How To Convert HTML to PDF, HTML to Excel, HTML to Word, & PDF to HTML

Uploaded by Docudesk on 26.04.2010

One of the benefits to the PDF Essentials Plus product is that it includes both deskPDF
Professional for converting any printable file to PDF, and deskUNPDF Professional for
converting a PDF to another useful format such as Excel or HTML.
So when both of these programs are installed, any file that you can normally print to paper
can be converted to any of the deskUNPDF output formats.
For instance, here we have a website with some tabular data. To extract this data into
an excel spreadsheet, simply click file -> print -> deskPDF. With PDF Essentials, this
allows you to now save this file as any of the output formats available from deskUNPDF.
From the save-as drop down menu, choose which file type you wish to save the data as.
So, as you can see the data from the website has now been faithfully converted into an
excel spreadsheet.
Another instance when this might be useful is if you wanted to convert a publisher or
powerpoint file to html, or if you want to convert a webpage into .lrf format for use
on an e-reader like the Sony PRS.
Here we have the Sony PRS wikipedia page, so once again to convert this to PDF I will
click file -> print -> deskPDF, and this time I will choose .lrf as output format.
The .lrf file opens in the eBook library, and I can then transfer this file to the PRS
browser. This can also be handy for news sites, blogs, or RSS feeds which you subscribe to.
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