Expanding Foam Tutorial

Uploaded by Mogrymillian on 15.11.2010

Hi! Today's topic is expanding foam and paper masche.
Many people asked me how I build my weapons and that's
what I'm gonna talk about right now.
So first of all, this is my sword (this one).
Now we need some expanding foam. But if I just put
it on my sword it wouldn't suffice, because I need
something to stabilize it with. Therefore...
I have a little bit of cardboard prepared, which already has
the right pattern. We will glue it right here...
So, now we need our expanding foam. I usually use the
'Montageschaum' (polyurethane foam) from Lugato.
Shake it and spray away!
You can accelerate the effect with some water.
Like that and now we wait for it to dry.
When it's hard enough for you to touch... turn it around...
and spray on the other side as well.
Better cut the pipe a little, because if it is blocked from the
inside... it could explode :-)
So, It had time to dry for a day and as you can see it is hard enough.
If you're impatient and don't want to wait, it normally takes about
five to seven hours to get hard enough. You can test it with a knife
by sticking it inside. If it's clean the expanding foam is ready.
If not, it looks like this and you have to wait some more.
You can clean your knife like this.
Now let's begin carving! I usually do this on the floor.
You need at least one normal cutter. But better buy more because
they wear down pretty quickly. So now we start!
Due to the cardboard inside you can feel the pattern to carve around.
So, as you can see the tip of my sword is now finished.
But there are a few layers still missing for a clean transition,
How to do this I show you next time.
From expanding foam you can also build things like this and like that.
I will tell you more next time! Later!