Value en Performance Management in de Zorg

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Value and Performance Management
Or How do I control my Healthcare organization?
A Service Offering by Capgemini
In cooperation with VisionWaves
Can you explain what the Service Offering Value and Performance Management means?
Yes, I would like to, but first I want to explain why we developed this service offering.
As Capgemini we see a lot of problems for senior management of large organizations.
With the present speed it is no longer possible to react adequately and quickly.
We offer a solution to get insight and overview on the complete value chain of your organization.
Cluster Leader Healthcare Consulting
How do I control my organization? Where is the value?
What should I improve?
Are there any risks?
How can I be in control in this complex organization?
It is about safety, it is about risk control
It is about the quality of care.
Do we control our processes enough to be able to deliver care safely and reliably?
It is about competition. We have to deal with all kinds of innovations.
In our own work and in Healthcare there are innovations which result in higher costs.
Look, with our solution you can display the controls for you organization.. you are able to manage your value chain..
..have an understanding of the aspects which you should take into account..
..and immediately see the results of your measures.
Business Development Manager Healthcare
I continue with the BizMap.
Now we have a slightly larger picture and I can tell you more.
BizMap should be read from right to left, starting with the stakeholders.
That is where your find value, there you find the Supervisory Board..
..who expects certain results from you.
Strategic results, like performance, financial results, risk and compliance.
Finally on the left input, which suppliers contribute to this input, because that is what you want to control also.
The previous picture was gray and dull and meaningless, now it is colored.
Why? Because we added performance indicators.
These indicators have norms.
These indicators he wants to see, ROI and results.
When I click e.g. Supervisory Board I will see the indicators..
..that are currently of interest to this Board: ROI and solvency.
And I think he has a challenge, because the indicators show red.
What do our customers say?
MC|Groep, MC Zuiderzee
Key figures 2010
Turnover: 92 million, Patient Units: 304,000
FTE: 850, Specialists: 70, Adherence: 105,000
Recently MC|Groep launched VisionWaves Delta. What were the main reasons for you to start?
Manager Finance, planning and control
In 2009 the MC|Groep acquired ‘IJsselmeer ziekenhuis’, a hospital that was nearly bankrupt.
We want to improve the situation for that hospital.
We have developed a strategy for that.
We want to make this strategy tangible for managers and specialists in the hospital.
Therefore we translate that strategy into targets for specialists and department managers.
And we want to be able to manage on these targets.
Another important element of this strategy is that we want to achieve Operational Excellence in our care processes.
This means that we have to depict our processes.
We use VisionWaves Delta for that.
We want to control these processes..
..and therefore we need to link the processes, the process control and our results.
VisionWaves Delta offers the unique combination of strategy implementation and process control and aiming for results.
I show you our specific items for which we want to achieve Operational Excellence.
On the right side you see the VisionWaves Delta components we use for that.
In the BizMap we defined our result areas, our key processes.
We do this for all departments.
So we translate our strategy at all these levels.. that at these levels it is clear what the MC|groep wants to achieve.
A limited set of indicators and clear responsibilities.
We defined indicators for the MC|groep, but also on department level.
At this level the most important key indicators are assigned.
Each manager has its own portal, as you have seen already.
This is set up by us.
When a manager of orthopedics logs on..
..he ends up with the orthopedic clinical pathway and key performance indicators.
And the Board will log on and sees the total BizMap.
Medisch Center Alkmaar One of the largest top clinical hospitals
889 beds, 3500 employees, 200 specialists
Nina, what were the most important reasons for ‘MCA’ to implement VisionWaves Delta?
The main reason was that in our planning and control cycle we already worked..
..with the same result areas we find in VisionWaves Delta.
The thing is: with our current reporting tools it has been quite difficult.. get an overview of how you are doing as a hospital for different result areas.
The software for the Healthcare cockpit, as we call it..
..makes it clear in different colors how you are doing as a hospital.. fact at a glance.
The big question for the Board is: How are we going to monitor?
We have 26 disciplines. Nice, that A3 print on my desk.
How do I know how this works in practice?
Well, that is where the Healthcare cockpit comes into play.
The objective of the Healthcare cockpit is not only to monitor..
..but also to improve the organization on three levels: strategic, tactical and operational.
We start here with the strategic level, which is the MCA level.
At that level, the A3 year plan of the MCA, is translated into the Healthcare cockpit.
What results do we really want to achieve?
How do we measure, what indicators do we need?
Which products we deliver to which customers and via which channels?
And finally, which processes we need to monitor closely to deliver these products and good results?
In a moment we will log into the Healthcare cockpit and see the strategic level.
Let's say you are a Supervisory Board member: what will you see for the MCA?
You will see this main group with several indicators that we took from the A3 plan.
And you can quickly see how this key area currently operates.
Suppose.. The operating result is green .. very nice ...
These are fictional figures by the way... at least a little adjusted.
That profit, where does that come from?
Earlier we mentioned the DBC.
Production in the negotiable segment, our closed DBC's in the B- segment..
..are very crucial for our results.
We have completed more DBC’s here than we had budgeted..
..and so it goes well with our operating result.
We could go a level deeper.
How come that the numbers show good or bad in the Balanced Scorecard?
Processes are responsible for that.
Let’s have a look at the process Cardioversion.
Notice that some process steps have colors.
That is because you can assign indicators to process steps..
..which are very specific to that step in the process.
You may assign indicators to the entire process.
In this case particularly the throughput time is considered important.
So how long does it take for an average patient to return from this path from the start of this path?
Well, in this case it is 8.9 weeks and that is neatly within the norm.
What is in it for you?
Nina, what are main results for ‘MCA’ so far achieved with VisionWaves Delta?
At this moment we see a lot of added value in the processes..
..we follow with process indicators and throughput times.
For a given treatment we mapped the steps in the Healthcare cockpit..
and for each step you can see if a certain percentage of patients in that path fails.
Or we can watch the throughput time between two steps.
Because we are actually using our own patient data for the first time we see these throughput times.
And that is a whole new area where we have now better insights than before.
VisionWaves Delta offers MC|groep a unique combination of implementing our strategy..
..and for department heads and specialists to know what is expected of them.
It helps us to gain knowledge by continually improving the hospital processes and standards.
And it makes us realize a healthy long term profitability for our shareholders.
Under which circumstances would you advise a VisionWaves Delta implementation to a colleague company?
Make sure that is going to work. It is not just a temporary project.
You have to keep going because it is a tool..
..that offers opportunities for your planning and control cycle.
I also recommend a healthcare provider to implement this solution..
..when you already have a good Business Intelligence base.
We already had a data warehouse with all kinds of reports.
The data warehouse was already filled each month.. we had a lot of data already available..
..that we could use for the Healthcare cockpit.
To our customers the result is cooperation on Board level..
..with respect to the targets they have to achieve for their stakeholders and their clients..
..insight and understanding of their entire value chain.
Any intervention they make has an immediate impact on that value..
..and is immediately visible and controllable.
And we are very proud to provide this service offering.
A joint production of Capgemini and VisionWaves
Courtesy of Medisch Centrum Alkmaar and MC|Groep
Interviews: Barbara de Vos (VisionWaves) Henk Bakker (Capgemini)
Recording and editing: Robert Wybenga