Tannhäuser: Wenkoff, Jones, Weikl, Colin Davis (Part 14)

Uploaded by heildirgunther on 04.07.2010

Behold me, a maiden whose blossoming
he has cut short with one sudden blow.
Exultantly he has broken my heart
I who loved him with all my being.
I plead for him,
I plead for his life.
Let him contritely turn his steps to atonement.
Let him regain the strength of the belief
that the Saviour once suffered for him, too.
Alas! Wretch that I am!
An angel has descended from the realms of light
to bring God's holy message.
Look up, vile traitor!
Realize your sin! Look up to her!
You gave her death: she begs for your life.
Who could hear an angel's plea unmoved?
Though I may not forgive the sinner
I cannot oppose heaven's word.
To lead the sinner to salvation
an angel was sent down to me from heaven.
But ah! Profaning her by my presence
I turned on her a lascivious gaze.
Though I may not forgive the sinner...
O thou, high above this mortal earth,
- I plead for him. - who sent me my guardian angel,
have mercy on me, so deep in sin, alas,
that to my shame I did not recognize heaven's meesenger!
I plead for him.
Have mercy on me!
I plead for him, I plead for his life...