Future of The Internet: Porous Gardens

Uploaded by InternetSocietyVideo on 28.09.2010

The Internet has changed the world empowering individuals and organizations
allowing us to work together as we move forward. Today people are asking,
what will the Internet look like in 10 years?
You're an employee of International Widgets, selling digital software and media
all over the world, mostly online.
As technological, political, and economic motivations compete to shape the future of the Internet,
your company and personal life also come to a turning point.
Let's see what happens in one of your possible futures.
Here you are ten years from now.
We're showing you what live with the Internet could be like in one possible future
what we call the Porous Garden scenario.
For you the Internet is fun, but your business and wallet both rely on it.
that's why you just bought a shiny, new SmartGadget online.
You love SmartGadget, because its smart store has countless apps that do just about everything.
It's fun, and you can run your business with it.
Plus, it looks really cool.
Gone is the global open Internet that you knew.
Now your online is limited to SmartGadget, and the apps it develops for its network
You turn over your privacy and dollars for SmartGadget's network, hardware, software,
and legendary functionality.
Eventually, getting out is too costly.
Now you're stuck.
Governments license developers, because apps are too important to fail.
Developers work with one brand only.
Same with apps.
SmartGadget's network and hardware can't connect to Brightenex's network.
Sometimes its impossible to do business with companies that use other networks,
like Brightenex or Intellicom.
You and your business are now caught in a turf war
as everyone aligns with their favorite brand.
You are committed to your platform
and you live and die by its success.
We need you to help shape tomorrow's Internet.
We're working to keep the Internet free and open. For you and with you.
Act now to protect the Internet's future. Find out what you can do, at: