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Highlights of the news today Friday 29th June
British Student violated in Egypt Techie in India responsible for meltdown at
NatWest Euro News with Nick Griffin from the Belly
of the Beast Tensions rise between Japan and South Korea
Syrian Government forces amass on Turkish border
Thought for the Day ñ Does Islam want integration or domination?
Finally ñ Lost in Space?
A 21 year old British student was sexually assaulted by Muslim men in Egyptís capital
Cairo. Natasha Smith 21, who is doing a Masters in Journalism at Falmouth College, Cornwall
was in Tahrir Square, Cairo, doing a report on womenís rights for her University Assignment.
The mobs were celebrating the Presidential election win of the Muslim Brotherhood when
Natasha Smith lost her friends in the crowd. A horde of Muslim men stripped her naked and
the physical and sexual assaults on the student began. It was only when she found a fellow
university student and hid inside a medical tent that her ordeal stopped. She escaped
dressed in a Burka holding another Egyptians hand so that the mob outside would think they
were married. The attack took place on Natasha during a rally against sexual abuse in the
The system meltdown at NatWest was apparently caused by a junior technician in India it
has been reported. The bankís British computer system is ëoverseení in India where the
techie deleted ëvast swathes of informationí whilst performing a routine upgrade. NatWest
is the consumer banking arm of the Royal Bank of Scotland and despite many appearances from
their Chief Executive, Stephen Hester, there has been no public explanation of this disaster.
The real scandal is that our previously much admired British banks have summarily axed
thousands of jobs in the UK and ëoutsourcedí them in the name of efficiency and diversity
to Bangalore and other parts of the Indian sub continent. All our banks are still reducing
in the UK and outsourcing. Alex Brummer, the Daily Mail city reporter has commented ëMajor
firms in strategically important areas must stop going for the cheapest options overseas
and where possible bring jobs home to restore the nationís prosperity at a time of unprecented
hardshipí This W@8 presenter agrees totally. The clue being in restoring OUR nationís
EURO NEWS. I now give you Nick Griffin MEP from the Belly of the Beast.
Well, the Belly of the Brussels Beast was crawling with police this week. For some reason
the Summit to End All Euro Crises - more accurately, the 19th Summit to End All Euro Crises - seems
to have needed much more security than previous ones. Perhaps the presence of the war-mongering
left-liberal Hilary Clinton, or it could be because the intelligence services have realised
that it¥s now only a matter of time before angry Greeks, Spaniards and Italians start
expressing their disgust at the theft of their sovereignty and being sacrificed to the banks
by blowing things up. I¥m not exaggerating. That¥s where things
are headed, though there are two different routes. The first is that this summit, and
the 20th and the 21st, etc ,etc, will fail to reach an agreement. In which case the domino
collapse of bankrupt national governments and zombie banks will plunge the whole of
Europe into a society shattering slump for which the EU will get the blame. Enter Mario,
stage left, with a bomb. The second is that whereby the Germans bail
everyone out and the European Central Bank turns on the printing presses, in exchange
for a lurch to economic and fiscal union that will start by extinguishing the last vestiges
of national sovereignty and then move swiftly on to impose brutal and counter-productive
austerity on the whole of southern Europe. Enter Stavros, stage right, with a bomb.
Maybe I`m missing something, but I cannot see a comfortable, peaceful way the Europhiles
can get out of the fine mess they¥ve got themselves in. That`s the trouble with Utopian
Projects - sooner or later they come up against cold, hard reality, and things get broken.
The remarkable and most dangerous thing of all about the times in which you and I live
is that the people running the show have been busy trying to impose several different Utopias
on us at the same time. So we¥ve got the federal Europe Utopia wrecking our finances,
the One World Government through climate change carbon hysteria Utopia wrecking our real economy,
and the multi-cult Utopia wrecking our social cohesion - all at the same time.
Often, of course, the same fools, knaves and criminals are involved in more than one of
the looming man-made disasters. A classic example of this emerged this week
An agreement was signed between Turkey and the EU just yesterday. Under this behind-the-scenes
deal, Turkey agreed to make an effort to get a grip on illegal immigration through its
porous southern and eastern borders by 2014 or 2015 and the EU agreed to work towards
implementing what is coyly called "visa reform" by the same date.
Let me translate that from Eurospeak to honest English: The plan is to abolish the need for
visas and allow 80 million Turks unrestricted entry into Europe - within about 30 months.
On top of that, now that France is run by Islamophile socialists, negotiations for Turkey¥s
full entry into the European Union itself will begin again in earnest in January next
year. The only thing holding that back is that Cyprus holds the EU Chairmanship for
the next six months, but as soon as Ireland takes Buggin¥s Turn, the drive to allow one
of the biggest Muslim states in the world into the heart of Christendom will step up
a gear. This is the sort of whistle-blowing that our
voters had in mind when they sent the British National Party to Brussels. Because you can
bet your life that neither Labour, the LibDems nor the Tories - all of whom support Turkish
entry into the EU - would tell us about this latest piece of nation-wrecking, job-stealing
treachery. And because the Eurosceptic media has slashed their Brussels offices, the odds
are that they¥d have missed it as well. But now I¥ve put it firmly into the British
public domain, watch the Daily Mail or Express to run it as an exclusive in a couple of weeks!
This is an example of why it¥s important for us to build an effective alliance between
the principled nationalists of Europe, because the fight to keep Turkey from entering the
EU and Islamifying it in one foul swoop is an issue that has to cross every border.
So I¥m pleased to tell you that I¥m off to Warsaw today to meet with Polish nationalists
and to open an office of the Alliance of European National Movements in the capital there. The
Polish movement has been badly divided in recent years and my fellow Alliance MEP, Jobbick¥s
Bela Kovacs, has done some great work brokering deals to bring people together.
As we saw in Blackpool the other week, we nationalists are always more effective when
we sincere people work together, so I hope that my visit to Poland will help to further
cement the unity of an effective party over there. Of course I¥ll let you know how it
goes. I¥ll close with another bit of good news,
still on the subject of nationalist unity, but this time very much on the home front.
I¥m delighted to be able to tell you that the Reverend Robert West will this Sunday
be delivering his first Sunday sermon here on Radio Britain. Although it is of course
independent and non-party political, the Christian Council of Britain was first set up with the
support of the British National Party, so it¥s great to have the ever popular Rev Rob
back to give us his well-thought out and expertly delivered words of truth and hope. I hope
you¥ll tune in to hear him, this Sunday and regularly after that.
And that you¥ll recommend this steadily expanding voice of ours to friends and family, because
that way everyone can easily do their bit to spread our influence. I¥ll leave you with
a wonderful saying by Michelangelo: "God gave a sister to memory - and her name is hope!"
There is tension between Japan and South Korea after they both put on hold an intelligence
sharing pact less than an hour before it was to be formally signed Friday, due to a ëpolitical
outcry in Seoul. This military pact is the first between South Korea and Japan since
World War II, and was seen as a breakthrough between two neighbours with a difficult history.
The agreement caused uproar in South Korea, which was ruled by Japan as a colony for several
decades until the end of World War II in 1945. Japanís Cabinet approved the pact Friday
after South Koreaís approval earlier in the week. But South Korea refused to sign saying
ëit would hold off on the formal signing ceremony because of concerns among South Koreansí.
This pact would provide a framework for the sharing intelligence in such areas as missile
defence, North Koreaís nuclear programme and Chinese military operations.
Turkey has warned the Syrians of a possible retaliation over the shooting down of one
of its military aircraft last week. The border between Turkey and Syria is a hotspot at the
moment and a general in the rebel Free Syria Army said on Friday that Syrian government
forces had amassed around 170 tanks north of the city Aleppo, near the Turkish border,
but there was no independent confirmation of the report. The Syrianís claimed that
the plane shot down was a spy plane. Activities along the border are being watched carefully
by the Turkish armed forces.
Thought for the Day Well you will have listened with interest
to Nick Griffinsí input and the news about Turkey, well the thought of 80 million Turks
circulating and breeding throughout Europe is not a pleasant thought, especially done
so under the guise of stealth. But that is what we Europeans and especially we British
are up against, a government that really doesnít care and some of our people that care too
much to be kept quiet, it really doesnít fit with the now Western European image of
ëacceptance and dominationí. Because ëdominatedí is what we will be on our little island my
friends. I am not a scare monger but the actual numbers of those of the Islamic faith in this
country given out is not the true one. It cannot be, because they are arriving in their
hundreds every day, from Lorries, boats, planes and cars, and I am not including the ones
who come through the airports with their passports and visas being married off, joining a family
member or working in a family business supposedly. It also doesnít allow for those who are ëpersecutedí
and seeking ëasylumí or in other words an easier lifestyle.
Now for integration, that great British word which has not yet reached the ears of the
followers of the true faith! I have been sent pictures of a mosque in Sheffield and am truly
appalled! It is not only a blot on the landscape and can probably be seen from the Moon, but
it has two huge towers dominating the skyline, rather like a two fingers to the UK actually!
With a large dome in between, to say it is phallic would be doing it a justice. Our reporter
was openly discouraged when he was taking his pictures, which is what they do in another
cultureís country. Now if only 1.65 million of them are over
here and only 2.6% of our population is Muslim as the official figures show, why has this
monstrosity been built to accommodate such a supposedly small section of our society?
Answer? because those figures are wrong and on top of that take their reproduction rate
into account and the ongoing input of these parasites. With the advent of Turkey already
almost in the EU you can easily double that number without trying.
I googled population numbers for Muslims in the UK and guess what I got? A huge website
for the Muslim Community in the UK run by the Cabinet Office for Civil Society and under
the Institute of Fundraisers, starting with a piccie of black hands behind bars and an
invitation to the Egyptian Ladies Dinner Party. After what happened in Tahrir Square to one
of our girls being groped and penetrated manually by a horde of Muslim natives, I think I will
give that one a miss. But if our own government is presenting this sort of crap on the web
what chance do we ordinary people have of living out our lives in our own culture?
Muslims as a whole do not want to integrate, they do not know the meaning of that word,
living in harmony and integration. They want to colonise not integrate. They want to - unlike
the Jews - convert the unbeliever or kill him whichever is easier! And they also want
to do it in a country that is ëvirginí territory for them, hence the move into Europe and Britain.
They know our successive governments are weak and lily livered and afraid to act for their
own people, especially since the end of the last war, as they must be seen to be anti
nationalist and pro diversity and enrichment, thence this disgusting website and even more
disgusting mosques being built on every spare bit of land in all of our towns and cities.
Why, are we allowing them to be built? This isnít Jerusalem, Mecca, Medina, the Yemen,
or Saudi or even parts of Africa ñ this is England, Scotland, Ireland part and Wales.
Our small island is bordered by the Atlantic sea, the English Channel and the North Sea.
Hardly a stoneís throw from Muslim lands is it?
But the odd thing is that when we nationalists protest at the latest encroachment on our
land in the form of these huge mosques and Islamic centres, the worst ignorance is that
of our own people! They wander around, badly informed and at best not giving a damn. Some
seem to feel that if they have mixed race relatives that this prevents them in some
form from being a nationalist and wanting to redeem their own country. Others are products
of state education or rather state misinformation and simply do not know what is happening under
their noses. Others simply think the whole idea of another Muslim colony in their midst
is allowable, because ëthey are alright innití. We even have the ghastly Olympics, ëmade
by diversity for enrichment in mindí, should be logo I feel not the one of us in the UK
going through hoops! We now have news of two Muslim converts who have been arrested on
suspicion of plotting an attack on the London Olympic canoeing venue, after Police spotted
them on a dinghy nearby. They were also previously firing off air rifles in Essex. Oh dear! Now
I know that many Londoners will be leaving the capital during this farce but do the Police
or Army really think that if anything is done it would be done by two converts so openly?
9/11 had been planned for years and if the papers are to be believed the possible ëterroristsí
that would be Muslims to you and I, are expected to deliver nothing short of a dirty bomb by
aircraft during the Olympics, target the Olympic Stadium. Well correct me if I am wrong, but
I do not think even these monsters would be so stupid. It would turn the tide of indifference
even in the English to that of moronic flower leaving and the odd desecration of a mosque.
No, it is much easier and far less noticeable to colonise by stealth these days. They didnít
want to colonise America, they wanted to humiliate it and destroy a World landmark. The Americans
can bear arms and are more Christian in places than us, so far too dangerous for the average
cowardly terrorist. No, in England we are just a perfect storm waiting to happen. We
have the combined forces of timing for attack, not the Olympics, the financial disasters,
the EU, the Arab Spring and good old English laziness. Certain factions will rev themselves
up for the footie bless them but tell them about what could happen to their children
and this country and the rose tints make their appearance or the six pack.
I am just hoping that we all wake up in time to stop all immigration from Muslim countries
especially and start calling the shots as to whom and what we want or need in this country
of ours before it is too late.
And finally, Asteroid enthusiasts will be happy with the
news this week. A non profitable organisation has been set up in the United States to find
them. In the next 5 years or so, a mission will be embarked upon to patrol deep space
to find any deadly football pitch size asteroids on the way to earth. The Californian based
organisation is looking for Asteroids and one hopes they do not find any or Aliens,
because we have enough of those already!
You have been listening to the W@8. As you know we have the Rev. West joining us on Sundays
now with his sermons which are fascinating. Donít forget to listen. I am Lynne Mozar
and we at Radio Britain wish you all a very happy and safe weekend.