Shanghai - Full Movie (2012) Starring Abhay Deol, Emraan Hashmi, Kalki Koechlin

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In Army...
They give mutton before the war
Tell me the english of mutton
What do you mean?
Hindi and English word is same
I don't want to do it
I don't want to involve in this matter
I gave my word, If you won't do it then...
You want to send this truck back to bank
I have no family member
I am with you
and that Power Tony is also with you
Don't think about it
Just Accelerate it...
Collector send me...
When C.M. Comes so we can meet you
He is Mr. Krishnan Vice Chairman of I.B.P...
Who doesn't know him?
C.M. Really likes our Kebabs
Sir! Everything is in your hands
C.M. Have a new requirement
She needs more land for Heart Institute in Bharat Nagar Complex
C.M. Wants to announce before election
It's an emotional matter so clear it immediately
Sir! Dr. Ahmedi is about to land
He will provoke the issue of Bharat Nagar land...
He will abuse I.B.P
Collector is my junior
Let's cancel his speech
This Ahemdi has stopped your Dam Project
You never forget your insult
Let's meet in evening
Who is he? He is suppose to come here
Finish it fast
Do you know him?
He was my teacher in America
Ask him not to come here
If he will come here
he couldn't go back alive
You are already facing many problems
don't create more problems
Stop him!
Learn some english
and become a Manager
Doctor got life threatens every week
If will tell him then he will laugh on me
They have cancelled the Hall's permission
Where are you going?
You are welcome in our city
It has been said that you have a problem with Chopra
Will you perform a stage show with Tina...
If she will make hunger fast with me
Do Progress!
But in the name of I.B.P and progress
You through Bharat Nagar people 50 miles away from their houses
then you make those Bharat Nagar people guard and stand at I.B.P's gate
Is this a progress?
They can't live with you here
They are black, Their clothes are dirty
They can't speak english
What kind of progress is this?
Only Mercedes runs and...
cycle not
What is your next movie?
My next movie is about love
What are you doing?
You shouldn't touch the human's feet
We lost the hall
Collector has cancelled the hall permission...
They have become very smart
So what we do now? Shall we cancel it?
We won't cancel it...
How are you?
So what will you do about my warning?
Who gave you the warning?
You are not telling us
Now what we suppose to do?
Tina came from Bharat Nagar
What will you do to know that who gave the warning?
So what about hall?
Last time where I have attend your Union Meeting
that Bharat Nagar Police Circle?
That's Morchaa wala's bedroom
I want to shit over there
Morchaa wala gave election issue to I.B.P Department
If you will speak against I.B.P means you are against them
Trust me!
You have a natural beauty
People will forget Priyanka Chopra
get few snaps in swim suit and watch
Read it!
Dhable is inside! They are talking about his analysis
You told me to wait outside
If I will ask you to jump in wall so you will jump
You decide it first
Fix the screen
As you can see the people
You will put the people effect later
Who changed the plan
Turn off the camera
What are you looking at?
They are changing the plan over and over again
Where? Police station!
He is talking on phone
I missed you alot in New York
That Sub Inspector from Crime Branch came again
We thought we should give you the news
Supreme Court has rejected his bail
It's a fraud of 40 crores
Your father will be imprison for 8 years
You must have got the call from the lawyer
Now come at station
Do you have warrant?
Sir! You are a rich man
Why you are getting involve?
Your photo published in news papers.
Do you want me to print your photo?
For harrasment case
Tell me may I?
Such an arrogant person
Why did you left New Work?
Have you seen the timings?
He let Madam get up from the seat
god save us from this collusion
We send the offer from the centre
She refused us for them
Dehli is 2 hours away
but we got news in 2 minutes
They have blocked the way to hall
How we will go?
Our people is in danger
They have entered inside as much as they can
I am sorry for late
Weather is not well outside...
How he is doing?
Can I take him to Dehli?
If we will remove his life support
Do you have something else belongs to him
there was another man in the truck
Police has just arrested that driver
and they are saying he was drunk while he was driving
It was not definitely an accident
In fact Shalini got the warning
She got warning?
What you done with warning?
If you will speak then people will listen
Media will listen
They will also know that how do they plan and kill the people
if you will speak anything against I.B.P
You tell me what he was fighting for? I am not a doctor
Ask to Airline how to move him to dehli
Are you okay?
Police force were deployed there
How some truck can ruin something in front of police
Why they are claiming it accident
why police is not investigating like an attack
Who has been protecting?
I am demanding...
that C.B. I should get the inquiry of attack on my husband
Did you speak with them to release me?
I have spoke with them
He said he will get you release soon
After deducting diesel amount if you will give me 30./. So it will be fine
My husband is fighting for his life
and until he is fighting
till then I will keep repeating this question
and until we don't get answers...
till then we won't leave this city
Come with me to police station I don't want to go anywhere
You can't force me
Let's go to the village
We will meet you there. Come soon!
You don't need to come onjob from tomorrow
My husband is in coma
We are fighting for his life
He is alive
We don't have time for all these discussions
Before Dehli get involve we shall take some action
I mean I.B.P is in final phase
So what should I tell them?
That Krishnan is very busy and he won't do it...
He is standing in front of me
You talk to her
Briefing is in ten minutes, S.S. P Chauhan will be there
C. M's Political advisor Mr. Avasti will be also there
I want that night's wireless report station diary
And another man was in truck
Is he got arrested?
But we can't give anyone investigation detail in public
What do you mean?
It's C. M's inquiry You have no choice
Check for the dinner
These are the signed statements
Sir! I will get the fan for you
Some Shalini is waiting for you since morning
So everything was fine before the accident
Doctor came out and everyone was very happy
suddenly truck entered inside
And you have requested to send more force
Sir! I had weak force
there was a V.I. P Movement in the city
There was a riot after accident
I mean I requested to send more force
But you have requested the force before accident
Crowd Control!
But youjust said it was peace there
If it was a peace
then why did you request for force?
There was something out of control
No! So?
It's department's internal matter
Inernal Matter?
Sir! Because of less force truck entered to Chowk
and I will take the responsibility
But I don't have orders to answer in public
Call your S.S. P!
If I would get notice that you will call me here then...
I would go for vacations...
You are the mistress of Vinod!
I can't see anything
There is no light
You should have died where the light is
Take it!
Take him to morgue
He is alive
If we will take him to hospital Really?
He is Baba Ramdev!
He will make dead body dance
Call me if he will dance
What happen?
He was talking about cable license
then he said he have a tape
He said Jackpot!
Do you know about him!
Did he told you something?
Tell me if you know something
He was a fool
Ask your brother when he will give
In hindi
If you don't know english
This inquiry is just a waste of time
In this state expectingjustice is a foolish thing
Give me one chance
I will take you to dehli with chartered flight
Home Minister also wants to meet you
consider on my proposal
You will take me back to dehli
They don't want to take doctor
but me...
You work with Doctor
I was his student
After marriage
I walked behind him with a flag till 4 years
We couldn't resettle a single family
then I have started my own work
Who cares for your work here?
People needs Messiah...
to kill or die
If you have so much anger so what are you doing here?
What will I do?
Some realjob
Or you will wait sitting here that
when Messiah will open his eyes and call your name
Get your clothes
I wanted to talk to you
I am leaving
I will talk to you tomorrow
You were shooting there...
We will show that footage in commission
We will prove that everyone was from Morcha there that night
I want your footage from that night
To show the commission
I don't want to get involve
You don't care if they have killed a person like your brother
Or it was an accident
Wherever you came from
England, America!
Go back!
It's India, It won't suit you
Do it whatever you want
but do it now
I want that footage
Tomorrow is his birthday...
They all will come there again
They have called me to shoot the video
Show that footage to that Madrasi
Be careful!
Otherwise they will set the inquiry
that why you didn't control the government's shuttlecock
You have to win
Sir! Junior says that everything was fine
Boss says that crowd was out of control
How do somebody write a perfect report
Then write down the same
that police communication was bad
and recommend to buy some wireless sets
and thatjunior is accepting his mistake
he is ready for punishment
Make him your bait
And don't make it more complicated Finish it!
There is only one tender in Art Institute file
Send other tenders...
I have remind them many times
They are not taking seriously
Turn the car.
Bharat Nagar Police Station
Who is Incharge?
Call him!
Sir! I will have to check from previous records
check the date of this application
It's one week earlier
If you didn't check yet
If you have checked...
and you have stopped from higher authorities then it's their mistake
and it's your mistake again
that you didn't inform me in written
Finally it's your mistake
Where is the station diary?
What are you shooting there?
Scene is here...
I am shooting the entire thing
you don't pick up my phone these days
I will get you some mutton...
[Skipped item nr. 69]
Now what do you want?
I have got some money for Kumod's wife
I am going back tonight
From that side
come out!
You were sleeping or dead?
Now listen!
Money is not everything
And you have no idea about life
But life system is not like that...
How do police can suspend c.M. O's inquiry
We got orders from c.M. O
Mr. Kaul has signed it
We will have to go from back door
I can't assure your safety
Then call more force
On VIP duty... c. M is coming
Everything is over
When your next train is?
Who is in Jodhpur?
Then how come you are here?
It was a girl's matter
In Rajpoots...
everything works...
One day we got news...
that her family member is coming to kill me
My father said that take this money
he opened up the back door
and he said...
Want to escape or fight?
Who is kuku?
My papa!
Grandma doesn't likes today's time
What should I do?
Stay there!
And don't open the door
Who was that?
She told me that doctor's life is in danger
Bharat Nagar! Are you mad?
How are you?
Ma'am called me...
Little bit more!
Home Minster is here
Now let's go it's his prayer's time
How is beena?
It's her 5th month... 6th!
Mr, Krishnan!
Help me!
My life is in danger!
What you are showing me?
Sir! I don't know
I am also watching for the first time
What was the date? Of what?
When they have attacked him? 11...
Who changed the plan?
I have told you
But you said no
Now he will change the plan thousand times.
Leave it on me
Last time if you won't give up then
till then I would have killed Doctor
Have patience
Turn it off!
Sir! It will also work
He is talking about to kill someone
Sir! He is our reach!
Don't let him go!
Sir! You said to finish the report soon
I have done it, We will talk later
I have got few more evidences
What were you saying?
C.M. Has planned with Desh Nayak and killed Dr. Ahmedi
Inquiry commission was just a game
Did you aware that?
Tell me!
People are around
Are you mad?
I won't listen your nonsense one more second
You are already listening
Now you will do it
You will contact Dehli
You will tell them that you got this evidence
And you will recommend
that Governer shall ask c. M's resignation
And Government of India shall start criminal case against him
Who are you?
Who you are to giving me this order?
Krishnan! I will ruin your career and future
You won't do anything
You know that I will never talk to you like that without assurance
That Heart Institute's Land requirement
that doesn't come from c.M. O
You also know where it comes from
It's a prime location land
It has been offered in cheap prices and you approved it
Only one company filled the tender Garima Developer
You approved it
Your father in law is the 23% Share holder of the company
but still you approved it
I don't know anyone else smarter than you
Show your smartness
and do it like I said,
Otherwise c.M. Shall go or not but I will must send you back
This is not the right way
We will sit tomorrow
There is no tomorrow nor I drink
Don't play this game with me
I have played this game alot I am warning you
There is a message from Principle Secretary
Mr. Kaul...
got strong evidence
that Dr. Ahmedi's accident wasn't only accident
It was an attack
c.M. Was involved in that attack
She was directly involved
He wants...
that he shall hand over all those evidences to Government of India
He is just asking the protection
If this matter will reveal after that college announcement
then it will be not good for you
Send it
Mr. Kaul was also saying that
If we shall inform the Home Minister
if something will be leak then...
I will do it...
He is calling Home Minister
You have two minutes
Election is near
Dehli will get I.B.P
and you will get ticket
That's yourjustice
This c. M could become P. M...
We could go beyond china...