Clash - Bẫy Rồng (2009)

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It's time.
These are in the perfect state of being.
Thousands of pieces as one.
The foolish wrap themselves in fame
just to lose freedom.
The General cannot get out,
the Soldier has no way back.
As powerful as the Chariot is,
It still cannot escape death.
The chaos goes on until total destruction.
No escape?
The pieces are free in the facedown position.
What piece could become self-aware?
What's left of the chess-board when that happen?
Where would that piece go?
It would just be a lost wanderer...
They are mother and daughter.
Mother - daughter.
Sounds like General, Guard, Elephant, Chariot.
What's the difference?
That is the destination for pieces that have gone astray.
It is not the end.
This is just the beginning.
I think I just saw Big Brother.
Are you mistaken?
Hey, attracted?
Why don't you guys make-out?
This is your home until the job's done.
What is this?
A blood stain?
Rule Number Three: No bullshit questions.
Rule Number Three?
What do you consider "bullshit"?
Bullshit are things that are not related to the job.
Such as your question.
So cheesy like some Hong Kong movies.
Without rules, there is no game.
You guys have better learn fast.
I won't repeat myself.
Rule Number Two:
Each person has his responsibility.
Follow the plan at all time.
Rule Number One:
No real names, only nicknames.
Our driver is Hawk.
You are Snake.
You are Tiger.
And you are Ox.
The guys are Tiger, Snake, Hawk and I'm a catle?
Give me another name!
Follow the rules or quit.
Then what's your nickname?
Can I call you "Honey"?
Last Rule...
Phoenix is the commander
the only one who makes decisions.
Tomorrow a group of Frenchmen will be trading in Saigon.
Their goods is our target.
This is half your payment.
The other half will be paid when the job's done.
How big are the goods?
Fits into a bag.
But what is it?
Don't forget Rule Number Three.
I don't know about rules.
but these goods you speak of...
what if it's some toxic shit?
I don't want to die for nothing.
And this pile of chump change...
can't even pay my funeral.
Hey you! It's just a laptop.
Stop the car.
Follow the rules or quit.
Last chance.
Hey, don't stress yourself out.
Go! What are you waiting for?
Do as planned,
Ox and Hawk stay with the car.
I'll go in too.
Stay with the car.
What's going on?
Just lead the way.
I'm not going in.
It's so obvious. This is a trap.
Mother fuckers.
We don't even know this guy.
Forget it. I'm not going in.
Let's just get it done and go.
If the entrance is easy,
Then the exit won't be, pal.
Let me borrow your gun.
I'll get him some balls.
What are you doing?
Are you trying to rip us off?
Who is in there?
There's no trap!
Look at me.
Say it!
I'll blow your head off.
I swear! There's no trap!
They're just deserters selling AK's for booze.
Just following procedure.
Lead the way.
This here's...
Let me see the merchandise.
Snake, check it.
Which one's Snake?
You're Snake?
Where are the rest? And the bullets too?
Hey son of a bitch,
even if you turned to ash,
I'd still know you're Cang Grenade, you hear me?
You hurt?
Someone drive! I can't reach the pedal!
What's the big deal?
I accidentally killed his brother in prison.
so now he's got a grudge.
Who doesn't have enemy?
Shut it!
You ruined the deal, you pay for it.
Is this necessary?
We're under the same roof now.
That does not mean we are family.
We share nothing but rules.
Don't be so harsh.
Hawk is bleeding.
There won't be a second time.
This is the last stretch.
I trust you.
Hawk has unwavering faith in the Phoenix.
The problem is... it trust without knowing what is gained or lost.
You don't need to lecture anyone about faith.
It is your last mission,
and yet you fail first hand.
It seems the reunion of you and your daughter...
is still very far.
She's just a child.
Don't push me.
You make me worried for her life.
Do you know what the Pol Pot regime did to children?
Now you want to recreate history, right?
That depends on you.
You will have the laptop.
And I will have my daughter.
Do you see?
We all have the right to make our own decisions.
We're going against the Frenchies with these cheap shit?
Do you know what's the most expensive thing in this world?
Accept it or not, is your choice.
Good luck.
Don't disappoint me and your daughter.
Who knows if these pieces of shit can still fire.
Should I test it out?
Don't play around like that.
Now I have to go change my underpants.
So we got toys, now what?
Tonight we'll divide into two groups.
We'll make a fake bid for the goods.
The point is to smoke them out of the hole...
and see what we're up against.
Why fake it, can't we just buy it for real?
Forgot Rule Number Three?
Why don't we just do them there?
Too many people, it's inconvenient.
So we'll engage at their place.
Do you agree?
What is it?
Something wrong?
No, nothing.
It's just...
you look alright.
Hold my hand.
Don't forget tonight we're a couple.
If these Frenchies are professionals,
Then we can't skip the small details.
Are they here?
They are. Look over my shoulder.
There are three of them.
Piece of cake.
Those are your fake bidders?
Who are they?
Don't forget Rule Number Three.
Look, they're pretty tough.
There's one guy outside.
One behind the door, and one on the balcony.
Don't all look up at the same time.
Also, there's a suitcase and a leather bag.
Certainly both have the goods
but one is a knock-off.
Why the trouble?
If the shit hits the fan,
they'll cast off the fake.
So how do we know which one is real?
Can you tango?
And you?
I'll improvise.
The place belonged to a US advisor back then.
These guys don't impress me,
mixing business with pleasure.
We'll attack through front gate,
take out the little guys,
go for the goods,
kill whoever gets in our way.
Let's do it now, ok?
These guys are not amateurs.
Everyone thinks it's easy to attack by night.
They know this too.
They'll be keeping their guards up.
What's more,
we're at a disadvantage.
Barging in like that,
we'll all be eating bullets.
First we gotta cut the security system, then go in.
Hit them quickly and get out of there.
Maybe we don't have to fire a single shot.
Come up with a details.
I'm giving you this one.
Rest up guys, we'll move before dawn.
Look at her,
she's the spitting image of you.
How do I know she's my daughter?
Have you forgotten the red birthmark on her forehead?
Alright. Tell me your conditions.
I don't want to be in your chessboard any longer.
My mind is made up. Speak!
Where would the chess piece go without the board?
Its own way.
You're breaking my heart.
But you truly are the incarnation of the Phoenix.
Seven missions
Complete seven more jobs,
you and your daughter will have your own way.
Ox, get him.
Phoenix, go for it.
Hold up.
It's done.
Go in.
Bring the booze over here!
I like this one better.
Lie down.
Don't move!
Don't move, I'll kick the shit out of you.
They can't understand what you're saying.
You, you, you,
Shut up!
Where's the laptop?
Where's the laptop?
On the chair.
Easy, calm down.
It's underneath the bed.
You better take it and disappear.
Lie down!
Tie them up.
One guy is missing.
Are you hurt?
I'm OK.
Go. We'll cover you.
Go now!
What was his name?
He was a tiny kid,
bullied everyday at the market.
Then he followed me around, living wherever,
doing anything to survive.
At fourteen, I was kidnapped to Cambodia to be a prostitute.
He purposely got kidnapped too.
Then he became like me.
You ride?
Lost the laptop.
I want to withdraw from this misson.
What did you say?
Without the laptop, what can we get Black Dragon with?
You have to get it back at all cost.
This laptop is worth millions of dollars on the black market.
It can hack into VlNASAT-1.
Important data will be stolen,
including national defense. Get it?
But my mission is to capture Black Dragon.
I'm burnt-out. I quit!
Remember, you're an Agent on an active mission.
You cannot leave a position Agency has worked so hard to build.
Don't forget where I was when you buried my father.
I was on this goddamn mission!
Your parents took me in as one of their own.
I understand what you've been through.
I can't even remember who I really am,
or my name!
But I remember clearly who you are, and your name?
You have to continue.
If your father knows you lost the will to fight because of him,
do you think he'd have died proud?
This is the moment of truth.
All your efforts,
will either pay off or vanish into thin air,
Ieaving you with only a tattoo and scars!
Is Minh still repairing bikes?
Carefull, you're bleeding.
How did you get into this line of work?
You really want to know?
The one who fished me out from that brothel
is my boss now.
Who is he?
I still don't really know who he is, or his name.
I just know he used to be some kind of spy.
He must be good, huh?
He taught me how to read,
how to kill people,
all kinds of things.
I was a fast learner.
Then he used me like a Black Widow.
Praying on his business contacts.
But what does he buy and sell?
You've accepted the fact that you kill to pay him back?
I really need that laptop.
I know where to find Snake.
If you can find him and the laptop,
the entire reward will be yours.
I will find him.
But not quite for the money.
I don't want to call you Phoenix anymore.
Nguyen Anh Quan,
are you trying to break Rule Number One?
All the other rules, too.
Then call me Trinh.
What do you see from those two dead bodies?
You have get it for yourself.
I cannot explain.
What I am getting from you right now
is a superficial and weak sensation.
It is so strange for my proud Phoenix.
Same as Chariot, Cannon, Cavalry or Soldier, right?
I can't be a fool on your chessboard forever.
I want freedom and my daughter back.
Just look at your hand, feet,
where you stand or around the entire house,
and see if you can find any chains.
You can go anytime you want.
And if you're a little scared, you can sneak off.
Don't push me.
Freedom isn't fleeing.
State your conditions.
You pulled me out of the slums in Cambodia,
you have my daughter, so just say it.
And what for?
For even if you shoot me in the back, I'd walk away free.
Haven't been able to see this far in a long time.
I hated the dawn when I was a child.
Every morning, my father would come to my bed
and kick me awake.
We'd go out to the yard and practice martial arts.
Your father...
Minh, are you done?
Almost, What's the rush?
Long time no see.
23 months to be exact.
Bitch! Why did you hit me for?
Why did you run?
It's been a while, Who knows what you're up to.
I'm looking for a guy who's just picked-up a laptop.
What have you heard?
Do you know Cang Grenade?
Hell if I know.
Alright, how much do you want for the info?
Three million?
Give me!
Know him?
Wait, I'll talk!
I just know A Lu, my client.
He said something about Frienchies importing a laptop.
Who is this guy?
Where is he?
He's a member of the Triad.
They hang at the billiards on Ngo Quyen.
You'll know when you see him. He only has one eye.
We're not even yet.
Where are you?
It's been a long time.
You must be very mad at me, A Lu?
You betrayed the society,
and that cannot be forgiven, Cang.
Where is the laptop?
"Betrayed" the society?
You're too dramatic, A Lu?
I feel sorry for you.
And also for your boys hiding out there.
Come out boys!
Don't make me ask twice.
go back and tell A Thoong,
the price has just gone up $100K.
If he can't decide by tomorrow midnight,
he can kiss the laptop goodbye.
I'm out.
Where's the laptop?
Speak or I'll slit you open.
Get in the car now.
Phoenix, treat his wounds.
What is that?
Cambodian medicine, it'll stop the bleeding.
You're Black Dragon?
Where did you hear that name from?
It's easy enough to guess.
And who might you be?
White Tiger, of course.
I'd hate to bother him when he's listening to music.
Just tell me.
He won't talk.
Which spirit reincarnation are you?
What type of music do you like?
You must try to listen to music,
or else your world is too confined.
You have ten seconds to save yourself.
Now tell me, where did you put the laptop?
And I'll forgive you.
Since we've been talking, 7 seconds have passed.
You only have 3 seconds left.
Let go!
Let go!
I'll tell you, ok?
You got some intelligence in you
but your concept of time is terrible.
I already finished counting.
Why didn't you believe me?
Is my face not trustworthy?
What were you looking at?
I asked what you were looking at.
Cat got your tongue?
I don't like the way you handled it.
What did you say?
Come again?
That son of bitch betrayed us,
he killed Hawk.
And you promised to spare him.
I don't respect that.
You don't respect me?
I don't respect you.
Hit me again and I'll bite.
Who do you think you are to challenge me?
Listen carefully. I don't even care for my life,
Iess yours.
Today you help captured Cang,
so I spare you.
Warning only comes once.
You'd better watch your manners.
You shouldn't have pissed off Black Dragon.
I'm not afraid of him.
But I am.
What do you have to be afraid of?
I'm afraid of losing another loved one.
Now, am I free to go?
I promised to let you go, so I will.
But I don't know if Phoenix will spare you.
That I cannot guarantee.
Run, Trinh!
Why run?
You said it's done when Black Dragon gets the laptop.
He went to get it already, so go.
But I can't go yet.
I can't make you understand it now.
But if you trust me, leave!
But I can't go!
I have to wait for Black Dragon to give my daughter back.
Police! Drop your weapons!
I understand.
Phoenix, get in the car!
Outta my way!
How's Thanh?
Go outside.
Who are you?
How dare you bust in here.
Get out!
Do you have a father?
How many kids have you turned into orphans like you?
Did Black Dragon ever show you any sympathy?
If you can't feel pain when you shoot people
then there is no hope for you.
Where is Black Dragon?
31 Pham Ngoc Thach Street is where we meet up for jobs.
Yes, Minh.
I digged out some info on Cang Grenade.
He's also known as Cang Shipyard.
That's all I got.
Good enough.
I'm giving you one last chance
to prove my intuition wrong.
I've lived long enough in your world
to understand what you've been through.
And I hate it as much as you do.
Sometimes we're forced to do things we don't want.
But we always have a choice.
I'll catch Black Dragon after he returns your daughter.
- As for Cang... - Shut up!
I don't need anybody's help.
Who are you aiming at?
If you truly feel no pain, then shoot!
You've already know how much it hurts to lose.
But why can't you stop?
I don't want to believe in
or blame on fate.
Because who knows...
that's the reason I was born.
You are right.
When your loved one is held at gunpoint,
pain is a trivial thing in comparison to fear.
And you're right,
everbody has a choice!
Long time no see.
Hope you're still doing well.
I must be!
Otherwise I'll end up like A Lu, right?
Let's see the goods.
Our first time doing business,
and you seem reliable.
I'm sure we'll meet again.
You know what's in front and back of you,
but don't respect what's above and below.
And now, I suppose you know clever and foolish, as well.
Very clever.
How's your finger?
So you're Black Dragon?
You sons of bitches think you had us?
We're the police. You are surrounded.
Drop your weapons.
Blast them!
Hurts, doesn't it?
Where's my daughter?
I already killed her.
I will scatter your ashes next to your daughter's.
A dragon rides the clouds and flies with the wind.
How can thin nets and a blunt arrows to hunt him down?
Bottom feeder!