Numb3rs' description of IRC

Uploaded by mircea2s on 11.11.2009

I can try to decode it but it could take days And still no sign of Feigenbaum trying to
attack Augie's site No. And Tal Feigenbaum is easily as good a
hacker as Augie. He's probably trying to decode the backdoor
too You know, what if he's not trying to hack
Augie, he's just trying to find him? IRC! Internet Relay Chat. It's how hackers
talk when they don't want to be overheard. It's a pretty primitive chat program.
Think of it like shipping channels in the ocean. You can't see them until a boat cuts
through the water leaving a wake. If two boats meet in the middle of the ocean to swap illegal
drugs, you have to catch them in real time, otherwise there's no evidence of a meeting
left behind. No names, no accounts, no records of exchange.
Well, how do they see each other? Online names.
Okay, so what, we've got the_fist, and... what's Augie's?
Oozemeister I'll set up an alarm to alert us if either
name enters an IRC channel. Can we see what they're saying?
In leetspeak. Luckily, I speak leet. That's so hot.
Alright! Feigenbaum's online! I'll get Don.
What are they saying? Okay. "I've got a surprise for you."
"Funny, got one for you, too." Got a trace?
Yeah, but they're probably bouncing around a hundred IPs. They'll be offline before we
get a location. "We should meet."
"Ha ha. Touch my system and it will eat your young." Okay, that one's Augie.
Okay, so Feigenbaum wants to meet. Augie's rewriting his code.
Hey you guys wait this is going to be over in a second.
Can we get a screenshot? [SUSPENSE LOL!]
Got it!