YouTube 101: Customizing Your Channel

Uploaded by YouTube on 11.01.2010

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>> From the makers of "This Trailer Gives Away Too Much." In a world where billions
of people consume gillions of videos, a select view had the courage to standout. This is
the incredible true story of how to customize your YouTube channel. They say the greatest
journey begins with a single step. And this one begins by signing in and then clicking
on your name to go to your channel. >> Hi. So, what is a YouTube channel? A YouTube
channel is a place where you can display and organize the videos you make and show off
the ones you love. You can also use playlist to group videos together into thematic lists
that others will be able to access. >> Now, in a world, one video will show you
how to give your channel a title. >> So, just go to Edit Channel, choose Settings
then type in a unique title and tags to make it easier for others to locate.
>> Also, against all odds, one heroic video dared to show the world how to give your page
a specialized look. >> Right. So, just click here on Themes and
Colors and you can pick some awesome stuff that will set it apart from other channels
on YouTube. >> Now, in a world and also in a time, one
video will explain how to use modules. >> Okay. So, just click on Modules then select
the modules that you'd like to display on your channel. You can show all of these, none
of these, or just the ones that you prefer. >> Now, in a world, in a time and place, this
is how you upload with your own background image.
>> Okay, this is pretty cool. Under Themes and Colors, there are vast options for you
to explore. My favorite is the ability to upload your own background image. Simply delete
your current background and then find an image on your computer to replace it with. Let's
use this wicked explosion here. >> Now, the heartwarming story of how to edit
your profile options in a world. >> So, if we go into Edit Profile options.
It's really easy to do things like adding your name, age and few things about yourself
as well as how many people have viewed your channel and how many subscribers you have.
>> Now, in a world where we're running out of time. Let's get through some things quickly.
>> Okay, the voice is probably right. So, let's plow through some things here. Your
edit link at the top of the channel will control the content you wish to display in the video
navigator module. You can choose Player View or Grid View depending on what display you
wish you have. You can choose to show all your videos, the ones you have uploaded or
just your favorites of the bunch. Also, you can use the most recent video you've uploaded
as the featured video on your channel, or pick another one you like. Finally, decide
which playlist you'd like to display on your channel. Perfect. Now, you're ready to show
the world your brand new customized YouTube channel.
>> That's right, your brand new customized YouTube channel. Coming soon to a computer
near you, or if you have really long arms possibly not so near you, but probably near you.