Miss Universo 2012: Historia en Las Vegas (1991)

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In 2012 Las Vegas receives the Miss Universe pageant
for the 4th time
and on this series we'll remember those historic moments
of each of the three editions that
took place in "Sin City."
1991: Las Vegas becomes the capital of the
universal beauty for the 1st time
receiving 73 gorgeous women from all over the world, at the then-called
"Aladdin Theater of The Performing Arts"

"One World" was the song that the delegates sang and danced during the opening number
wearing their National Costumes
Following the format at the time, the TOP 10 semifinalists were announced where we got to see
delegates from Yugoslavia and USSR
countries that disappeared later on, due to their political divisions.
During Swimsuits, we could listen to the delegates sharing a personal story that
could help the judges get to know them better.
Mexico's Lupita Jones was the strongest from the beginning
placing 1st on every competition, which allowed her
to get straight to the very end.

After her outstanding performance during the interview rounds by answering in English
Jones ended up becoming the Miss Universe 1991 and the very first
in Mexico's history.
Besides her successful career as a public figure
of international Spanish-language TV
Lupita Jones is still the director of "Nuestra Belleza Mexico" pageant
which she founded in 1994
where the winners are chosen and coached to represent that country
at the Miss Universe and Miss World contests.
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