Alejandro & Diego - 027 (English Subs)

Uploaded by AleRP01 on 08.03.2012

I really thought you were going to kiss me infront of all these people
Look, I don't what was happened to me. I'm not like this. I'm crazy.
Same thing that happens to me is happening to you. We like each other so much that we don't care being seen.
But it's better if we go to a private place, don't you think?
My house isn't that far.
Do you want to come?
No. I have to finish a biology assignment. So...
I can't.
But if you want...
You can come to mine.
Perfect! Let's change and go... Yeah.
what do I do now?
If my mom asks, we're going to tell her that...
That you're a friend from school. -Okay.
But why don't we lock ourselves up in your room?
Don't you think so?
Oh sweety you're here already. -Mom.
Hello. -Good evening ma'am.
Mom, he is. He is Javier. A classmate from the Academy.
Welcome, welcome. So it's no longer one additional plate, but two.
Why two plates, mom? -Because your friend Sebastián is waiting for you in your room.
Hi Ale. Oh look who's here.
Boys, dinner's almost ready.
Well, we already met Sebastián, but..
Uh, what's your other classmate's name? -Javier!
Oh, Javier. Welcome, Javier. It's a pleasure.
I'll go get the diiner.
Classmates? Why did you lie to your mom?
You know what, it's best that I leave. -Sebas, Sebas, don't leave.
Let's all dine together.
You know what...
The one who's the third wheel is me.
See you another day, Alejandro.
You're a couple that fast? -Lower your voice, Sebas. My mom can't hear you.
I don't have a boyfriend.
And what are you doing here? Why didn't you tell me beforehand?
See you tomorrow.
You can sit down to eat now.
And your friends?