Inteview with F_1N [zNation] @ Copenhagen Games

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Apr 6, 2012

Hi, everybody.
we have an interview with Ivan aka F_1N Kochugov from zNation.
Looking form outside it seems that you are the manager of zNation team.
No, I am not the manager, I just help it.
How did you get to Copenhagen Games tournament?
Everything was very difficult.
Guys asked me to help them with Copenhagen Games preparation two weeks ago.
As a result I agreed, everything was ok, we were working with the guys.
But they didn’t get their visas.
Then as a result we found two Norwegians, we’re playing now,
but we have a lot of communication problems.
I didn’t take into account that our guys almost can’t speak English.
Hold on, when did you find out that some guys didn’t get their visas?
I found out it when I was here already, on Tuesday or Wednesday.
Are there 2 players which couldn’t get the visas?
Yes, two players didn’t manage to get their visas.
As it turned out, they simply didn’t have Schengen visa before.
And nobody could do anything.
It takes 10 days to get Schengeh at first time.
How did you get in touch with the Norwegian players?
It’s simple, I just logged to irc looking for players, I had one day for this.
I was asking all players who were going to go here,
Teams like dutt-dutt, Alchemists, and guys agreed.
dutt-dutt also wanted to attend with Danish players,
but they didn’t find ways to fly here.
As because of Easter there were no tickets, nothing.
So the guys stayed.
But Alchemists are on the tournament also.
They were looking for one player and thought they would go.
As a result, when they started to look for him
and I offered them too, they agreed.
But zEn, he was driving, he just took his 4 friends to come and perform to play on Lan.
So there is not Alchemists team there, just one person, zEn.
I see. I saw you got some troubles with a language barrier between Russians and Norwegians.
Yes, we’ve some difficulties, but also we got some gleams.
We’ll talk about some maps with guys today,
discuss how we are going to play them more accurate tomorrow to have less to explain and more to focus on the game.
We discussed it yesterday,
today we’ve got some conclusions.
I think we have some good chances, guys can shoot out anyways.
Tell us how were the games going on today? Did you come out?
tomorrow you have…
We came out as losers, we came out at the third place.
Guys weren’t lucky, they lost mirage map.
And we understood that most likely we won’t play mirage anymore.
We just don’t understand it.
Neither Russians nor Norwegian have some points.
You have to team play it.
So we decided that such maps as tuscan, mirage, forge we won’t play anymore, we’ll play default maps.
zNation built everything in different way when we trained with them,
we trained different maps and based on them. Now we’ll change them a little.
But the guys are young, as I understand, they haven’t got experience yet…
Practically no, there is not. It’s very difficult to explain something so that a player can do it to at once.
It comes that he can neither do his game in a right way nor do what I am asking.
It’s a very unpleasant moment, yeah.
Who are you playing against tomorrow?
I don’t know yet. I think that against some team from the third place of another group.
I don’t think that it will be something too difficult.
How do you like the format of the tournament overall? Best of 3 in groups then losers…
In principal, the format is not bad, again, there’s less random,
three maps are played in maximum. In general it’s ok.
The thing that losers appeared – there haven’t been any losers on the championships for a long time,
so this is, again, one more chance. Overall, not bad dropout is going on.
Thank you for the interview, good luck.
Thank you too