Tradewinds 2012

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Today is damage control for the maritime flow track.
We've got five stations set up. Right behind me is the wet trainer.
Where these guys are going for damage control techniques if there were to be flooding
or ruptured pipes into their ship. We're focusing here on teamwork
and some practical skill development. They go from here inside
the landing craft utility where they do first aid training
and they come out here for firefighting training and then go back aft and do shore
training and then they go back to their own ship where we run then through a drill.
This is the wet trainer. Several things that can go wrong with it,
whether it ruptured pipe fittings, we have shaft seals that can go wrong.
Basically we throw a team of four up there with all the tools they should
need to be able to fix any of those leaks and our Army friends over
here can adjust the valves to cause this thing to
sustain damage as we need it to to test their skills.
Fire fighting station is going through fire fighting team tactics. The basics of fire fighting
theory, pump techniques and tactics. The shore station is going
through all of the types of shoring, where they have to shore up a quick acting
water tight door or hatch in the deck. Our whole maritime
flow track is based at inner agency operation. We're talking about all different kinds of
topics, from law enforcement planning to search and rescue
planning to damage control planning to human resources management. We have our lower level
guys, our operators out here doing law enforcement training. We want these guys to
leave here with a general sense of how we operate together as a team. A win.
We operate on the water together in the Caribbean Sea.
We can function together. It doesn't matter which country, which flag we're flying, which shade of
blue we're wearing when we get on scene. We can show up, we have a general
sense how each other operate and we can pull together to effectively
accomplish a mission.