Riviera Maya to Canada

Uploaded by JCVdude on 19.12.2010

Hi! Cindy and I are back home in British Columbia and there so many things we miss about our trips
One of the most important and most significant things to us
are all the amazing people that we met.
They'll video coming up of those
lots of them because
our last week at Sandos Playacar
internet connection wasn't available from our accommodations so what happens is you
have to go to the lobby and it's a five dollars per hour for internet wifi
and for the videos that I created in the number that I create
that's not a viable option for uploading videos. Usually what we must have
is wifi or internet connection in our room like we had at Grand Sirenis
where I can come back to the room
upload my videos to the harddrive, edit out a couple videos,
start the uploads and maybe even make a couple more
But it is imperative that we do it that way. So when there's no internet connection available
it really uh...
slows things down. But that said I tell you
I really enjoyed the slow time because we're still getting videos I have
I can't even imagine how many hours of videos we shot around Playacar, Playa Del Carmen
We went to shopping centers Akumal, all over the place. We went to Isla Mujeres all
these different videos
that I'll be working with now
So if you're planning a vacation down there we going to have the latest videos and Cindy
and I feel very
honored and very happy that in the last two months we have been able to spend
five weeks in the Riviera Maya at five amazing all-inclusive resorts
and we have loved every minute of it and like I said the people that we've met
from people in Germany the UK
uh... Alberta British Columbia New Jersey
Judy and Boris and all the people that we met
it's been an amazing experience
That's the warmth that we bring back with us it keeps us going and looking forward to
our next travel because we are planning already our next
trip down there because ultimately we do want to have
the most videos about all-inclusive resorts and even boutique hotels and tours
all the different things in the riviera maya
But we're back in British Columbia.
And one of the things that I've also said in many times in my travels as that
the destination it doesn't matter if it's uh... Riviera Maya Mexico Jamaica Cuba everyplace
has its own beauty and the same thin applies for British Columbia
and we talked a lot of people on our travels who do not
know of British Columbia haven't really seen much of it.
So when we arrived back in Calgary we embark on a
six hour drive from Alberta through the foothills of Alberta into the Rocky Mountains.
Through the Rocky Mountains
to our
Okanagan home in... British Columbia
And the drive was absolutely fantastic. In the mountains.
There was snow, not very much but there was snow.
And it was cold. How cold?
The temperature outside is -27C degrees. Can you see it?
but even in this cold war of really lucky that
there was no snow on the road. The roads were just as dry as they would be in the summertime
so were able to make really good time.
Much of the road, much of our drive home the skies were clear unbelievably beautiful
mountain vistas blue sky.
It's a fantastic dr and uh...
I feel really happy that Cindy and I did take the trip
from Calgary. As I said originally in my videos,we did this because we saved a ton of money.
We saved well over a $1000 by departing to the same destination from Calgary
as it would have been from British Columbia.
We had a fantastic drive. We're back home. I'm going to get back into it. I'm going to start getting
onto the videos and I'm really excited. Like I said we have videos from people who met
destinations. We went shopping centers. I filmed inside
Plaza Las Americas are shopping center in Playacar
Playa Del Carmen and
It's an amazing experience. Everything, there's just so many things that
you can learn and do when you're down there and we're going to keep bringing you all this
and uh... were already planning our next get away for the new year because tentatively
what I would like for Cindy and myself
is at least every month have uh... one week
in Mexico. It's every month, a week
and this is all due to our YouTube and Google partnership.
Thank you to Google, YouTube and thank you to SONY who is product sponsoring us and uh...
Thank you to everyone who is watching because
I know that people want to get out. I know that people want to travel and
There's tremendous bargains. I'm going to be talking about those. How to get the best deal because,
we encounter people that paid more than double what we did for one week vacations.
So there's ways that you can economize, ways that you can get the most bang for your buck.
Thank you and it's time for me to get back into making the new videos.
Merry Christmas to everyone!