Everybody's Free (to vlog) Baz Luhrmann 'Wear sunscreen'-spoof

Uploaded by princeword on 17.06.2009

Ladies and gentlemen.
Youtubers of 2009. Vlog.
If I could offer you just one tip for the future
vlogging would be it.
The long-term benefit of vlogging has been proven by nerds,
whereas the rest of my advice has no basis more reliable than my own
online experience.
I'll try to dispense this advice now.
Enjoy the power of your webcam
never mind, you will not understand the power of your webcam until it fails.
But trust me
In six months you'll look back at Dailybooth pictures of yourself
not grasp then how remarkably creative you really were and how happy you looked.
You are not as boring as you imagine.
Don't worry about not posting regularly and making those vlogs to short, for as
you learn each time, once you start jabbering you just can't shut up.
The real worries in your life are never picked up by your viewers since you
edit stuff out.
Don't be reckless with other people in comments. Brush off haters that are
reckless to you.
Don't be startled by other people making partner. Sometimes you get comments
sometimes you don't, the race is long.
Breathe. Don't feel guilty for not having an awesome idea for a video
the most interesting people on Youtube had no clue what they want to do in 2006.
Some of the most interesting people I know are still not on youtube.
Remember comments you receive, forget the haters. If you succeeded in doing this tell
me how comments.
Maybe you'll become partner maybe you won't.
Maybe you'll be featured someday maybe you won't.
Maybe you'll get a mac.
Maybe you'll dance the happy dance on your seventy-five birthday.
Whatever you do,
don't congratulate yourself too much or show off. If you're good at what
you're doing,
They will tell you. Enjoy your editing software and use it any way you can.
Don't be afraid of it or what other people might think of it. It's the greatest
instrument you'll ever own.
Even if you have nowhere to do it but in your own dark bedroom, forget directions
let loose.
Do not take in comments from haters they will only make you feel...
Get to know your subscribers, you'll never know when they'll unsubscribe for good.
And be nice to your tubers. They're your best link to everything and most likely to
ask you to participate in collab videos in the future.
Understand that friends are added and the bigger the number, the more confusing
the point of it becomes.
Work hard to breach geography and language cause the more subscribers you get
the more you need the people who knew when you just started out.
Meet a girl on a Youtube gathering in New York but leave if she gets you hard.
Go to San Francisco gatherings and leave if she makes you feel soft. Travel.
Accept certain difficult truths. Views will fall, partners will outdo you.
Youtube will get old and when it does you'll fantasize that when you started out
comments were decent, videos were not removed cause a copyright and subscribers
respected your personality. Respect to your subscribers.
Don't expect anyone else to make a birthday collab for you
but cry real tears when they do and quite possibly
they will get a similar treatment when they increase their age by one.
Don't miss too many Youtube gatherings, when you eventually go everyone else will already
have other people they've been longing to see more than you.
Be careful about tweeting links to yourself too much, but be proud if
the video is awesome,
for other people will RT it for you and if they don't, just keep doing videos.
RT their videos, take a Dailybooth pic and smile. Go on Blogtv to interact, befriend each
other on Facebook after a while, chat on MSN, have a dinner over Skype,
eventually meet IRL.
and be thanksful
for the friendship you share.
And if you are one of those who have not just started, trust me on the Youtube vlogs.