Kyaa Kool Hai Hum (2005) w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 10

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'Urmila!' - Okay, sis! please come fast!
Kiran ! Kiran !
Kiran !
C'mon, dear.. sit in the car. Today I'll get you married!
Who the heII are you to get me married?!
Are you mad? You yourseIf called me and you're asking 'Who am I?'
I called you !? - You're Kiran, isn't it?
No! I'm Kiran's sister Rekha!
Aren't you ashamed?! Snatching your own sister's love?!
Which sister?! What sister?! - Kiran ! Didn't you yourseIf tell..
..that you're Kiran's sister?!
I'm Kiran's sister. But, Kiran isn't my sister!
You're her sister! But she isn't your sister?!
ExactIy! Kiran is not my sister!
Are you drunk or what?!
You're her sister and she isn't your sister!
How can Kiran be my sister?!
He's my brother!
So, he's your bro..
And, this is the reallty of that Karan. I hope you got it all?
Yes, yes! - Inspector, if you're able to stop Karan..
..from coming to the disco..
..then the job ahead will be easy for me.
Don't worry. He won't talk about Kiran hereafter.
''You're my Kiran !''
''Your gaze is a spell..''
Shit! Yuck!
He wears so fiIthy clothes!
Fine. This is okay.
Hey, dude! You're back!
You spent so much on the bungaIow.. but why not on the clothes?
You've entered my house and my bathroom and my clothes!
What's the anger about? Boss, I've done such a thing for you that..
..let aIone the clothes you'll transfer your house in my name.
What thing?
I've taken Kiran forever away from your life.
What are you talking about?!
Boss.. you said yourseIf that you wanted to get rid of Kiran..
..hence I got you the riddance..
..and I embarked on her track myseIf.
How can that be possible? - It is, Boss.
In the next few days we're supposed to get married..
..and I'll send you the invitation for it.
Don't do that!
You know.. I went to America and I reallsed that..
..I can't Iive without Kiran.
Then you'll have to die. - Shut up!
You'll have to die! If you even touch Kiran then I'll kiII you !
You piece of marble.. are you pIaying catch-catch (Game)..
..throwing at times and catching at some?!
Just put it in mind.. Kiran is mine! And that's finaI!
You don't know my infIuence!
I've a car, a bungaIow and I've big goons in my pocket!
What's there with you?! - I've got a MU.
What's that?! - Mumbai PoIice. - Mumbai PoIice!?
Mumbai poIice! - The damn got scared at the mention of poIice!
''Put a buIlet in the head!''
Madam, you.. In fact I was coming to you. There's a big problem.
And, I badIy need your heIp.
That's why I've come here. - How sweet!
O' God!
I won't go! I won't go!
What are you saying, Dr. Screwwala?
Have you noticed that since Inspector Urmila Martodkar.. Iiving with him, has any girl been a target of his?
That proves my point. That we are after the right man.
I will stiII say that Rahul cannot be the murderer.
Can you expIain this to my wife?
I had toId you at that time that.. that was an accident. - Accident?
Yes. - That picture that was found in his room..
..was that an accident too? - Picture?
Yes commissioner. The picture of the 'Vastraharan' (rape) of Draupadi.
Since the Iast 2 days.. since the Iast 2 days I am doing a research..
..that what can be the connection of the picture and our murderer.
And today I have found that connection.
And that connection is.. that connection is.. this sari.
Sari? Draupadi's? - No from Dadar Emporium.
Inspector, you will have to wear this sari and..
..go in front of that murderer. - What?
And as soon as he sees you in this sari, the 'Dushashan'..
..(eviI) inside him will come out.
No! I cannot do this!
I am absoIuteIy certain that he is innocent.
Officer! It's an order.
I refuse to listen to this order, sir.
You can take whatever action you want.
And about his Iogic..
..then sir have you noticed one thing?
Since the day we have appointed him..
..tiII date no girl has been raped.
Think about it.
HoId on ! HoId on Inspector Urmila Martodkar.
Remember one thing.
With a personallty like Dr. Screwwala..
..I don't have to rape any woman. Remember that, okay.
And as far as you are concerned, chose any of the balls.
I knew it, I knew it, commissioner! She is in love.
Get lost! - Oh ! My balls! My balls!
First that DK and then that Karan..
..both of them made promises of love to me, and then broke them.
After all what do they think of me?
''Hey, my love, there is no bargaining in love.'' - DK!
Kiran ! - You here? - Wherever you w iII be, I will be there.
Kiran ! Come back to my life, Kiran !
Do you promise that you will never do that again?
Yes. I promise. - You will never leave me and go.
I will never go, darIing. In fact we both will go to America.
We will have a small cottage in America.
There will be a small garden outside the cottage.
In that garden, after a few years..
..we will have 2-3 small, lovely..
What? - Mango trees will be there.
Naughty boy! Really? - Really.
But how will we go? BeIow my father is roaming about with a naked sword.
That too.. which is rusted!
I don't care about the rusted sword of your father's.
So I will come tonight at 2 o'clock to take you. Be ready.
You must sureIy come, I will be waiting for you.
Commissioner sir, I know, that boy is..
I will call you Iater.
Rahul! How come you have come so earIy?
I should be asking you this. Didn't you go to look for a job?
Yes.. I got one.. - Really?
There was an oId job which I had left in between..
..I joined that again.
Great news! Urmila!
A gift for you on this occasion.
Gift? - I have designed it myseIf, especially for you.
What is there in this? - Why don't you see for yourseIf?
Yes, but give it to me at Ieast.
Yes, I am sorry.
Sari. - 'You'll have to wear this sari and go in front of that murderer.
'And as soon as he sees you in this sari..
..the 'Dushashan' (eviI) inside him will come out.
'What if Screwwala was right? What should I do?'
What are you thinking?
should I tell you the truth? - Yes.
I.. I want to do something with you.
I want to keep you in a temple and worship you all my life.
I am sorry Rahul.
Forgive me. - Forgive you?
But why?
Because I have to go from here.
You are going?
Have I done something wrong with you?
You have not done anything wrong with me.
That's why I have to go. - But what is the reason?
I had thought that you..
Urmila! Urmila!
I do not know the reason why you are going.
But I know for sure that you will sureIy return.
And no priest has toId me this, but my heart said it to me.
It has said the truth, isn't it?
'She has changed her guise and reached my home.'
'She will never let me Iive happiIy.'
Rahul! - Karan, you?
Why are looking so worried?
My love is being snatched away from me, my friend.
That rascaI DK has pIayed a very big game. - What?
First of all he has put the poIice behind me and..
..secondIy Kiran is not taking my call.
Then you go over to her house! -How can I go?
For one her father is there with a rusted sword..
I don't know what to do?
I have an idea.
UseIess peopIe, I don't know where they are.
Who are you peopIe?
You had said that they should not be caught!
This man has not been caught tiII today.
But I had toId for 5 peopIe, you all are only four.
The Iast one has diabetes problem. - Okay.
Do you know what you have to do? - What?
You have to only bring Kiran to me. - Okay.
If anyone comes in your way, then put him to sleep.
Okay! Okay!
Here's your money. Now move go.
Hey listen, looks like a big catch..
..pick the girl and take her to our den.
We will DK the remains. - Okay! Okay!
Aunty! Aunty!
Leave me! - Leave her! - Who are you peopIe? - Leave her.
What are you doing? - Shanti! Let go of Shanti.
HeIp! - Why don't you listen to me ? - Go and get the girl.
Hey Bush ! What are you doing?
Sir, in the bush..
Okay, go and heIp Osama. In the bush..
Oh God! Who are you?
Hey Double B, go and see upstairs, what is happening? - Yes. Yes.
Hey Kiran ! Kiran !
Where are you taking Kiran? Leave her. - Let Kiran go. - Leave her.
Hey wait! Where is the other one? - Where are you taking Kiran?
He is upstairs, he is packing the clothes.
Hey Bush, you are also in Ieague with Osama!
No! No! - Where are you taking her?
Let her go!
Someone stop them! Stop them!
QuickIy! QuickIy! well done, Bush. - Thank you DK.
DK? - Rahul!
Yes, Rahul.
And I will never you write your name on this design. - Means.
Means that her marriage is taking place with.. dress in the Kall temple.
Kall temple? - If you have the guts, stop us and show.
What do you mean?
I will kiII you all. Where are you running away?
I will catch you all.
I will cut you all into pieces. I will kiII you all.
Aunty, control yourseIf, everything will be alright.
Look, I know where they have taken Kiran. - You?
You come with me in the car, I will tell you everything.
Come, come with me, let's not waste time.
What had you said? When I wear the sari. - Yes.
He will pounce on me. - Yes.
I have worn the sari. - Yes.
Do you know what he said? - No.
That he will take me to the temple. - Oh ! - And worship me.
Oh ! - He will pray to me. - Wow!
Logic, Mr. Commissioner, there is a Iogic behind this too.
I'm sure he is a.. is a reIigious kiIIer.
''You are my mother, father.. murder.''
You scoundreI! You get him treated from a good doctor.