Official Apple iPad Review by Accessory Geeks - iPad Accessories available now!

Uploaded by TheGeeksHere on 16.04.2010

Hey geeks it’s Miller from
Today we’re going to have a first accessorygeeks review of the almighty ipad.
Just came out not too long ago and wow we have some accessories for you.
Ok now before we start talking about all the awesome accessorygeeks ipad accessories such as great silicone case..
We’re gonna go and show the products that come with it. So here is the ipad wall adapter that goes with it.
You just easily plug into the wall right there.
Now there are two versions Wifi and the 3G.
3G is not owned yet.
So we have the WiFi and you can also get it into a 16, 32 and 64 gigabytes ipad.
We have the 16.
So now we have the sixteen and Wifi here.
There’s gonna be actually the top button right there that primarily the on and off switch which you can just hold it there.
The next one on the top right is the lock switch.
Right here we lock it on to demonstrate, what’s going on?
Just lock again show you just let it go. Ow you like to draw in there..
The next longer button is divided into two sections.
It is the volume where you can go higher volume or lower volume and there we go pretty low.
We can demonstrate for you later on in the book as you can see right here and you can just up means higher, down means lower.
Simple as that.
Just keep in mind the people do not like to call this the giant ipod touch.
It is bigger and It’s a little more unique you know there are similarities to the ipod.
So we just go and call the ipad since it has it’s name.
Alright so we make a quick demonstration on how to put this together.
So you buy the red silicone casing right here.
You just go and line it up with the little groove for the button of bottom and there is a little section on the side.
Just go and match it up.
Flip around and now your ipad is ready and safe for the world and fashionable like I do.
We also have a screen protector, thanks for our CEO David who put it on a demonstration video on earlier.
Now we can go and sort of, you can search the web on this, this one has a safari.
And as you can see here, everything as I said it’s pretty quick.
The Wifi is pretty amazing on this.
You can see a lot of things doing any network.
You can also check your emails, it got a little aps for that.
Let’s go into your photos, we have few photos there.
Also an ipod we don’t have a very much music since we just got it yet and there you have it.
So well do the calendar, it got aps standard to the ipod itself the ipod touch.
There we go.. the contacts, very little contact right now. Ow at last my contact.
Here we are have the notes, we have a few of them there right.
Here we call for that one said right there, we also have map which is awesome for you to use.
We also have a youtube which is amazing to have since we’re on youtube many times.
As you can see here the HD here is amazing.
It also comes in HD which is really good and you can totally expand it right there as you can see and watch it.
This is one of my favorite video by the way. The tracking ball.
You can see it turns out really good, you can change the frame size, let’s get back out of this, cool.
And we have itunes, let’s see here, there it is..
We have itunes, it’s really awesome right there, off course the aps store.
Ow let’s see here..
Oww we have settings, you see, you can change a lot of things around.
The notifications, that the weather log, no this is a geek suggestive point if you got the extra cash, you do it.
So what a cool story, let’s see here, that will be doing..
Pandora is awesome aps to use just for the music lovers out there.
You’ll definitely watch out for all the cool musics.
We also have ibook which is small review right here we have Winnie the pooh.
And as you can see it’s gonna be real competition towards a kindle.
And it’s just awesome to use, as the graphic on it for reading.
It’s the strange eyes of howl, and also the pictures come out really good because of the HD.
Facebook, off course facebook is gonna be great to use on this.
As you can see here you know, many friends that we have we have so many ipad accessory over that we don’t know what to do.
So come on over and check out all the cases, screen protectors and here'sthat we have to offer for your new ipad and so much more.
So just lay back and enjoy all the things you have to offer with the ipad.
This is a little something for you guys.
And as a geek myself I would say, you know, this is a really good product if you guys have the extra cash.
I would suggest you're just getting this.
And off course remember it’s the ipad, not ipod touch, even though, there are similarities, there are differences.
So that's what keeps them a differently unique.
Alright geeks, well I’m Miller over We’re gonna keep you updated.
And always remember you got it from a geek.