【MMD Drama】Usual Day Shakedown Part 1 (English captions)

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This video is fiction. People and names in this video are fictional. In addition, this video does not represent the characters shown. Please watch this video with care.
This is a drama of a usual day and an unusual day, in a town in some country.
Do you remember what is going to happen today?
Eh, What?
Miku appears on television today!
I completely forgot.
It's a good thing I reminded you.
All right. I'll come home by then.
I'll tell Miku that you forgot it if you're late
Are you telling me to work alone for the time being?
I can't easily hire people for this job.
Ok, keep your fingers crossed for me.
...Next, Miku Hatsune. "World's End Dancehall"
MMD Drama Usual Day Shakedown
Part 1 Beginning of the Beginning
An intruder seemed to copy the data of a secret fund.
Yes, the others are not stolen.
The police are here,
I'm sorry, a guard called them without consideration.
Yes, I'll arrange what you want.
I'll talk with the police,
Inform all the members and help them retrieve the data.
Good evening, Mr. Thief.
Good evening, am I Mr. Thief?
Please return the data to me.
What if I say no?
I will take it by force.
Will you return it obediently?
I won't return it that easily.
Oh, Miku will appear on Television soon!
Len is late.
You are going to return it soon, right?
Your attention to your feet is lacking.
Are you OK?
Your partner is here...
Hmm? Who are you?
It doesn't matter.
I don't want to tell my name to a guy who attacked a girl.
No, She attacked me.
Who is the attacker?
Please don't interupt me.
I can't leave this situation is it is.
It's my chance to escape.
I don't understand the situation.
But please don't do anything dangerous, You're a girl, aren't you?
...A... Girl..!
I'm sorry.
(So cute...)
Therefore it's a guard's mistake.
Please leave.
What should we do?
First, we'll inform the Investigation Headquarters.
Will we pack it in? Let's go for a drink.
No, there was a report of a robbery.
Teto and Uta are at the crime scene.
We don't have to go there.
It was an order. We have to go there.
The crime scene is a Political Office. But a lot of people don't have to go there.
I surely think that this special treatment is not good.
But I don't want to write an apology letter.
You're so disciplined.
Hey! Stop!
Good evening, Kaito.
What a nice surprise! Chief inspector Haku!
Fancy meeting you here...
I'm still an assistant inspector!
You came out from a very suspicious place.
Well... It's a shortcut.
Do you know each other?
He is a self-professed detective, a journalist.
Sometimes he is present at political incidents.
There was a robbery nearby a little while ago.
It was in an office of the Politicians, which you love.
Oh, That's news to me.
I need to search you.
Huh? Wait!
Did I twist my neck?
Oh, It's still cold.
(Did that girl leave it?)
You don't have what we are looking for.
So, I did nothing!
Well, what were you doing for the last hour?
I got out of a car, Aaaaaand I went on a walk, Aaaaaand I looked around for a convenience store.
After all you're suspicious. I'll interogate you in a police office.
Please wait! There isn't any proof.
Assistant inspector, it's from the Headquarters.
Yes. Haku speaking...
What do you mean?!
What will authorities do?!
What's wrong?
They canceled the case and told us to go back to the police station!
Why do I say it!
You can go free today.
Good bye.
He is so suspicious. He must have done something.
Why did you say "The office is empty"? There were guards in the office.
I was escaping, and then the police had an eye on me, too.
It would be bad if I was caught, so I hid it.
No problem. It's in a nearby school.
I'll call you later.
Today's guests were Lily and Miku.
See you next week!
Hi. You're so late...
The Show is over...
Are you saying that because you bought a drink?
No way.
Then what happened?
I tried to help a person who got attacked, but...
But you were knocked out?
Well, eventually, yes.
It's proof that I'm lacking in practice.
You'd better use a lot of effort.
Yeah, Yeah, I'll make an effort.
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