Lazy Boy - Backstage Astronomy / Sneak Peek (1/8)

Uploaded by sixstringedlazyboy on 04.09.2012

"Backstage Astronomy" is the song that opens the record
and it's the only song that could open the record.
It's an introduction, a presentation
It's like saying: "Ok, this is me
this is what I feel and these are my songs."
The lyrics end up defining the concept of the project itself
and the very character "Lazy Boy".
Because, for me, there are times when the world seems to be upside down
and music is the only thing that can put it back to its place.
I think that doing the record here, at home, instead of doing it in a professional studio
was the best possible decision.
Gave us many advantages, and, for me, the main one was being able to
record the final version of the songs
in the same atmosphere in which they were born, in which they were built.
I think that makes the final result more special, more genuine.