How to Make a Duck Tape Christmas Wallet

Uploaded by theduckbrand on 09.12.2011

Hi I’m Kristy with Duck Brand Duct Tape
today i'm going to show you how to make a duct tape holiday wallet
this is a beginner level project that should take about twenty minutes to complete
The materials you'll need are duct tape
and I'm using rain deer print, white,
red, and chrome, scissors
and also if you want to get creative you can use stickers, a stencil or markers
to start your holiday wallet
you're going to need to make a piece of duct tape fabric that is about
eight inches by nine inches
and to do that just lay out strips of duct tape sticky side up
and then lay pieces of duct tape across that
and then place it sticky side to sticky side
it's important at this step to trim the edges
So they’re nice and neat and so they’re straight
using scissors
one side is going to be the inside of your wallet
which is my rain deer print here
and the other side is going to be the outside of your wallet
the next step before we fold the wallet
We want to cover up the edges
with tape so you have more of a smooth seam
and working with chrome
and I ripped a piece of duct tape in half so it’s a little bit thinner to work with and
placing half of it
On one side
making sure it's secure
and then folding it over like that
and I’m going to do the same thing on the bottom
so with the rain deer pattern being on the inside
I'm just going to take the bottom and fold it up
matching the top sides making sure it’s straight
and then getting an nice crease in here
that just makes it a little bit easier to Work with
also we want to secure both sides
to close the wallet
So I took a piece of duct tape the same length
as the side of the wallet
and ripped it in half
and now to secure the sides I’m just going to line this up putting about half of the tape
along the side
and just folding that over as well
and i'll use some scissors to clean up the scent
and then you want to do the same exact thing
on the other side of the wallet so you have
two closed ends
folded over
and really make sure this fold is good
and the crease is down this will help keep your wallet shut when you’re using it
I’ve also added some extra decoration on here You can use duct tape cut outs or stickers
or use a stencil or even add pockets or an I.D window on the inside
but that's how you make a holiday wallet