NISSAN GT-R 2012 Nurburgring 24-hour Race

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This year, a new page was turned in the history of the evolution of GT-R.
GT-R has continued its evolution since its debut.
The evolution of GT-R is fueled by the power of mankind.
We want to deliver emotion and passion to our customers a like never before.
A completely new, performance that evoke emotion and passion.
To deliver that promise, at Nürburgring, on the Autobahn
and on stages all over the world,
each member of Team GT-R continued to hone their individual skills.
The evolution of GT-R is the evolution of the team, the evolution of mankind.
Although four years have passed since the debut, its development has never ceased.
GT-R is the only supercar with such unique development style.
And in May 2012, Team GT-R experienced a new development stage.
Their entry in the Nürburgring 24-hour race.
GT-R Chief Vehicle Engineer Kazutoshi Mizuno, speaks about the significance of entering in this race.
[Kazutoshi Mizuno] There are two major reasons for entering in this 24-hour race.
First of all, after the debut in 2007, this vehicle has been evolving year after year.
By changing it to a racing specification to be implemented in the future,
no matter what kind of super high performance feature or a new version is developed in the next five years,
the durability and reliability in varying conditions can be verified in this race.
Secondly, since we debuted this vehicle in 2007,
customers have asked me time and time again,
how the vehicle would perform if they were to race their own vehicles.
Therefore, we are using a vehicle similar to those of our customers
-- we are not using a car with racing.
By racing in a vehicle with similar and more evolved specifications as our customers GT-R,
we respond to the expectations of our customers.
For this race, we developed forged calipers,
aerodynamic parts and other various parts.
I would like to make a promise that all this will be reflected in future GT-Rs,
and will be delivered to our customers.
The GT-R development team directly participates in the 24-hour race.
There is great significance to this entry.
Our development team directly participates in the race to guarantee the durability and reliability of future GT-Rs,
and to answer to our customers' needs and expectations. That is what the GT-R development team is all about.
By racing one more time, the team becomes tighter, improving our teamwork.
If each and every person performs at world-class levels,
we would not wait for the result of the race, but instead create the desired result on our own ahead of time.
This is not about battling with others, but indeed a battle with oneself.
It's about battling with your best performance.
The drivers, mechanics and engineers, all experience the best results.
The members of the GT-R development team. Each member has something they want to accomplish.
I do not have any experience racing, but I've been told many times that anything can happen in a race.
I am nervous about how to handle the situation if the unexpected happens,
but I know that is when I need to perform at my best. I plan to act swiftly as I always do.
24 hours is very long for a race,
but compared to the total number of laps the vehicle goes through during the development process in Germany spanning 3-4 weeks,
it won't be very difficult.
If we get cocky and do something different from what we always do and fail, I think we should just stick to what we normally do.
It's not about winning 1st place, but it is about what we should do for the development of the next GT-R.
What we should do to secure the reliability, as GT-R becomes faster and faster.
Also, it is about what we should do to develop the vehicle as a stronger team.
These three factors are the reasons for racing.
Because this my first experience in racing, I am not sure what it will be like.
I want to prove the durability and reliability of the vehicle so that our customer can feel truly confident about the transmission.
We mechanics have to grow as the vehicle grows.
As the vehicle becomes faster, the way it fails start to differ because stress is placed on various areas.
Our job as the mechanics team is to find out about those issues.
This is why I feel that the race will be a great learning experience for us.
With the evolution of GT-R with the future in mind For further evolution of the development team
The two reasons for racing in a normal car based on a production model
Most of the other entries are racing cars
There in lies the reason for the GT-R development team, who pours their passion
into the development of the vehicle, to take on the challenge in this endurance race, says Mizuno
You all know by now, why we are here.
We are not here because we want to race.
If we wanted to race, we have NISMO. We are not here in place of NISMO.
We are here to race a car we developed ourselves with our customers' dreams and realities for the future on board,
to prepare ourselves in a 24-hour race, for the evolutions to come in the future.
The growth of each team staff leads to the evolution of GT-R
GT-R enters the 24-hour race with the team's passions and expectations on board
Qualifying rounds to determine the positions of the start grid in the finals went on for two days
Whereas most entries were racing cars, GT-R performed brilliantly and convincingly
Nürburgring 24-hour race Finals
Over 100,000 fans from in and outside Germany gathered to witness the drama of the final race
As all the major racing teams took up the top spots, GT-R started in Group 1
The opening driver was Toshio Suzuki, the GT-R development driver
In this race, we stand out from the rest since we are racing a production model as a base.
Instead of focusing onf results, there are things we each need to do, and as professionals, we are focused intent on accomplishing our goal.
By entering in this race, I think it will become clear as to what needs to be done,
and the result will be an improved performance of the production model