Gundarr - Pink as Night (Ep #4)

Uploaded by MondoMedia on 20.09.2011

[Toddy:] (Singing) I got a stone-cold plaaan
I'm gonna kill a bar-bar-i-an! Ooh! Yeah.
I'm sure to find a mercenary in here.
This place is chock-full of my favorite double-d's.
Douchebags and Desperation.
[Toddy:] Nah. Too short.
Hm... Too tall.
Eh. Too old.
Hmm... Ooh! Too damn sexy!
With your bad self over there. You go girl!
Hail and well met, mercenary!
Dost thou seeketh a fortune in riches and jewels-eth...Eth?
[Merc:] Well sure thing, dumplin'.
I'm just always on the lookout to look more fabulous!
[Toddy:] Then all this and more can be yours,
if you'll decide to slay this barbarian.
[Merc:] Well, Mr. Man, the only thing I'm gonna slay
is another one of these here appletinis.
[Toddy:] Aw, c'mon you guys.
Is everyone in here a big sissy or what? (Impressive belching)
[Voice:] Hey. Warlock. Them's fightin' words.
[Toddy:] Oooh!
Sounds like I found my bad ass - Whaaat?
A horse!?
[Horse:] You want a man dead?
You call
Cupcake Fury.
[Toddy:] Who's cupcake fury?
[Horse:] When the winds whisper "death,"
Cupcake Fury is there.
When the blood of the innocent
stains the saddles of war,
Cupcake Fury is there.
When the sky rains sprinkles of pain
to decorate the cake of destruction,
Cupcakefuryisthere. [Toddy:] Nyuuh!
Ya big rugged sonova B. You're hired!
All you gotta do is find and kill
this barbarian!
[Horse:] You mean that one over there? [Gundarr:] Hey, Cupcake Fury!
[Horse:] Oh, hey, Gundarr.
[Toddy:] What the crap? You guys are friggin' bros?
Well, I... I guess I'll leave you to it then.
Cuz I- I don't wanna interrupt. I got some damsels to distress...
[Horse:] Not so fast, wand-slinger.
[Toddy:] Uuh. You guys want an appletini?
[Some serious ruckus]
[Gundarr:] Wizards make the best horsies!
And horsies make the best cakes!
[Gundarr outtro]