Genes - the units of inheritance: conclusion (10/10)

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That's just about it.
We've looked at the structure of DNA, how DNA is replicated
and how the information in DNA is utilised to make proteins.
But underneath all of that I think there's one principle
that really helps tie things together.
And that's the principle of base pairing.
We've seen how base pairing helps explain replication of DNA.
It also helps explain transcription to make messenger RNA
and translation of messenger RNA to make proteins.
And of course base pairing is also important in explaining
why the DNA molecule is a double helix.
It's quite a remarkable molecule
and one that provides a wonderful example of a connection
between structure and function.
There's also a clever solution to the three problems that we set earlier
through inherited material.
Stability, accuracy of copying
and concerning information.
Well, if molecules did have brains, this one would be Einstein.