[HQ] Jarrell Robinson - Deaf Hip Hop Dancer (w subs)

Uploaded by redeafination on 05.06.2010

We're nearing the end of auditions
in a city where the judges have seen just about everything.
Our final soloist Jarrell Robinson
was hoping that his dancing would speak for itself.
To speak with us, he'll be using an interpreter
Were you born deaf?
[Laughter] You are so cool. So cool
>> NIGEL: Cue Music
>> NIGEL: Thank you.
If you'd just come here then he can keep his eye on you as I'm speaking
>> STACEY: Jarrell...
Extremely musical for someone that can't hear the music
I think because you can't hear the music, you have found a way
to really be the music.
which is outstanding.
that being said, the vocabulary of your steps
is just not strong enough today
but i encourage you to continue training, inspiring
and being the brave person you are for dealing with this
and overcoming it in so many ways
>> ADAM: first and foremost you are an incredibly special,
inspiring and deeply talented man
and i can't tell you how much i appreciate that
and i'll tell you what i found fascinating
you actually interpreted the song correctly.
It was wonderful to watch
thank you so much
>> NIGEL: How do you feel the music? Is it through vibrations?
>> TERP: I feel the music through the bass
and if I feel that one bass movement I know that's a double step.
If its 4 or 5 beats then i know
I have to follow however many progressions it's taken.
>> NIGEL: So many dancers need to have that ability
>> ADAM: You have that more than most people we see
>> NIGEL: The world is at his feet but I don't think the competition today is right for him
but there are lots of areas that if he is brave enough
to push barriers, that he can be exceptionally successful.
>> ADAM: Thank you for wanting, thank you.
[audience applause]
>> TERP: I feel inspired
I just hope that I learn everything I could remember of what the judges said
I just feel so alive i feel so a part of this moment right now,
i just gotta go.
>> STACEY: It's just so inspiring.
>> ADAM: It's just so inspiring.