Tiramisu roll, 瑞士卷

Uploaded by wantanmien on 03.04.2011

Today I teach Tiramisu roll
Filling: 9 gram white gelatine add 6 tbsp water
shake and leave for 10 mins
8 gram vanilla sugar add 90 gram sieved icing sugar
3 tbsp amaretto
250 gram mascarpone
use a wooden spoon mix well
200 gram whipping cream
beat till creamy
mix with mascarpone mixture
10 mins later, cook the white gelatine
cook till gelatine is dissolved, turn off the heat
slowly add in mascarpone mixture
mix it together, put in fridge for 40 mins
add 4 tbsp warm water in 4 eggs yolks
beat on high speed for 2 mins till creamy
add 8 gram vanilla sugar in 125 gram sugar mix well
slowly add the sugar mixture, beat till creamy
put a pinch of salt in 4 egg whites, beat till stiff
add half of egg whites in
carefully stir 12 times and do it again for the rest
50 gram corn starch add in 75 gram flour
1 tsp baking powder
4 tsp cocoa powder mix all together
sieve it in the batter
stir slowly for 35 times
35 times later, put on baking papier 31 x 38 cm
use spatula to spread batter equally
preheat oven 10 mins 200 C, top and bottem heat
put in middle stage, bake 9 mins
2 tbsp hot water add 2 tbsp instand coffe
stir till instant coffee is dissolved
2 water bowls, put in 1 small cloth
put 1 big kitchen cloth in water squeeze out the water
9 mins later, check with woodpick
turn off the heat, leave for 1 min then take it out
use the big wet cloth to cover the cake
put roast rack on top
flip it around
use wet cloth to wipe on baking paper for 3 times
remove the rack
slowly take off the baking paper
slowly roll it
let the seam face the ground and chill for 3 mins
3 mins later,
spread coffee
after 40 mins in fridge, stir the mascarpone mixture
spread on top of cake
roll it carefully and wrap it up
front to back, wrap it up
let seam face the ground again, put in fridge for 2 hours
2 hours later, you can spread some coffee if you like
or can spread some amaretto, if you like
sprinke some icing sugar mixed with cocoa powder on top
Thanks for watching see you again next time