Kiparis - Black Ops Multiplayer Weapon Guide

Uploaded by XboxAhoy on 14.10.2012

Hello, this is XboxAhoy and this is the forty-first episode of my Black Ops weapon guide.
Just one more left after this.
In this episode we're covering the Kiparis.
It's a fully automatic weapon, unlocked once you've purchased all of the other SMGs.
The OTs-02 Kiparis is a Russian weapon, originating from the former Soviet Union.
Its name translates from Russian as 'Cypress', in reference to the coniferous tree.
The weapon's design was first drafted in the early 1970s, but the first units did not enter
service until 1991.
It was likely the carbine variants of the AK74 rifle that led to a reduced need for
a new submachine gun - and it was only the fall of the Soviet Union that sparked a demand
for compact police weapons in the 1990s.
It was for this reason that the Kiparis was resurrected, and saw introduction with the
Russian police and Ministry of Internal Affairs in 1995.
A basic blowback design, the Kiparis is a simple yet efficient weapon: mainly a steel
construction, with some plastic furniture, the weapon was also supplied with its own
proprietary suppressor.
Eventually the weapon was displaced in favour of newer designs, such as the PP-2000: with
greater use of synthetic materials and leanings toward a modern personal defense weapon design.
The Kiparis fires the squat Soviet 9mm cartridge, the 9-by-18 millimetre Makarov round.
Magazines are 20 rounds in capacity, or 30 with extended mags.
The Kiparis is a low damage SMG, dealing the same damage per shot as most of its peers,
bar the MP5K, AK74u, and Skorpion.
That means it'll kill in 4 shots up close - or 5 at a distance.
One interesting trait of the Kiparis is its enhanced ability to penetrate cover: while
most SMGs struggle to shoot through walls, the Kiparis will perform as well as an assault
rifle, better cutting through concealment to meet your target.
Rate of fire is high - on par with most of the low-damage SMGs or the FAMAS, at 937.5
rounds per minute.
Recoil is moderately high however, thanks in part to this elevated rate of fire, and
a lower centerspeed.
This means the Kiparis is less effective from a middle range out when compared to other
SMGs - you're trading controllability for piercing power.
As well as assault rifle-grade penetration, the Kiparis also aims as slowly as the assault
rifles, at 250 milliseconds.
Reloads are very quick, however - at a sprightly 2.1 seconds: useful, given the short magazine.
A generous selection of attachments are available for the Kiparis - including the full set of
optical attachments available for the SMGs.
The Red Dot Sight replaces the weapon's iron sight with a precision reticle, providing
a clearer indication of your point of aim.
Unusually for a Russian weapon, the Kiparis uses the default red dot model - only the
Kalashikov-designed rifles have the squarer frame.
The reflex is the same as any other weapon, and this attachment and the red dot are identical
in effect.
While they may assist in aiming slightly, the iron sights on the Kiparis are relatively
clear, and given that the SMG is suited to closer-ranged engagements, the optical attachments
are less useful.
The same can be said for the long range optical option, the ACOG Scope.
It provides an enhanced magnification for a better view on long-range targets, but this
comes at the cost of higher recoil and a slower aim time.
For a close-range weapon, it is best avoided.
Extended mags is far more useful, providing 30 rounds between reloads instead of 20.
This will give you a better chance of surviving when tackling multiple enemies, or in cases
where your aim leaves much to be desired.
This extra capacity is also useful, given the Kiparis' ability to pierce cover: spraying
through walls will be more effective with more readily available firepower.
Rapid Fire will bolster your close range performance, taking your rate of fire to 1250 rounds per
This will reduce kill times on close-range targets, but will speed magazine depletion
and increase overall recoil.
It has its uses, but Rapid Fire is best left to the SMGs with larger mags.
The Grip's effect is to enhance your mid-to-long range ability, instead: reducing recoil and
helping you land more of your shots on target.
This is a universally beneficial attachment, with no downside - and one that is particularly
useful on larger maps.
The Suppressor will keep you off the minimap while firing - but this comes at the cost
of a portion of your effective range.
This doesn't hamper the Kiparis' performance too much, however - as the damage differential
between close and long range is relatively small.
Dual Wield grant you two guns instead of one - double the firepower, at the expense of
your aiming ability.
With a capability to pierce cover, and 40 rounds on tap in a very short space of time:
the Dual Kiparis is a pretty devastating close-range loadout, although it loses its punch quickly
at range.
Overall, for most purposes I'd recommend Extended Mags for the Kiparis: the extra capacity countering
the weapon's high rate of fire, and will no doubt save your skin in many firefights.
Otherwise, the grip is useful on larger maps, the suppressor can work in a stealth build
- and Dual Wield is awfully good fun paired with Steady Aim.
Our class with the Kiparis is largely centered on addressing the weapon's flaws: notably
its rapid consumption of ammunition.
As with most of the low-capacity SMGs, Scavenger is nearly essential in your first perk slot
to ensure your supply doesn't run out too quickly.
Scavenger Pro is particularly useful, granting an increased starting supply - but it remains
wise to stay on the move and collect the blue scavenger packs to ensure you don't run dry.
One fringe benefit is the resupply of your grenades - for this reason it's good practice
to make heavy use of both your lethal and tactical options, as it won't be long before
you're able to resupply.
Our second perk improves the Kiparis' handling times - Sleight of Hand is a useful perk,
given the sheer frequency of reloads you'll need to perform.
While the Kiparis has a very fast reload even without the perk, the additional benefit of
Sleight of Hand Pro makes it doubly useful.
Halving the Kiparis' slower aim time will assist in close range gunfights, where milliseconds
count - and aiming will help you direct your firepower with greater precision than simply
firing from the hip.
Our final perk fills a vulnerability in our loadout, as you'll be operating close to the
enemy: Hacker will allow you to spot enemy defensive equipment - such as claymores - through
walls, and provide a cue to toss a tactical grenade ahead of your movement, disabling
any defense.
This will prove a worthwhile benefit over most other third tier perks, and the Kiparis'
ability to penetrate walls effectively means you can simply shoot a claymore through a
wall should you desire.
For your lethal grenades, frags tend to be more useful against enemies lurking inside
buildings, with their ability to bounce and roll: toss them liberally through windows,
especially in cases where you spy enemy equipment.
For your tactical grenades, concussion grenades are ideal for breaching rooms, as they're
quick to throw - and temporarily disable both equipment and enemies lurking through doorways.
Your equipment selection is less important in an SMG build - but the motion sensor can
be useful in some cases, detecting enemies through walls, and potentially allowing you
to shoot them indirectly.
For your secondary, your pistol of choice is always a welcome addition to a class: although,
with Scavenger and lightning-quick reloads, you will be less reliant on it.
The Kiparis is an SMG with a unique ability to pierce cover to the same degree as an assault
This ability comes with the usual benefits of a high-mobility weapon, too: faster movement
speed, an incredibly fast reload, and a superb rate of fire.
This ability is neutered somewhat with an elevated level of recoil: a direct trade off
between penetration and controllability at range.
In addition, the short magazine mandates all-too-frequent reloads, and a limited starting supply: two
traits that dictate much of your loadout, limiting strategy with this weapon.
Still, the Kiparis remains a usable close-quarter weapon, with clear sights and some worthwhile
With proper fire control it can be effective at most ranges, and while some of the SMGs
may have the edge in performance overall, the piercing power of the Kiparis does come
in useful every so often.
With arboreal appellation, from sapling to mighty Cypress, this buzzsaw-like SMG...
...will cut down your opponents with ease.
Thanks for watching, this has been XboxAhoy.
Join me next time for the last episode in this series: the final assault rifle, the
Until then, farewell.