Solar Panels and Solar Panels Facts

Uploaded by SolarPanelsGB on 28.06.2012

In this video you will discover the 3 secrets of how our customers are
saving hundreds of pounds off their energy bills, often cutting their
bills in half, with little or no risk at all by using the most
advanced and affordable energy systems available.
Not only that, install these systems and the energy companies could be
paying you!
With the global crisis of depleting energy sources such as Gas, Electric,
Oil and Solid Fuel, prices have increased on average over the last
20 years at around 12% each year.
Add that to the UK’s rising inflation and things start to get very expensive….. We
are all feeling the pinch.? That is why renewable energy systems such
as solar energy systems have become so popular.
Hundreds of thousands of people, just like you, have already grabbed the
opportunity of free energy and are starting to take back control,
making considerable savings. Of course, the energy companies want you to
believe there their way is the only way, but it’s just not the case.
Here at ProLite Energy Systems, we give you the power to fight back and tell you, for
free, with no obligation, if & how you can save on your energy bills using our advanced
energy systems.?
So.. what are the secrets that the energy companies don’t want you to know...??
1) Weather has got very little to do with how effective our system are. Summer or Winter
... it makes very little difference... our systems work in all conditions, saving you
money! ? 2) Energy companies will pay you for your
energy! Yes, it’s true. You can actually sell the energy back to ‘the grid’ and
the energy companies will reward you handsomely just for having it installed. We can provide
you with more information on this in our free downloadable pack. In fact, you can look below
this video right now and click the link. That will give you instant access.?
3) And third, solar is the cleanest form of energy and you’ll be reducing your carbon
footprint dramatically, making your property more energy efficient.
Now, be aware, some solar companies have allowed their customers to
invest up to 6000 pounds on a traditional system that hasn’t worked
properly if at all from day one.
We promise to always give you all the in-depth, tailored advice you
need so that before you make any decision, you will know what your
return on investment could be.
To find out exactly what you can expect from installing one of our
advanced solar energy systems, then all you need to do is download our
FREE information pack. Just look below the video and click the link...Your
information pack includes... a detailed report on what solar
energy system is right for you,a checksheet that will tell you exactly
what to look for when considering your system,an Energy Performance
Certificate voucher worth over £60 and a calculation chart to show
you your expected monthly returns.
SO... to get access to this exclusive information, just look below this
video, see the link & click it.
You’ll be taken to our website where you can download the pack
Our customers have saved far more than they expected using these
advanced systems and now you can too.