iPod touch 5th Generation vs iPhone 5 vs iPod touch 4G

Uploaded by duncan33303 on 12.10.2012

Hey guys, this is Austin and today I’m here with a comparison between the
iPod touch 5th generation, iPhone 5 and iPod touch 4G. To start with let’s take
a look at the design. The iPod touch 5th generation steps away from the
others with the option of colors. I’m a fan here as it definitely beats the
polished back from the last gen which you could scratch just by looking at it.
It’s not perfect however. The camera is slightly raised from the body which
doesn’t look too great and the iPod touch loop is...well kind of silly. You can
press a small button and it raises up to allow you to attach a lanyard but in all
honesty I think it’s a bit unnecessary. The iPod touch 5th gen gets the same 4
inch Retina Display from the iPhone 5 which is not only bigger but also higher
quality than the last gen. The weight is also ridiculous with the new iPod
touch, it feels like Apple secretly filled it with helium or something. All three
have very different specs but I wanted to know how they stack up. I ran
Geekbench which measures the general performance of each device and as
you can see here it’s pretty one sided. The iPod touch 4G clocked in a score of
388 where the iPod touch 5G got 627 points and the iPhone 5 brings in a very
respectable 1642. Numbers aren’t everything though as in real use the iPod
touch 5th gen and iPhone 5 are very close where the iPod touch 4G is starting
to show it’s age. iOS 6 runs on all three and in general is identical. There are
some differences however. One big feature of iOS is Siri. So if we try it on the
iPhone 5. How are you doing today? I feel good. I’m glad to hear it. And let’s
go ahead and try it on the iPod touch 5th generation. Hey Siri, how’s your day
going? I’m happy to be alive. All right, and let’s go ahead and try it on the iPod
touch 4th generation. Yeah. Overall the iPod touch 5th generation has a lot of
the right stuff. It’s basically the iPhone 5 without the phone and for a lot of
people that makes a great compromise. The iPod touch 4th gen is still a solid
device but it’s quickly getting out of date so it’s not a bad idea to spend the
extra money to get the latest and greatest. If you want a chance at winning a
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you enjoyed and I will catch you next time.