GUITAR SETUP Lesson 3 - Soldering Tutorials: How to do it!

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Hi to all! It's Guido Borghesani, Cloe's friend and today we will learn
how to do a good soldering work and how to work with tin
First of all you need a good soldering iron (we won't say the brand :P)
This is the shape of a good soldering iron
to make a good welding we need the tip to be clear and clean
How can we clean the tip of this tool?
You can do so in a water soaked sponge
The sponge must be wet, otherwise you'll get it burnt when touching it with the soldering iron
Pick up some tin
As you can see tin goes on the tip of the tool and creates a drop
this drop has to be cleaned on both directions on the sponge
We make this operation a couple of times if we have just turned on the tool
Now we solder this thread on the pot!
Lets start stripping the skin off the thread
Lets cut a little piece of thread to check if it has been exposed to humidity too long
just in case the first part of the thread has been oxidized
After this we cut 1 cm with this part of the blade
(the smooth part of the blade...the other part is V shaped)
we strip off the cable in this direction
a little pressure, then 90° degree rotation of the cable
after that we strip the skin off the cable!
Like this
Now we turn those strings to avoid them go wide during the welding
a nice trick is to hold copper and turn the skinned part of the cable
Here is our cable!
Lets cut him a little bit
Now we dip the copper part we got into tin
now we interject tin between the tip and the copper we want to solder
Like this
now we solder the thread on this pot's chassis
Lets take our tin and clean our tip as usual
we have to bring the pot's chassis at the right temperature
this tin drop raises the contact surface between the tip (hot) and
the chassis of the this...
lets put in a little bit more tin and we can see the drop finally stick
I put away the soldering iron and the drop will dry
we clean as usual the tip of the smoldering iron by dipping it
We take our cable
we put it on the drop we previously made
push a little with the tip
This operation is a little delicate we have to stay still
and here we go!
Soldering done!
Now we can pull
The welding is well-made
We have seen what to do to make a well-made welding
now we see what NOT to do when a making a good work :P
First of all reducing the tip pitch black
otherwise the tip won't solder anymore
avoid using a tip too small or a soldering iron with too low temperature
for a big this the soldering won't happen because
chassis won't reach the right temp and it will not melt the tin
Like we said before, we HAVE TO clean the tip over and over
try to have it ALWAYS clean
Another good trick is to not economize on tin
Unfortunately (and luckily :P) old plumb-tin is on sale anymore
but now the green one is on sale
that is really good for our lungs but it's more difficult to solder correctly
we have to apply higher temperature to do so (and so expensive tools)
but...thanks! (i mean for our health ;) )
Another important thing is to avoid working with an incorrect posture
because we will shake with the tip of the tool
and tin in the moment it gets solid will make cracks with movements
those cracks will result in more chances of oxidation that will ruin your work
Now some practice! We are going to see some examples here
An accident that usually occur is that guitar stops to emit sounds
that's why we disassemble the jack and notice that one of the two cables is disconnected
Here is our guitar with a couple of issues
We pull out the jack and notice that one of the two cables is detached
What are we going to do? Like we said before lets cut the "sick" piece of cable
Now we strip off the cable cover, then cut the unnecessary part
We put the copper strings together...
We take our tip and we push our drop to the border
Here is done
We have to cut the tip
Just two or three mm is fine. After this we must clean this jack part
just where we must solder the cable, how to?? :)
Lets put some tin on our tip. This operation is crucial because
the tin drop on the tip helps us to raise our surface
we dip the tip again. Seems like we are soldering again
See how the metal part shines? :)
Now for the cleaning part we use this tool
This tool is a tin-cleaner, it removes exceeding tin parts
Why we have to di this? we have to free the hole that stands on this small flap
We take our dip friend here...dip it a bit and when tin becomes liquid
we remove it with our new tool, just check the zone where the hole was
Insert the cable in the hole till halfway
Now we bend it in two
Like this, like a loop around the hole
Now we clean our tip again
Now you have to stay still as much as you can
avoid to move the cable while tin is getting solid
Dip the tip again...
Put tin inside standing still and waiting a couple of minutes to get it solid
after this we can release all
Here we go! As you can see the soldering changes from shining to opaque
Now it's the right time to stop! Just control that all is firmly sticked together
And it's done!
Thanks a lot, see you in the next tutorial your fingers...ouch!