Ezel 36 Part 3 English

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Sit down
Teyfik Zaim sit down!
Or you'll watch the death of youre friend to...
Like youre sister
Ive done my homework
Sebnem Sertunal
Age 24
50 kg
She has a cut of 5 cm in her left stomach area
She has no permanent damage but...
We hit a vessel
With this blood loss...
One hour..one hour
Would be enough
What do you want!
A couple of questions
Ramiz Karaeski, why is that man keeping you with him?
Saved my life
Oh...you owe him, what else?
This girl has nothing to do with it, let here go and take me instead
But then you wouldn't talk Teyfik
What else?
Uncle held my hand, he reached his hand and he didnt let go
They die for this man, why?
Would you die for Ramiz too?
Saved my life
So youre saying yes
Youre losing time, continue
I was wondering what kind of men walked with this man
Did he ever mention about me?
Let her go...
I'm not in a hurry
I'll ask until you answer
Her daughter, he had a daughter...
Did he ever mention about her?
He tried hard to protect her
I think he loves that girl
How much?
A lot!
Where is she?
I dont know
Where is she?
I dont know!
We will wait
Did you come because you couln't find us at home, son?
They have taken my Omer around these times
I dont feel like leaving my son around these times
Whats wrong brother?
Is everything alright?
Dont push him
He will now...
He will tell, he will tell, right son?
Come here
Come on
Aunt Meliha...
Forgive/excuse me for today...
I promise i'll be back aunt Meliha but i cant stay now
Forgive me for today, okay?
My son!
A promise i'll come!
I promise dad...
Dont do it
Please dont do it
Where is she?
Would you like to come closer?
okay, its okay
Okay, okay okay!
Where are we going?
Did you find uncle?
Yes, what happened?
In this mess it came to my mind, Azad
Lets not forget about her
There is no one protecting Azad, right?
Its Teyfik, he's asking if he should protect Azad?
She's at Taksim Tamirhane, in the *** floor
Wait a sec
Tefo, good idea nephew, good idea
Listen, ive left you something
In the desk of my office, for you
Thanks Tefo, youve been an great companion for an old man like myself, thank you
Youre quite the stubborn one nephew
Youve seen Kenan, didnt you?
All the things we build up in years he took it in one swipe nephew
We will find a way, we are going to find a way uncle
Ive found it nephew, ive found it
The man wants me, right, he wants me
Let him take me, let him
I've become tired
Ive become tired, ive become tired a lot
Lean on me uncle, rest a bit, respire a bit
Ezel, whoever putted us into this world
Whoever lets us to the things we did
Now its wanting it back nephew
He wants it back
Whatever it gave us we used to much of it nephew
Now we need to give it back
Uncle you know the fillosofy of this work better then me
I know just one thing
Where ever you go i go with you
Where are we going?
We are going to Kenan nephew
To Kenan
He's powerfull and all but
I put him in this work and I know how to get him out
Thats the way uncle!
Where are you my Tefo!
Brother Ali!
Brother Ali...
What happened, what are you doing son?
Tefo you get the girl to the hospital son
I'm going to Azad
Teyfik, you've done whats right my brother
Now its my turn
What happened?
What happened brother Ali, where are we going?
I've gotten angry
Sebnem, tell me whats going to happen to us?
Teyfik i'm really cold
Its really cold here, i just opened that thing...
Okay Sebnem tell me whats going to happen to us?
Dont sleep girl
Dont sleep!
Look look Sebnem look what uncle gave me look!
Look uncle gave me his book Sebnem
Do you know what that means?
Uncle gave me his book!
Uncle is going to release me Sebnem!
It meanse that uncle is going to release me!
You were curious about what kind of person I was right kid?
When you first saw what kind of person I was, do you remember?
So lets meet at the place i brought you to
And look what kind of man I am now
Mom is it you?
Are you going to spray perfume on me?
Come on, where going
The stairs
Open the phone, open it, open it!
Wait a minute dont run
Forget about that, think of something worse then before
So he's my relative for real?
Not a relative, think of him more like the man who's going to kill youre dad
I'm going to drive get aside!
Why son are you an auto coureur?
Son you hit trees on a straight way, get aside!
Dont drag it Cengiz get aside!
You get aside
Ali Kirgiz!
I heard you were the most tough one...
How many seconds can you stand against me?
You two go I will distract him
Ali, you know how to use the car and i my tongue
Come on brother come on
Damn you!
Look at that guy, he sold me out!
He sold me out that ...man, That dog!
Cengiz Atay...
They told me one thing about you...
Did they say that I wasn't with them anymore, I work with Kenan Birkan now.
Dont give him a chance to talk, they said
Put youre seatbelt on
Whats about Cengiz?
We will pick him up on the way back
Ali give me a gun, Sit down Azad!
I'm coming to the front
I said to sit down Azad, sit down!
Ali, i'm tired of running, enough
Me to, i'm tired to Azad
Put youre seatbelt on!
Bravo Ali Kirgiz
Do you want me?
Its been 40 years since I last came here
I would say i've missed it, but I didnt miss it at all
How wonderful right?
This is civilized
Were sitting nicely here
But youre preparing the end of eachother
You want to kill eachother
Only you cant do it yourselfs
If uncle does something to you
He knows whats going to happen to his loved ones
You, if you kill uncle yourself
You wouln't fully enjoy you're revenge
You wouln't fully enjoy you're revenge
How civilized
So brother Ramiz...
Did you come here to make me an offer I cant resist?
But first I want to tell a story to Ezel
The story of this place
Oh how beautiful
I love storys
Then you should begin
This place was from a man named Gilet Ahmet back in those days
This friend dressed like a gilet (razor knife: smooth)
Italian shoes, the hair all back, a real show off
And he comes from the same city like brother Ramiz
He took him with but...
The man didnt know how to stop, he didnt know how to stop
He didnt know how to run things
He took money from one to give it to another and vice versa
He would say white to black, and black to white
He would do wrong
But the thing he did most wrong is...to stood up Ramiz Karaeski
I dont remember it like that
You can go
Its raining to much i'll get soaked
Kid listen to me, we had fun and all but you should go now
What are they talking about inside?
About what punishiment they are going to give us
You go now
What are they going to do to us, its not like their going to kill us
Here, my bum has come
My brother Sahid saw you with us
He came to me and asked, does this dog work with you?
And I said yes, this dog is working with us
Then..ofcourse a little suspision was fallen
Inside of us
My brother Sahid caught you inside of Nermin with this kid here
You told him a good tale there
This kid told us the tale
And good one at that
Then I wanted to ask about it
The name of this **** is Kenan
He was hanging with you for a while
The people who know him said he was naughty
And he used my name and he wanted what was from my brother
And he used my name and wanted to take my brothers place
And you followed him
What are you going to say?
What else is he going to s..
What are you going to say?
Its like my brother said
So, youre saying that this kid has no blame?
Yes brother
He just came to this city brother so he is a bit confused
He turned insane
His only fault is being a fool
What punishment are you going to give him?
Whatever you think is suited...
Never let me repeat my words again!
What punishment are you going to give him!
I'm going to teach him what loyalty means
You stay
Lets see if you learned how to play
Sit down
Welcome to our midst Ramiz, part the cards
Did something happen Ramiz?
No brother I just didn't get the right card
You have potential Ramiz
You have potential
To sit on this table, to sit on Hayratli's table isn't easy
Know its value
And that is my last words friends
Look at my brotehr
Okay goodbye
Stop by me sometime
We know the truth Ramiz...but its an order
Brother Ramiz...
Why did you leave me?
To save you're life