NHL 12: EASHL/OTP Tips & Tactics - Playing with Computers

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Hello everyone Johnny Superbman here, this time to help you to play with
your computers
everyone who plays 2v2 or 3v3 club
this video is for you
okay so first let's cover calling for the puck
now calling for the puck from the computer will hurt you a lot more
than it helps you pay because there's no consistency to it it doesn't work a
hundred percent in any situation
right for example look right here
on the center
im onfront of the puckcarrier
about five feet away from him and i call it
he misses me interception and our goalie has to make three saves to keep the puck
out of our net
now this is why it's frustrating watch this play right here their computer has the
puck on the left side
now they're human is going to call for it he's behind the computer and i'm
covering him perfectly
but he calls for it and its a perfect pass
use all the pass when i was the head of the computer where you could see me and
he missed me but they can call for from behind and still get it
now watch this the same play on the head of the computer a pass off the board
review past return the woodwork i call for
he goes across the ice to the other defender
who now messes it up
formal passing but they do get it back and now look on the head of the computer
once again you can see me
i call for
and what do you think athens
misses me once again so they can call for when they're behind the computer and
get a ticket a past but i called for twice
head of the guy and nothing
and our goalie has to make a statement 'cause
so there really is no proof that way to call for the puck he's gonna miss every
now and that everywhere you are
but the most consistent one for me is if away your computer has the park
and you trail up behind the after you cross the blue line then you call for
if you're open most of the time and i stress that word most of the time he
will hit you okay
but when he does mister you and he will miss you eventually it's gonna hurt you
a lot if the definition of a neutral zone for an over ok watch here i call
he misses me they'd rather than off to the races or all caught in the
here's another thing you gotta watch out for when playing with computers
or click whenever they pick up the park in your own zone in the near the boards
with pressure the gun aboard play themselves okay and it's very dangerous
because when the other team gets it and comes off the porch the middle of the
many wide open ok she got to know what to do if you have time to get to the
players for played and there's no one in the slot getting their start poking and
fish that popped out of there ok shield on skis stoma slot he's covering the
that's why i went to the puppet okay
but watch this play right here
if you know that you won't get there in time the other players are for checking
harder than you stop up in the slot
yet to make sure that when they get it they can't get across crease or they
can't go across our goalie ok so make sure all they can do is go short side
if you got a good goalie he should be able to see
so when you're on the rush
you wanna always try and take the talking to the zone yourself because the
computers they're gonna mess it up
but if you have to let them take it in
what i'd like to do is
i'd like to tell them to shoot it because chances are they're gonna lose
the parker get body check societally computers and get body check at home the
shoot it you never know what could pick up the rebound and even if we do lose at
the park is two hundred feet away from our own zone so if you have to get your
and he's going up
after you at the blue on television that okay
uh... he told me she would it be mister that high fall the popped up
now look their computers are at their best when they're in deep
therefore below the rush the horrible when you're in your own zone but when
you have been indeed
that's when they're playing that that's the fact that pop in there
now want to have the puck indeed you have to realize something every time you
get the pop back to the point and it's a computer on the point
ninety nine percent times just gonna shoot it okay
is never going to change for the next year the computer defenseman always
going to be shooting so you need to learn what to do if you see the computer
defense and get it
try to get to the public to try to get an affliction or rebound cake
he's always gonna shoot it to you have to be the one
we got
in some cases the fact that you have all the time does help but neither cases
it's just a waste
look at this play right here
the point that has the park and look at the options we've away here download was
wide open and don't ski
on his one-time ur shot ready to go
was a computer do just takes a slap shot at at least level gets blocked they have
the park three onto
a complete waste ok so get used to it boys in my opinion
i suggest finding a full team or at least thirteen four players
because it'd be pulling your hair up playing with these computers
i mean look at that they are right there
just this is the poc for no reason
just it shouldn't happen like that look here the computer has a dance is wide
open he did not even call for that part and the computer just miss i mean the
level of stupidity in these computers watch display right here
picked up into the left side left-winger he's all over great voice all my guys
can attract up up down orly
is going to say hi to his mom behind the glass
well i'd better than h ourselves by with the computer so find a fourteen
now i do realize that everyone can find a full team and there's always going to
be two v two and three b three clubs
an n_h_l_ twelve so here's a few offense of options that you can use
first of all keep the pop wide ok your computers are at their best when they're
in the zones of get everyone into the zone and you see what i did their if you
keep the puck wide go down the boards get to the goal line hold the passed
down and fire a lead pastor on the boards who always hit your point guy
if you're playing to me to retrieve eateries
that means you're playing against computers i'm telling you this is always
open ninety nine percent of time okay
it's always open for on the net and get your team into the zone their horrible
on the rush
or horrible in your own zone but if you can get the computers into their zone
and play like a computer
that's when you can really effective with them ok and i can't stress that
you gotta play like a computer don't call for the park okay get open for them
let them do their thing
you never know what they can do
alright human bowling stocks are following you
acu defense and author following you
and if they give the computers enough space
they can do stuff with the alright and pass the pop to the computers if you're
playing against human voice
at the computer has the puck and there's a little but the net open
the fire it there and he'll score
don't call for the park as well ok the computers
they are accurate there passes sometimes so just get open for the and cycling
with them look here adjusting open
now i call for while going to the national cave
to get the puck in deep and start the cycle that's when they're at their best
alright watch the play one last time dosti with a nice little break out
up to me on the boards going wide statewide
around the net locate the defenseman doesn't shoot it back into the loan
break-neck golu scored okay
keep the pop wide play like a computer and try to find a faulty because these
guys are absolutely horrible alright voice supervisor for bad and the great
according to a two story on how to play
with the computers it's hard but it can be done
taking easy boys and we'll see you next time