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Hi, I'm Colleen Ballinger, and this is my recap of America's
Got Talent.
Yes, I'm in a closet.
Don't ask.
This week's episode was the wild card show, which meant
that each judge got to bring back four eliminated acts to
compete for another spot in the semi-finals.
First up was Spencer Horseman, who's an escape artist.
And he was inside this cage all locked up and tangled.
And they slowly poured wet cement until it finally got up
over his face.
And he couldn't breathe.
And he almost died, and then he unlocked the lock and he
got out and lived.
This kid is young and fresh and new.
I like him.
I think he's interesting and fun to watch.
The next act was All That!
Which of course Sharon brought back.
Because the last time we saw them, Sharon was begging for
them to be covered in oil without clothes on.
They had great choreography.
However, they had these weird silhouettes of themselves
behind them.
And it was so distracting.
I felt like I couldn't watch their choreography, because I
was so fascinated with the silhouettes
clogging behind them.
And at the very end, one of the cloggers ripped his shirt
off and showed his chest.
Which is what Sharon wanted, so of course, she loved it.
Jarrett and Raja were up next.
They're a magician, pianist duo.
And they had this huge piano.
They put it in a box.
And Raja's playing the piano all beautifully.
They close the box up, lift the box in the air.
And they open it up, and the piano and Raja are gone.
They are on the other side of the theater amidst the
audience and he's playing.
It was very impressive.
However, my favorite part of the entire act was when
Jarrett was like, (DEEP VOICE) Raja?
There he is.
It was so dramatic and hilarious.
I don't know why I found it so funny, but I laughed out loud.
Jake Wesley Rogers serenaded us with his
beautiful voice next.
He sang a cover of Lady Gaga's "Edge of Glory."
He's sounded great.
The problem is there's so many spectacular acts tonight that
I'm afraid that he's going to be forgotten.
The next act was Cristin Sandu.
Last time he was on the show, he balanced up a bunch of
cylinders, he got on, and he fell.
This time he got all the cylinders, he balanced them
all up, he got on top.
A ring of fire was around him.
And he fell.
I don't think he's going to get through, because he can't
do his one talent.
After him was Todd Oliver, the ventriloquist.
He brings his dog onstage.
And his dog is wearing this contraption around his chin so
it looks like the dog is talking.
And he's awesome.
His jokes were hilarious.
The dog is cute.
The guy's charming.
I'm totally into this act.
Next up were the Bandbaz Brothers.
They put these snorkel looking things in their mouths
attached to knives.
One of them was just standing on the ground.
The other one got up upside down on top of him.
Then they made the knives stick together.
And he balanced on just the knife that was
in the guy's mouth.
It was insane.
I didn't breathe.
Sebastien came on the stage next.
He's adorable.
This little 10-year-old singer.
Melts my heart every time he's on stage.
He sang an American song, "New York, New York." And
he did a great job.
Here's the thing.
I really like this kid.
I think he's talented.
I think he's cute.
But every time he's on the show, he tries to
pull the sob story.
They're running out of sob stories to give this kid.
Because this week he said, (CHILD'S VOICE) I just want to
say that it's my brother's birthday.
And I want to say, Happy Birthday.
I don't know.
I'm over the sob stories.
Next up was Horse.
Horse is a man that I am not very fond of.
It is not a talent to have someone smash
your genital area.
I don't get it.
I guess people think it's funny.
I hate it with a passion.
Lindsey Norton came on next.
She's my favorite.
This is an acrobatic dancer, and she is phenomenal.
I absolutely adore watching this girl dance.
And more than that, you can tell that she loves it.
I feel like she's going to get overlooked, which is such a
She's easily one of the most talented people that
they have this year.
Andrew DeLeon came up next.
This is an emo makeup artist slash opera singer.
This week, he did a version of "Unbreak My Heart."
You know the song.
(SINGING) Unbreak my heart.
But he did it, like, three octaves higher.
(CHIPMUNK SINGING) Unbreak my heart.
It was so weird.
I don't know.
I just wasn't into it.
Last performance of the night was Ben Blaque.
He's an arrow shooter guy.
He shot a thing, which triggered a thing, and it shot
the apple above his head.
Maybe Vegas is super into watching people almost die.
But I can't do it.
It freaks me out.
I don't like sharp things pointed at people and almost
killing them.
That's my recap of America's Got Talent.
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I will see you guys next week for another recap of America's
Got Talent.