Coheed and Cambria's "Sirius Secret Handshake"

Uploaded by KrownzTV on 23.10.2012

And then we're gonna line it. Turn it! Turn it!
Up... and THEN go... oh ok.
I'll go up. I'll go up. Ok? I'll go up, you go down.
Travis!? Good to see you, man! LEFT! RIGHT! UP! WHAT THE FUCK!?
You'll never get this! TRAVIIIIIIS! Yeaaaah brother!
What up, man!? Booyah!
I WAS GOING DOWN! TRAVIIIIIS! Oh! What up, man? Good to see ya! Boom boom. Whoop. Lock it! Booyah! Wooooo!
Please tell me you got that one.
Take it bitch! Take it! Hahaha!
I have to go high? You go low.
Claudio!? Where is he coming from? Claudiooooo! Get the fuck out of here! Get the fuck out of here! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
I don't here any contact whatsoever!
What's up dude? Thanks for coming over. It's good to see you.
I ALWAYS GO UP. He goes high. He goes high.
Action! Action! I GO UP!
I work in... in a place where I have to kill sick puppies...
... and I'm really fuckin' sad and I... all I wanna do is climb into my bunk...
... which is a nine fuckin' story fuckin' bunk... because no one will give me a middle bunk even though I'm fifty...
... fuckin' assholes. So that's where I'm comin' from. I just came from nine hours of killin' puppies...
... and only half of them were sick!
Oh, those poor fuckin' puppies! DAVE! Shhh! Everyone's sleepin', but the bunk's ready for you.
God I'm so glad to see you.
Sorry about the puppies, brother. So fuckin' glad to see you.
Dave-Mother-Fuckin'-Gibney! Fuck yeah!
He knows he's supposed to go high! He always goes low. Just go low from now on!
No, I'm-I go high. I'm Dave Mother Fuckin' Gibney
Oh, here I am an old man with just my memories.
My children never visit me anymore. My poor wife is dead.
And I have no more friends.

But I do remember the best time of my life...
... there was this young man...
I think he might've been... Dominican or something?
I think he might've been from Cuba. From Santa Lucia?
He had this... he had this fuckin' crazy hair and he wrote this fuckin'...
musical about this dude with a...
And he would make up these most magica stories. And he used to draw these most wonderful little funny pictures...
And he drew these funny stories about these horrible people living in space.
What was his name!?
Sanchee? Sochi?
Cle-Claudio Sanchez! And I would give ANYTHING to see him again!
No way!
Is my mind playing tricks on me or is it really you!? Dave Reginald Gibney! It's Claudio! DAVE GIBNEY! Que pasa papi!? Holy donkey dickfuck! What is up, Dave Gibney!? Que pasa, my maaaaan!?

It's a slap. Bump. Pop it. Lock it. It's that simple.
Claud. There's a new part. I'm gonna teach you the new part.
Break the pickle! Tickle tickle!
Psst! Like that, right?
Last night was like part two of what these guys used to do back in the day. Go ahead! Do it for them.
It's like this. Boom. Boom. Booom. Boom. Boom.
Aw shit, now I forgot.
It was seven years ago and he remembers it. I know in there somewhere there was a "Heeeeey!"
You gotta lead me, because I don't...
No, I thought there was more to that. There's more. That's the abridged version.
That's what I thought made-what I find so funny...
... is it reminded me of you two.
A whole new cast.
I was a little jealous you were doing secret handshakes with other people.

This is the new one.
See! They just did it!
Yeah, this is the new one.

That was good!
I seen Dave and Zach did one outside and I was like... mesmerized
by it
But chu gotta...
You gotta learn it. It's time, man.

Something tells me three minutes before the show is not the time to learn it, but after the show...
It's real easy!
That's right! That's right!
There's towels out there and water and drumsticks and a fan!
Anything you could ever need! Felts and cymbals!
A drum riser and just...
Did you get it trimmed?
I didn't, but it looks shaved up, doesn't it?
Do you have a pick? I go-okay...
We gotta agree who goes...
I wanted to tickle, too. Whoever breaks the pickle, gets the tickle!
That's true.
But are you always gonna go low?
No, I always go HIGH. Alright... you got it...
Are you wrapping it?
We do the handshake.
Thanks man! That's super nice of you. You didn't have to do that. I wanted to. Thanks, dude.
You know how to do it? I started it. Oh, it's yours.
I've never tried this before...
I'll go low all the time. We got it, kinda...
Hey bro! Hey! It's good to see ya, man. You, too.
I said I'LL go low!
We'll get it later...