Os Barbixas - Improvável - Trailer Improvável (Murilo Gun, Gustavo Miranda e Daniel Tauszig)

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The next game is "Improbable Trailer", everybody plays.
I'll pick up one of the sentences you wrote.
This sentence, don't look, will be the title of a movie
which they will make the trailer for.
How does it work? Elidio will begin, and they will do the trailer.
They will switch places and do the trailer.
Then they will finish the trailer, and Elidio will close it by saying the name of the movie. Got it?
That's the easy part. Then comes the next, I'll explain later.
"Improbable Trailer", go!
A man who couldn't see the truth!
An unexpected betrayal!
The brazilian-colombian hit movie in Florianópolis!
Don't stop! Don't stop!
Passion and adventure!
From the award-winning director Bob Jefferson...
The movie that will rock this fall...
'Who Ate My Cake'?
Very good.
That was easy. Now, I wanna see them make this movie!
I'll give them three minutes, with all the scenes they created here!
See? Tricky business.
'Cia. Barbixas de Humor presents... Who Ate My Cake'?
This is starting to get serious.
It was here!
- Where is it? - I don't know, I thought it was there, or there...
Everywhere, everywhere, everywhere!
Here it is, boss! The cake!
- You got the cake... - It's carrot with chocolate!
- Amazing... - It's looking really good...
What a wonderful cake!
I'll put it here and we'll eat it.
Can I eat some, boss?
Yes, of course... You can eat some.
Eat it up, eat it up.
Yes, the cake... But I wonder...
- Will I eat this cake... - No boss, you're stepping on it!
Will I eat this cake with whaaat?
You didn't let them see it, right?
Only my brother saw it, just him!
- Brother... - Brother? That's my cake!
But she would never let us eat it!
- That why I brought it here... - Go away!
I want to talk alone with her.
- Him. - With him!
Your hair confuses me!
Listen here! Leave it to me, I'll hypnotize him!
- You'll use your hypnotization technique? - This cake is mine!
No, it's not...
- It's mine! - It's not!
- It's mine! - It's not!
- Mine, mine, mine! - It's nooot...
- Boss, you hypnotized him correctly! - Yes. We need to get rid of the other...
- Oh, no, the cake! - How can you find our hideout?
I just know!
He's hypnotized!
- No, he's not! - Yes, he is!
- He's hypnotized, mom! - He's hypnotized!
- I was gonna bring you the cake, here, mom! - I'll run away!
- The cake... Oh... - It's here! I'm the one who got it for you...
He is starting to go crazy!
15 seconds!
- We have to go! - Let's run!
- He's going crazy, run! Where's the henchman? - Run!
That way! That way!
Very good...
Coming soon.
That made a lot of sense!
IMPROVÁVEL Probably a good show.