How to Make Balloon Animals : Making 2 Balloon Swans

Uploaded by expertvillage on 23.04.2008

We just made a swan and I thought it'd be really fun to make a swan couple. A little
boy swan and a little girl swan joined together. We're going to start by tying the knots together,
the nozzles together, like that, tie them nice and tight. You'll find your own way of
making knots when you've done a little bit of balloon twisting practice. Then we're going
to bring the swan's beaks together. You can see the black one is just marginally longer
so we can stretch the white one, the clear one. But, we want to make sure that these
are approximately about the same size there. Now we come to the bottom of the swan's necks,
just like we did in the last section, and twist. Twist them together. Now, this time
we have a very large circle. Same thing we did in the last section, put these into two
halves because it gives a natural shape, the half, with the color with, the two different
colors. Start with one color, find the end points of each and twist it round. Now, we're
in two separate halves. This is going to be the little girl swan, so I'm going to find
the half way point of her. Make one point slightly bigger than the other, squeeze the
balloon together and twist. One, two, three. Now, I'm going to fit the smaller half into
the bigger half. That's just gently guiding it through. You can turn the swan around and
see the back of the swan coming up, with a little space here that the swan's neck's going
to sit in. The same with the little boy swan. I've chosen clear and black and white and
black. You can any colors you'd like. Blue and pink, white and pink. I like the black
in me, the dramatic colors of these two. Find the half way point, squeeze them together.
One is slightly bigger than the other, twist it, and just shove the smaller one into the
larger half. Spot it in there and then straighten things up and we'll start to shape the beaks.
There's one and the other one. And you'll notice, when I've finished, that their beaks
will make a very beautiful shape when they're placed together. They do, in fact, become
the shape of a heart. Two love birds, two little swan couple.