Dipped homemade dog treats: Easy to make dog treat frosting How to use Fido's Frosting

Uploaded by FrostingFran on 05.12.2010

Hi. Frosting Fran back again to show you the finished cake that we frosted with Fido’s
Frosting. And now, I just want to show you that this frosting has been sitting out for
a little bit while I was frosting the cake and as you can see it has gotten a little
bit hard. If that happens all you need to do is add just a little bit more water. What
happens is the water is absorbed into the air so the frosting gets hard so you just
add a little bit more water back into it. And I’m just going to take one more tablespoon
of water back into the frosting, mix it up and as you can see it gets back to spreading
consistency. Just to show you that, I’ll reach out of the screen there for a minute
and take my froster and you can see we’ve got it back to spreading consistency. Now,
if we add one more tablespoon of water, we make it a little looser and this equates to
about uh 9 tablespoons of water that we need for dipping or drizzling and let me show how
that works. As you can see the frosting is quite a bit looser now. I’m going to take
one of these dog bones and dip it in. Or we can dip the whole thing in. And if you’re
going to put the frosting around the entire treat, it’s a good idea to take it and wrap
it around the sides so that it doesn’t lift off when it dries. And there we have a nicely
covered dog treat.