4th Stage Digest Rocky Mountains~N.Y.

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4th stage RUN Rocky Mountains~N.Y.

2009. 4. 20. -Rocky Mountains-
2009. 4. 20. -Rocky Mountains-

(April 22nd. Day 39 since Kanpei's departure from L.A.) No wonder,
I was born in the year of ox, so
Look, all those oxen.
Look, all those oxen.
They are totally attached to me.
I'll do my best, so wait for me.

April 27th (Day 44) THIS IS,

What a view!!

April 28th (Day 45) Now, I'm going to
take this way.
Going strait!? / Yes.
STRAIGHT!? / Straight.

Kanpei decided to take an unplanned route, hoping it would be a short cut.

This is heavy. / Heavy!
Why is this so heavy?
This bike is totally heavy!

I don't think I can do this by myself.

Well, let's see.
By this point, 2880m.
We did it!! Our distance is 2590m.
(The way Kanpei took) was 190m shorter.
You carried this heavy bike just for that.
That's right.
Only 190m??

After I did such hard work...?

May 2nd (Day 49) HERE I AM-!
Super Man! Here AhMehMah Man comes!

May 4th (Day 51)

May 6th (Day 53)

It says Ah Meh Mah!


May 7th (Day 54) These are for all of you. / He is the ambassador for the 2016 Tokyo Olympics!
May 7th (Day 54) Here are for all of you. / He is the ambassador for the 2016 Tokyo Olympics!
(Candidate action for Tokyo's bid to host the Olympic Games in 2016)

May 11th (Day 58) Here is the paper.



Who gave them such a name?

May 15th (Day 62)
May 16th (Day 63)

YEAH~~!! / Nice to see you!

This is..
Just the half way point (of crossing the U.S. continent)!?
Yes, congratulations!! / I DID IT!!!

MAY 19TH (DAY 66)


May 21st (Day 68) (Filming for the Cable TV show.)

(Live radio show) Hello?

I'm good, doing really great!

May 24th (Day 71)

Who put this here for me?
It's a very thoughtful thing to do.

May 25th (Day 72)

I'm in such a bad condition..
I'm in such a bad condition today ...
Today is bad.
Ah, it's cold...

May 26th (Day 73)

May 27th (Day 74) That 's Iowa State. / Yes, Iowa State.
May 27th (Day 74) That 's Iowa State. / Yes, Iowa State.
I crossed into it!
I crossed into it!

May 30th (Day 77)
It's awesome!

This is awesome!

I am going to cross the Missisippi River.

I crossed-!

Illinois State.
June 1st (Day 79) That's a no no, isn't it!?
Yeah, that's not good.

June 5th (Day 83)

(They gave Kanpei temporary treatment to ease his foot pain) Will this pain go away in a few days? Taking a pain killer won't work, will it?
It's just temporary, so it's no good as long as you have the symptom.

June 8th (Day 86) I crossed out of Illinois state!

Good luck!! / Oh!

June 10th (Day 88) (Visting the Chicago 2016 Olympic Games Committee)
Kanpei Hazama from Japan.
Who is an ambassador. First of all, he is a Japanese comedian.
(The president of the Chicago Olympic Bid Committee/ Patrick Ryan)
(The president of the Chicago Olympic Bid Committee/ Patrick Ryan) I'm pleased to meet you.

Thank you~!


June 11th (Day 89)

June 12th (Day 90)

June 13th (Day 91) Say good bye to Indiana State. / OH~!

I reached it.

He is dragging his feet, isn't he? / Umm..
Are you going to stop?
No, I'm fine.
But you might lose your body balance again, right?
No, I'm fine. / Other parts might be affected, though.
Not yet, not yet..

I'm going to move forward. / All right.
Do you want to wear your jacket?
No, I'm just going to stay like this.
No, I'm just going to stay like this.

Though your legs were in pain, you did a great job.
You completed the 40 km.

This part is done.

Look at this here, it looks bruised.
This looks like (the mark of) spats.
No, that's from socks. (Kanpei was wearing) the long ones.

This is the limit...

(Caring for Kanpei's legs that are at their limits with ice.)
(Caring for Kanpei's legs that are at their limits with ice.)

If we continue doing this, your legs should get better...

If I have to continue this...,
I'll retire..

They hurt!
June 15th (Day 93)
Thank you very much.

June 16th (DY 94) How are your legs?
They are the same.., the same..

Well, I'll use every trick in the book...

I'm going to move forward, even a bit.

June 20th (Day 98)

Ah Meh Mah-.

Good job!!


What do you think about that?
What do you think about that?

Run Kanpei Run!
That's good!
Thank you!!


(Kanpei had borne the pain in his legs and never stopped going forward for his supporters and for Kiyoshiro Imawano)

(Earth Marathon theme song/ Run Kanpei Run/ composed by Kiyoshiro Imawano)

June 21st (Day 99)

Let's go back with a good feeling. / All right, good job.
June 22nd (Day 100) (Waiting at a drive through)
Hi! / What can I help you with?
Thank you. / Mountain Dew?
Thank you. / OK, $1,50.

Came out from the drive through..

After this..

It looks terrifying. / Uwh!

It's going to be up all the way!
It's uphill. This's something.

Let's walk slowly.

June 23rd (Day 101)

June 24th (Day 102)

June 26th (Day 104)

June 27th (Day 105)

June 30th (Day 108)

(Getting into the car because of a thunderstorm)

Thunder scares me...
It's lightning...
July 1st (Day 109)

July 4th (Day 112)

N.Y.! Yes?

It say N.Y.!

We are here, finally.

I am going to cross into New Jersey.
I'm going to cross!

Are you ready? / Yes we are!
I'm in!!

New Jersey!!
New Jersey!!
July 8th (Day 116) This is it!

Thank you very much!!
Thank you very much!
Now, I'm going toward my goal!
All right!

What's this??

What a view, this scenery is...what is this!!!?
What's that!
(George Washington Bridge)

(Times Square) Kanpei, Kanpei!!
The top (of the front building)!!


That's me, me!!
What's going on!?

It says Congratulations on crossing the U.S. continent...


(Hudson River Park) We can see Kanpei, can't we!? He entered the park!!
Kanpei, this way!

Now, the goal tape being held by Mr. Sakamoto, who supported Kanpei's crossing of the U.S. continent, will be broken by...
Your wife was waitng for you, too!

Lots of tears.
This was done because of all my supporters.
There were times that I wanted to give up, but reading the comments (from the supporters) on my blog encouraged me and gave me the power to continue.
Everybody, please say Ah Meh Mah!!
Are you ready?
3, 2,
1. zero!

Such a low voice..
Thank you so much-!!!
Great job!!!

4th stage Run 79 Total Days. 3,291.3km Total Distance. 17,768.1km Remaining distance.