Making of "Robots Attack" - Written By A Kid Ep 6 Behind The Scenes

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DAN STRANGE: For Robots Attacking the City, Jimmy came
in with such a strong idea.
He wanted to do it wall to wall start to finish as its
own self-contained story, as opposed to our regular format
where we inter cut with the interview.
And we were like, what the heck?
Let's go for it
KIM EVEY: Jimmy Marble is one of the most creative directors
that I've ever met.
And he seriously lives in another dimension.
With Jimmy we wanted to be pretty experimental and let
his vision that he came in with come through.
And at the same time we said, OK, can you also take pieces
of your film and then put them on top of Miley's interview,
the way that we do with the other ones?
JOSH FLAUM: He actually used Miley, the girl who told the
story, in the piece.
She's not only narrating it, but she shows up as a sort of
star of the show.
JIMMY MARBLE: Just meeting Miley was like, this is a kid
that is pure positive energy.
She's so fearless.
We were sitting down, and I just had a notebook.
I'd written out the script, and there were all these
chunks where I knew there was going to be dialogue.
And so it's like OK, Miley, so in the story right now we're
dealing with this.
And these two characters are talking.
What do they say to each other?
And she just sits back and just is like um, he says blah,
blah, blah, blah, blah.
She says, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah,
blah, blah.
And it's like wow, OK, Miley, you didn't even think about
that, but you nailed it.
How did you do that?
She's just a good storyteller.
JOSH FLAUM: Jimmy did great with the kids.
JOSH FLAUM: It's always great to see, because that's kind of
what we were looking for.
We want the kids to be part of the process as much as
possible, so that they get to see their work and
be happy with it.
That's the ultimate goal, is to have the kid watch what
they've created and be delighted.
JIMMY MARBLE: Not many people get the opportunity to have
their stories get told like this.
So I'm really happy that someone with such a vibrant
imagination like Miley has a story that's had costumes and
light and all these production elements invested into it for
the whole world to see.
KIM EVEY: Jimmy used so little to show so much.
And I think that's really kind of the beauty of this, is that
he didn't have $20 million.
Those are rolls of paper behind every scene.
They clamped up two pieces of paper and then put people in
front of them.
And it looks amazing.
JIMMY MARBLE: I like it when you can tell that
it's made by a person.
Because you can kind of feel the spirit of
whoever's making it.
I just want people to be inspired to think and engage
with what they're being given.
So hopefully a kid will watch it and be like oh, cool.
I could do that.
I could write a story.
And hopefully and adult will watch it and be also,
hopefully, equally as inspired.
SHEILA KORSI: This is where I've been all day.
I played Grandma, even though I'm younger.
I mean young for old, OK?
So I'm old.
I love being old so I can get the part.
Jimmy and Sage, thank you so much for casting me.
JIMMY MARBLE: So my buddy, Sage, did the casting.
We had a couple ladies come in for Grandma,
but Sheila was awesome.
She came in with this great vibe.
And I was like yeah, that's what I'm
looking for in a grandma.
I want somebody who's going to give me a hug.
Marco, we didn't know him.
His name's Ricky.
He had the sweetest voice.
And he kind of also had a little bit of
this sass to him.
So I was like pull it back, Ricky.
Pull it back, kid.
And he did.
And I was like all right.
You're in.
You're in, Ricky.
RON GARCIA: I guess when I first heard it was written by
kids I got excited.
Because kids, they don't have boundaries
with how they create.
So there's no wrong.
It just, it exists.
And I felt like that was going to make for an exciting
journey for story, character.
I thought the lines were going to be
reflective of a young mind.
JIMMY MARBLE: I just wanted to respect Miley's imagination.
I feel like it could have been easy to have it be goofy.
Like when the grandma and the scientist are talking together
and having that heart-to-heart, they're saying
such silly things.
But if the subtitles weren't there, you'd have no idea that
Miley had written such a funny moment.
But having the actors take it seriously and have them really
embody the characters, I just loved working with Miley's
script in that way and just having it be
like, this is serious.
This is a serious script, and I'm going to treat it with a
lot of respect.
RON GARCIA: The truth of what Miley wrote is what everyone's
focusing around.
And so whether it's touching, or funny, or infuriating, or
confusing is less relevant than it's honest, Because it
was written honestly.
JIMMY MARBLE: Community is just important.
And to make something with people you love and people you
respect, it makes it really easy because there's a lot of
trust involved.
I'm really lucky to have such talented friends and so
positive and so accepting of the challenge.
And it was a great project to work on.