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The following program is a UNC Charlotte production.
Welcome Inside UNC Charlotte. In this addition we take a look back at the
49er Democracy Experience.
We'll hear from UNC Charlotte students, faculty and staff members about
their experiences during Charlotte's first Presidential Nominating Convention.
Once again from Robinson Hall on the
campus of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.
It's likely that our University was the single most frequently noted Charlotte
in conjunction with the big event.
Our faculty experts quoted a global media and stories of our students
engaged in the process.
From the city we then head overseas where UNC Charlotte students, faculty
and alumni
participated in the Mount Zion Project, an
archaeological dig in Jerusalem
led by UNC Charlotte religious studies professor James Tabor
and Israeli archaeologist Shimon Gibson.
We'll learn more about the Solar Decathlon Challenge.
UNC Charlotte has been selected as a finalist in this year's competition
sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy.
Plus we'll visit with the 49ers volleyball team to learn more about its
participation in the Dig Pink Campaign
to raise money for breast cancer research.
All this coming up Inside UNC Charlotte.
As Charlotte played host to the 2012 Democratic National Convention
UNC Charlotte staked its claim through the Forty Niner Democracy
The University played a leading role in representing the region
and the state
in the largest event in our city's history.
The 49er Democracy Experience
has been
much more than we ever thought of the student experiences have been
more vibrant there's been more of them they came fast and quick they're so much richer and
deeper than we could have imagined
We've got a research grant the speakers the opportunities to have national
on our campus our faculty experts are showing up in news articles around the
country I think about
uh... the ten students that UNC Charlotte had in the Washington Center
students that wanted to be engaged in this political process
not partisan
the folks that really do want to make a career in the political world or in the
communications world on how you
present these issues
that really got me energized to hear how these students decided
that they wanted
to participate. The fact that you can make a difference
the fact that you have the power to appeal to your constituents
and to hear what they would like for you to represent
those humanistic values that I think are very intrinsic when it comes to
politics. Even if it was the Republican National Convention I would want to be involved
for the same process, to learn and see it first hand. You know,
yes this is the Democrats' Convention
but you know
when it comes to the city this is good for Charlotte with economic inclusion
and trying to make us a leader in energy we really try to pave a new path forward for the city.
One of the things I was most hopeful about
was that we would find ways of getting students
engaged in the
whole Convention process finding volunteer opportunities
getting them internships
and I've really been pleased with the
quality of opportunities that we've
found for students with the Host Committee, the
Democratic National Convention Committee with outside organizations like CNN and Fox
News and that's exactly what you want to take advantage of in an opportunity
like the Convention being here. This picture here is actually in one of the
studios that they had set up in Gold's Gym Fabian Bloomberg press
so where the actual anchors were in interviewing
different politicians
prestigious people and things like that and so it was so awesome to get
to sit there since it's my dream to one day
be a political commentator and sit there and take a picture and
the person that I was job shadowing, Paul, who's the
of Bloomberg Business Week, he actually came up with the idea, hey why don't you go sit over
there and I'll take your picture so I thought that was really awesome how down the Earth he was
and supportive and that was a perfect photo op.
Here's a more enlarged shot of the actual studio that I had my picture
taken in again, it was just awesome for me to see how they did this total transformation of the entire
Gold's Gym, it did not look like a gym at all, within a matter of
days. My first tweet was when we got our passes that was thrilling and just being able to walk in
and seeing like, I didn't realize that they had transformed Gold's Gym into
that amazing venue.
it was just completely done up
and when we got our passes it just made it official so me and Ashley
tweeted our picture
and so all of our friends got to comment and see what we were doing. I've seen the
preparations and
the media welcome party and that was all very interesting
basically the night before the whole week started we began walking around
uptown Charlotte
and seeing the streets so calm and quiet and then the very next day having everything be so
hectic is really
kind of funny to watch that
evolve so quickly. Well this is the control room for the Bloomberg
studios that I got to shadow one of the people who is kind of in
charge there. I kind of got to see what goes into
putting on a live TV Show in this hectic environment.
The first thing they put me on, the first major
task was to develop the content for
an all-inclusive app for the DNC. The Host Committee was responsible for
little tab that was just called Charlotte and we went through
I think right now there's a hundred and twenty-five
local venues for anything from restaurants to music to bars
anything we felt was unique to Charlotte culture that wasn't a chain
and we put this all in a really neat app that anyone can download for free. When
you're at our screen of the app you're going to have
two dials. One for the time that you're willing to spend and one for the
distance you're willing to travel from your current locations GPS track so once you plug
it in,
We've gone through and put in all of the addresses of 125
and the approximate time it would take to go to each one.
So it would narrow them down. Say you have two hours and you're willing to go five miles from where
you are. So that's going to narrow it down to you know a handful of choices
and we have twelve categories that you go through things like
Farm to Fork Foodie, there's barbeque and bruiser
for kids. There's several different categories
that narrow it down even further
or you can just hit all and
have all the time and distance in the world
and you can get all 125 places.
What I hope they
get out of it long-term is how engagement matters
in American society you know they're able to talk to
some political leaders and political activists
and realize that has an incredible impact on their community.
I'm incredibly passionate about
politics and
business and getting important
influential people together
so I knew I would be involved at some capacity and I knew that that the Charlotte community
would allow me to
have that opportunity but I didn't know it
would be this intensive and this beneficial to my career.
I think the biggest thing I'll take away from this is the networks and the
connections that I make being in
the political career
or at least I'm trying to go into the political career
the greatest edge you can have are the people you know the connections you make the links you make.
One of the huge things I think I'm going to take
down the line with me
is I'm going to be able to tell whoever I'm going to be interacting with that
I got an opportunity to actually be part of history
you know in 2012 when
when the convention was hosted here and you know it's the first black african-american
president and so I was
part of that. This is really going to be a huge thing for me and I think that's going
to be one of the experiences that I'm going to look back and the like wow when they put
that in textbooks I'm going to be able to be like I was there I was part of that so I
think that's one of the things that
really like I'm going to look back and really be grateful for.
The University has received a steady stream worldwide news media coverage
as our faculty experts share their knowledge and tell the Charlotte story
to outlets from nearly every continent
the North Carolina State Treasurer was even seen in national coverage of the
convention event
in her UNC Charlotte scarf!
National broadcasts highlighted our main campus.
Once again from
Robinson Hall on the
campus of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte moderator Gwen Ifill.
The convention's impact on our region will be assessed in research funded by
Duke Energy
UNC Charlotte doctoral, masters, undergraduate students in public policy,
public administration and political science
will conduct the research and the
project will focus on how Charlotte recruited and implemented DNC.
It will also measure perceptions of the convention among Mecklenburg County
in addition to research about the convention.
The events in Charlotte provided the stage for unveiling research on an important
issue in our society
the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Forum at Center City
was the backdrop for this report from UNC Charlotte and Howard University.
It looks at the disparity and disadvantages facing African-American males
in high poverty and minority schools across the country.
Our research
was charged with changing the conversation
that black males don't want to achieve in school
they're deficits to the educational system and societies. When a student goes to
school their
address makes a huge difference
you hear rhetoric in educational systems
where we want all kids to be prepared for college
or we want all our kids to be
when they get out of school
but our investigation unfolded based on the address and ZIP Code of the school
they may not be offering all the classes that are needed
to get into most prestigious public schools
in the country so
what this does
just based on the school that the kids go to
really puts a barrier of the
entry and
access to
a UNC-Chapel Hill a UNC Charlotte
and that is through no fault of their own.
What I believe is that if you're going to a public school
you should have the opportunity to compete
for any public
in that state
there's a lot of different things that you can put in the school to promote
What we see a lot in political circles right now
are people
we have
people saying that the unions are the problem.
On the other side of that
I work with BAEO that's the the Black Organization for Educational
and charter school
what both of those sides needs to do and I say this from someone who has
worked with both of them
and who refuses to take a side
what both sides need to do is to cooperate with each other
and they need to learn that students
come first
and the only way to
effectively address the needs is through
things that we do through research, and that's where people like me and Dr. Chance comes in
we can give them
research on
what does it take to help
these kids succeed?
I think that
the community at large
has learned that
if they have a project that
they need some passion
and talent
that they will come to UNC Charlotte
think about
our students that were involved
in projects like the app
for the DNC
creating the app for the Host Committee
you know would they think
that a student, an undergraduate student, at UNC Charlotte could provide that kind of
energy and talent
great product?
So I think that companies, I think that organizations, in Charlotte will rely on
talent we have at the University.
The Mount Zion Project is an archaeological dig in Jerusalem led
by UNC Charlotte religious studies professor James Tabor
and Israeli archaeologist Shimon Gibson.
It had a profound impact on me when I climbed down into the hole of the
excavation dig
and ran my fingers
along dirt
that was from the time of Jesus
and picking up bits of pottery
from those Roman times
and Doctor Tabor just brought me back another piece of
burnt pottery
from when the Romans burned down Jerusalem
this is a piece of pottery that was left and
this is our opportunity to understand our past.
We told the students it's a really serious point for archaeology it
is worth finding everything that's there
and archaeology is the
uncovering of the material remains of our human past
at this site I mean look at the human past we're talking about Jerusalem
the human past is Islamic, Jewish,
Crusader, Byzantine
so our purpose
is to anything and everything that is there, the idea is to tell a story
really a whole series of stories
of real people, of real things, of real lives
and how they were impacted
and affected by the past.
It's been really neat I have wanted to come here for a long time there's a lot of
history ivolved here and
I am religious so
there's a lot of
major religions that are centered around here and it's neat to come here and
experience how it all started.
It's our ability to
our cultural
history our past
through the recovery of these tangible artifacts,
mosaics, coins,
bread ovens, mikvah,
as we all got to know purification pools
you begin to understand the history of the people
during the time of Jesus. A number of different reasons why people should come
and dig here
first of all we are in the heart of Jerusalem
it's a city that's important for Jews,
Christians, and Muslims, so you have within the archaeology in the ground
around us where we're digging
reflections of the pasts of these three great religions
we are now digging up
that past, the past of
the past of Mohammed
and the past of all of those sort of Israelites, sort of Prophets, Jeremiah
and others, in the practical remains down here. I like seeing the old with the new
and then since I am a religious studies major I like
visiting with scholarships like Durkheim seeing them in hand
trying to see how they came up with their terminiology.
It was only when you get to Jerusalem
and only when you get
to excavation site
and Doctor Tabor
and Doctor Gibson start to explain to you what the layers of the dirt mean
they keep talking about in the time of Jesus, you're going whoa!
in the time of Jesus in the Roman occupation of Jerusalem
that's when it finally it just the
impact it has on
you is
inexplicable. Charlotte
you we're not a narrow place Charlotte's a window into the world we want
to be part of bigger things and so
you go all the way to some of those crossroads of civilization
it's one of the hottest spots politically
but also just in terms of history and religion what place is more
important Jerusalem and then right there
this University has worked there
and that's just something that the city of Charlotte ought to be proud of, ought to invest in, be excited about
when I've taken people there and they've seen that Charlotte's involved
they just think that's wonderful. As far as having students
and staff and academic oversight, we're the only one, so for us to be digging
in Jerusalem
and to have this
academic foothold
is a tremendous thing and I think for Charlotte too as a city
I would call it
a point of Charlotte pride
that the University is part of the city and part of this great urban center
of learning. For the University of North Carolina at Charlotte to be the only
American university
that has been granted a license
to dig
on Mount Zion
it's the Queen City of Charlotte
represented in the ancient city of Jerusalem
and our community
ought to be very proud of that.
I hope our community will rally around this
I know financial contributions are immensely valuable
they can look on the website and find ways to support that it's a way to support students
and their education
I mean what a great experience it is to go to Israel and be part of a dig, and Charlotte sure wants to support that.
It's a difficult time to raise money for fact observations but we're lucky we have
people who are supporting us
want to see some results. This project
this excavation
this work being done by Doctor Tabor and Doctor Gibson
will be transforming
to our community
to our country
and need I say perhaps the world.
In another exciting facet of Charlotte's emergence as a national energy hub
UNC Charlotte has been selected as a finalist in the prestigious Solar Decathlon
sponsored by the US Department of Energy.
Solar Decathlon is a competition to design
and build
a solar-powered house
that is self-sufficient
and is off the grid so net
zero energy building. UNC Charlotte's selection to participate in the US
Department of Energy Solar Decathlon is perhaps the most
prestigious opportunity for us to be part of a kind of international discussion on renewable
energy and solar power.
Students learn an extraordinary amount of
real-world experience in a project like this
as students from different departments
are come together
like buisness
and architects
and they work together to design and build this house
and then
we take
this house to
the site which is this time 2013 is going to be in
I am really excited about this design we've come up with
architecturally is really interesting and fun but even more than that
we basically have two what I consider to be major innovations.
Concrete is the big pariah it is a wonderful material this whole building is made of
it that we're standing in this giant wall behind this is concrete but
it's been used for thousands of years as a great material the only thing is
in our modern context it's got a huge carbon footprint
I believe that this is a real revolution that's going to have a major effect
on housing and the entire building environment. The material we're using in the
Solar Decathlon house is a unique new type of concrete called geo polymer
cement concrete we manufacture geo polymer cement out of fly ash which is a
byproduct of a number of industrial processes most notably coal
power production so majority of the ashes that are produced
end up in landfills
but there are a number of beneficial uses geo polymer cement
concrete is one of them
which allows to not landfill them and actually we make productive
economically valuable use out of those materials
the opportunity that Solar Decathlon gives to the number of emerging
technologies is that you're able demonstrate it
and really make clear that this stuff works this is really the first big
scale demonstration of this material
in a pre-cast house this is very likely going to be the first geo polymer
cement concrete house constructed. A second exciting innovation that we have in this house is
passive solar heating and cooling basically passive solar heating is where you let
the sun into a building to heat it up and passive solar cooling is where you let's
say block the sun to not heat it up
well what we're doing is adding technology to that which increases the
efficiency massively so we've
revolutionized one ancient technology concrete and we're revolutionizing a
second passive solar heating and cooling all the same project.
Our Solar Decathlon house will have a dashboard and an energy management
system that will help the
inhabitants of the house manage their
energy consumption so the idea is to have a very nice display
of what the house is consuming and just the pure fact of showing what people are
consuming helps them realize and helps them be more aware and reduce their
consumption automatically the reason why we're making the dashboard
such a main theme in the house is because we're seeing that as being the
interface with either dashboard
you know from the neighboring houses
and then the whole neighborhood could communicate with the power grid
operator and actually help
the whole power grid be more efficient.
Each university
is awarded a hundred thousand dollar contract with the US Department of
but generally speaking the houses will
anywhere from four to six hundred thousand dollars so each team has to fundraise
it's a significant part of the Solar Decathlon Project.
It's also great for our school so I'm so excited that we've got this
in the 2013 Solar
Decathlon competition and the whole opportunity
that this brings to our school.
October is breast cancer awareness month
and for nearly a decade now the 49ers volleyball team has participated
in the national Dig Pink campaign
to raise funds for breast cancer research.
Dig Pink is
just a crazy fun event in October where
we get the whole campus involved and
the whole team is just ready to raise tons of money.
I know last year was over $10,000 dollars and just
a lot of fun to get everyone involved.
I believe it's the eleventh year. Lisa Marston the former head coach started
it because of uh... her mother had breast cancer
and uh... it actually is
a phenomenal thing across the country every
every high school program or just about every high school program and college programs
will go to a tournament
a thousand teams will be wearing pink on Saturday it's big and when I got here
they were raising money
you know a couple thousand here a couple thousand there. I kind of like well if we're going to do it let's
do it big and you know i'm kind of an ideas guy and get after it a little bit
i did and get after all that for individual and we we're brainstorming
it's turned into a huge event and we brainstormed over the years and we've come up with some good things
we go down to Carolina Panthers and go out for the tailgate and
solicit donations. We usually separate into two groups. It gets into a little bit of a
competition to see who can raise the most money
we walk around
people are playing cornhole, trying to get us to play with them
you know, walking around the tailgate stands
and just talking to people and they tell us about their past experiences or how
they're breast cancer survivors so it's just great to hear their stories. We do a Jail
and Bail where we lock people up on campus prominent people
our football coach got locked up last year and he might get locked up again this
year if we can finagle it
I think the funniest part or the most memorable for me was whenever my coach
was in Jail and Bail and people had to try to pay to get him out
we've just tried a lot of different ideas and it's been a lot of fun to
you know we've got online donation which has really helped raise more money and
we keep trying to different things you know we've tried to give them to uh... have a
text to donate we have gotten that yet but we're always pushing for new and
different ideas.
It's definitely a pinnacle home match for us uh... eighteen hundred people
which is a single match record
we've only had one match ever
bigger and that was with a basketball double header so this year we're really
besides trying to be number one again, besides trying to raise more money
we'd like to set the home attendance record about 2,100 people
so that's kind of
we've got a lot of different goals coming out of that match. The atmosphere is crazy
the whole bowl is painted pink
like there's a ton of people there. It's really exciting
feeding off the crowd's energy.
The locker room turns
all into pink. We have pink jerseys
ribbons, shoelaces, everything
it's just fun to
really go out and support the cause and just get all dressed up and have fun.
I mean we've had over eighteen hundred people the last two years
we were second and then first in the country uh... the last two years as far
as raising money of all Division One Two Three programs the girls
you know from a community service standpoint go out and do something and affect
people's lives and that's important to me in the community service area
I know this cause really hits home with a lot of people and breast cancer awareness and everyone
always has that one person they can think of and
makes them want to donate even more every year so that's
really a good cause for everyone and I think we can all come out and show big support for it.
Thanks once again for joining us. You can see us on YouTube
and on the web at
In the meantime we'll look forward to seeing you next time Inside UNC Charlotte.