geum JanDi . . It should be a mental disease.
It's her. It's her.
Cool it. Relax.
Geum JanDi?
Who is 'Geum JanDi'?
That is a little overboard. A little?! It's too much.
Oh! That's right, I remember now. What's up?
Am I free right now?
I am so busy that I didn't even remember that you haven't called me in three days and thirteen hours.
Hey man, whoa, whoa.
- I'm embarrassed to call him my friend. -What? What do you take me for? Why would I go there with a stranger??
I'm not going! I'm hanging up.
Did you see?
You heard me raise my voice, huh?
It was me who hung up the phone.
Why did you get angry? She said we should have a double date thing.
Double date? With whom?
Could it be, Miss GaEul?
That girl, she's pretty interesting.
JoonPyo, aren't you going?
Dates are for two people. And, what the hell, how lame... it's in front of a burger place.
Then I'll go in your place.
What? Why would you go?
I want to know what commoners do on dates. It could be interesting, I think.
Shut it! Meet at the shooting range by ten tomorrow!
Got it?
He won't come, he didn't like the idea.
Then why are you waiting?
Who was waiting? I was just waiting to meet your new boyfriend.
Who's that?
Could it be Geum JanDi?
Goo JoonPyo?
What a coincidence! Coincidence?
It was just that I was passing by and a country bumpkin like you was standing there .shivering.
I came over just in case...
Really? Then just go on with your business.
I was just waiting for GaEul's boyfriend.
Why are you waiting for someone else's boyfriend?
Just leave.
Don't test me!
I'm done with my business. Do you want me to stay with you?
Do you think it would be alright to stick to them like a booger while they're on a date?
Fine, I'll be nice. I'll stay with you.
This is great, JanDi!
I have a bad feeling about this.
But why isn't he here yet? He's already 30 minutes late.
What manners!
Sorry, I'll try calling him.
Hurry up.
I lost money and got stood up. That Goo Joon Pyo is seriously no help.
It's cold. If I knew it was going to be like this, I would have just played a game of squash.
How did you know that Goo Joon Pyo wasn't going to come?
I'll treat you with the money I won on the bet.
Why are you so late?
Hi! Nice to meet ya. I'm Hoo SoonPyo!
Hello! I'm Geum JanDi, a friend of GaEul's.
And, this is, Goo JunPyo. (My . . .)
Whoa! Your hairstyle rocks. Where did you have it done? It looks like a sea shell.
If I put this on my blog, it'll be a huge hit!
- What? - Oppa!
Now that I think about it, SoonPyo and JunPyo, just like brothers. Call me hyung (older brother). Let's get along.
who the hell does he think he is?
He didn't even apologize when he was the one who was late. What? Sea shell? . . 1f!.!!r(r(croissant is called "sea shell bread" in korean))
Goo JoonPyo, I'm sorry.
Should we just leave? We can just leave. Let's do that.
No, let's go on a commoner's date just this once.
You want it? Thank you. We don't need this.
Look at this!
what the hell is this place?
DongSaeng, is this your first time? (Dongsaeng = Younger sibling)
have you never eaten small intestines?
Small intestines? The inner parts of cows and pigs.
You don't know the small intestines and the large intestines?
What the hell, younger brother, are you choking?
JanDi, maybe you should rethink your choice. How can you trust your life with a guy that can't eat small intestines?
What did you say?
Ah, it looks delicious!
I'm going to eat as much as I can!
Please try some. Chew slowly. It's savory and quite good.
Hey, just look at him. He doesn't seem like he can eat it.
Don't overdo it, just give up. Since there is not enough for us . . .
who says i can't eat it?
Are you okay? Of course I'm okay!
Are you really okay?
I don't think so!
I'm warning you, be careful.
I'm being nice and you don't even realize it. Idiots rush in where tigers fear to tread..
What? Younger brother, by any chance did you mean to say fools rush in where angels fear to tread?
DongSaeng, you're really funny!
Hey! Don't you guys go to Shinhwa High? That really is a school that you just pay money to attend! How much do you have to pay?
Goo JoonPyo.
It's beautiful!
You like it that much?
It's my first time coming somewhere like this.
This place is like a fairytale.
What are you, a little match girl?
Why are you going around without your gloves? I do have gloves!
Come here.
Let's go together next time.
Where? To the Champs Elyses.
Younger brother, why don't we go buy warm cups of coffee for the ladies?
It's okay , I'm fine.
Let's go, huh?
Oh, okay! Me?
I'm at the skating rink.
I'm sorry.
About SoonPyo oppa.
It's fine. He doesn't seem like a bad person.
It may have been a bit uneasy, but I think we've achieved our objective, right?
Objective? Look at how hard JoonPyo sunbae tries to meet you at your level. I'm honestly impressed.
He does seem like he's trying in his own little way.
Yeah, I think you can trust him now.
But why are they taking so long? Should we go see?
Goo JoonPyo! Oppa!
What are you doing?
Why did you hit him? What's wrong with you?
Do I need a reason to beat this bastard?
Hey! You. If you're going to date a guy, at least pick a good one.
You'd better stop right there!
If you leave like that, it's over with me.
JanDi! Apologize!
Hey! Goo JoonPyo! Hey!
How did this happen? I don't know.
i wanted to become friends with him, but he started hitting me for no reason.
He could have just said it if he didn't like me.
Ouch! My teeth are aching.
It's going to take 8 weeks to fully recover from this.
I'm sorry.
I'll apologize on his behalf.
Ah, this one here. Ah, that one there.
He won't pick up or answer my texts.
I'm sorry, GaEul.
I really have nothing to say . . .
right now do I.
No, don't say anything. JoonPyo wouldn't have done something like that without a reason.
What are you saying?
That day, Oppa kept making mistakes, and JoonPyo sunbae was being patient.
There must be a reason.
Reason? What reason? Have his actions ever made any sense before?
Every time, he does as he likes. That bastard still has a lot to learn.
Just wait and see.
What are you going to do?
On Geum JanDi's honor, I will get an apology.
Geum JanDi, what's up?
I came because I have something to tell Goo JoonPyo, so please pass on this message.
He's right next to you.
She said she wants to talk to you.
I have nothing to say, so tell her to do whatever she wants.
He said to pass it on.
Ask him what country's courtesy is hitting someone without a reason and not apologizing?
Hey, you got into trouble again?
She asked what country's courtesy is that.
Pass it on that my fist is a waste for that bastard.
He said it was a waste. How long do I have to do this for?
Hey, what's wrong with you guys?
Please tell him to listen good because this is my last warning.
Because of what he did, my friend is really upset.
If he doesn't apologize, it's really the end between us.
A "thank you" wouldn't even be enough for getting rid of trash like that.
Tell her I won't do it, even if I die. She can do whatever she wants.
JoonPyo! - I got it, Goo JoonPyo.
Hey, of course this is just like you.
From the beginning it was impossible for you to force yourself to match someone else's level and get along with others.
But, what I don't understand is why Ga Eul, who is at no fault, has to be punished for that.
Goo JoonPyo I don't want to have anything to do with you anymore.
Geum JanDi! Hey, what's wrong with you guys, really?
Please excuse me. Good bye.
Hey, aren't you going after her? Are you just going to let her go?
What did you do this time?
See, I told you you'd catch a cold.
How did you know I was here?
You swim when you're frustrated. You're frustrated over something now,
So you're here at the swimming pool.
Is it that difficult?
If it's about Goo JoonPyo, I'm not going to talk about it.
When did I say it was about JoonPyo?
If he did something wrong to me, I would just be angry with him. But this is about GaEul so I can't.
They were only trying to help us.
You're talking about JoonPyo now, right?
Am I allowed to answer?
Anyway, I will never forgive him this time.
If GaEul breaks up with her boyfriend because of this, how will I be able to face Goo JoonPyo again?
You said you're not going to talk about him, but you are.
I was hoping you wouldn't need this. This won't do.
If you don't dry your hair after you swim, you'll catch a cold.
Some how, someone's doing that every day.
So . . .
See? Senior . . .
You're thankful, right?
Then I'll say one more thing.
When a guy is with a girl he likes, there's no such thing as "just because."
There will always be a reason.
I’m speaking from experience, so you can trust me.
I'm leaving!
Come on.
JanDi, I'm scared!
Are you just going to wait around for someone who hasn't contacted you in days?
Hurry up.
You said that Gong SoonPyo works at a club near here, right?
Oppa . . .
You know the high schooler I've been dating out of boredom?
I went on a double date with her, and the guy that came out was a total plutocrat.
Plutocrat? You should introduce me to him!~
Give it up. That fool seemed like he had a ton of money, but really bad taste.
That high schooler had an elementary kid's body. Do you know how poor they looked?
They're both mush. Mush? From which club?
No, they work in a porridge shop.
What? But her boyfriend is a plutocrat? -Right.
She's that pretty? Pretty?! I told him I would introduce him to a fine girl like you,
and he starts throwing punches for no reason!
Yeah, ok. Me??
I'm at the skating rink.
What do you mean why? I'm playing with some kids. Oppa's working hard.
What? Really?
I got it! Wait for me!
JoonPyo dongsaeng, why don't we talk as men?
That JanDi(grass) or Japcho(weeds), isn't she nothing?
Does she have something on you?
What did you say?
Does she have money? You could do better.
What're you trying to say?
Don't you want to just get this over with, and go to a club with me? If we go, there are girls that you can't even compare to the ones over there (Jandi and Gaeul).
What's wrong with you?
If you keep on talking shit about my girlfriend, I'm not gonna let you eat with that mouth anymore!
Was what you said true? Gong SoonPyo?
- You guys . . .
- I'm asking you if it's true.
What're you going to do if it's the truth?
Oppa, who are they?
Do you know them?
Does it look like I would know them?
What's your reason for not calling GaEul?
My reason? Fine. Do you always have to be told inelegantly to know if something is sh*t or korean bean paste?
Hey you, ugly girl! Why don't you try sending less texts? Are you a stalker? My inbox is full. It's a complete nuisance!
One is for my friend GaEul and the other is for my boyfriend.
If you ever appear in front of GaEul, I'm going to kill you!
Who are you? Go home!
What kind of guy is that?
Even so, I'm glad.
JoonPyo SunBae isn't a bad guy after all.
GaEul . . .
I'm fine, really!
JanDi, hurry up and go.
You should apologise to JoonPyo SunBae.
That . . .
Hurry up and tell him you're sorry.
Then I'll feel better.
Will you be alright if you're alone?
Of course! Don't worry.
Hurry up and go.
I'll call you.
It's enough now, just give up, please!
Is it now my turn after father's . . .
to be threatened by you taking medicine?
Potter Professor So HyunSub
Your lips are like a pottery of Jone Comed
Lips . . . Huh?
You've got lipstick there.
Thank you.
You are the fourth. Huh?
You're his fourth girlfriend this year.
For being that, you are much too beautiful.
Stop the car.
Aren't you past the age of crying in the middle of the street?
Girls, you know, sometimes think it's pretty to cry.
But that's not true.
Miss GaEul!
Miss GaEul!
It wasn't me..
It wasn't me!
Miss GaEul!
Miss GaEul! Please! Miss GaEul!
Ah . . . two pair.
You win? What do you have?
What? Aish, there's nothing that goes right.
You guys haven't gotten back together yet?
What do you mean get back together? Even if she were to get on her knees and beg, I wouldn't even blink an eye.
Well, let's hear the whole story. I have a feeling you're not completely in the right either.
Why wouldn't I be in the right? I went on some double or triple date with her. I ate some intestines or cow intestines for her. I got rid of some asshole too. I did all the right things.
Then you're not gonna see her even if she comes herself?
I'm telling you, I'm not letting this go.
It won't work Geum JanDi, you're just gonna have to leave.
Hey, when did you come?
I didn't know you were so mad. I must have been thinking about myself the whole time.
Sorry. I'll just go.
Hey. Just go? Go where?
Since you came, you have to tell me why.
Do you think this is the sort of place you can just walk in and out of?
Goo JoonPyo.
Please accept my apology! (In Korean, "apology" and "apple" are spelled the same)
If an apology could solve everything, there wouldn't be laws . . .
and police??
It seems you already know.
What am I supposed to do?
Three wishes.
Three wishes?
Then I will accept your apology.
What do you mean three . . .?
That many?
Guys, going against Goo JoonPyo when he is right - is it a big sin or not?
It's big.
All right, all right. I'll do it.
But you have to say them all in one minute.
Hey! You can't do that!
What do you mean I can't do that, I'm doing it. . . . 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 . . .
Hey, wait. Stop that! Sit down for now.
Hey stop! Stand up.
-There's only one left, 50! 51, 52, 53. 54.
"Oppa, I'm sowwwyy." (cutely) Say it.
Didn't you hear?
"Oppa, I was wrong", say that once.
Goo Junpyo
Hey. Didn't you see what GaEul did? Say it after me. Let's do it!
"Oppa, I was wrong!"
Ah, I can't do it! I won't do it!
Whether you accept it or not, just do whatever you want. I can't. I can't!
Hey Geum JanDi! Where are you going?
That's why when she apologized, you should have accepted it.
Are you going to give that back?
Hey! How can you eat that!
I was given this for an apology.
This thing . . . looks pretty fragile, right?
It's stronger than it looks.
Do you know how long it took to make it that strong?
Sorted, stepped on, cut, then heated at 1300 degrees.
That's not the end.
If after all that it's still not right, it has to be thrown out.
Like this.
To become strong, this is what you have to go through.
Just like what you went through today.
I think I understand what you're saying.
Thank you.
Then shall we go out now?
I'm having a bad day too.
At times like this, you just gotta let it go.
Lets go! hurry
Who is that guy?
So YiJung, isn't it? F4 don't come to places like here . . . . What's going on?
Now that I see him, he shines, he shines!
What is that? Handsome heirs. Haven't you heard of F4?
Excuse me. . . Me, me?!
Yes, please tell me!
Could I play a song? Playing? Sure! Go up, please. You can play all night.
Thank you.
There is someone here who has completely stolen my heart.
I am going to play my heart for her.
Gosh! I already said I was sorry! Why is he calling me to meet him all the way out here?
Goo JunPyo. Do you really think I'd say, "Oppa, I was wrong"? I would rather . . ..
You . . . You, you. Again, you're so easily impressed.
Goo Jun Pyo.
How did you do all this?
I tried to make this place look like the Champs-Elysees.
Do you like it?
Yes, It's pretty.
It's really pretty.
It's like Christmas.
What's so good about Christmas? You don't like it?
Just think about it and you'll feel happy.
Not once,
do I remember being happy about it.
"Merry Christmas"
So that's why.
Hey, Geum JanDi,
has the kimchi I made fermented?
If someone hears, they'll think you made all that kimchi by yourself.
I want to eat it.
Yes. I wanna eat the fish your mother de-boned too.
The fishcakes your father bought for me were also delicious.
I, uh . . .
I never knew what a family was like.
But after I saw your family,
I think, I get it a little.
Can I come over again?
Have you ever needed permission before?
This isn't a joke.
I want to come over again.
In fact . . .
I want to come every day. . .