Uploaded by TheDeafOneManShow on 04.08.2011

Famous people piss me right the fuck off!
They constantly whine and they bitch
and they think they’re God’s gift to mankind.
They complain every time they get like 10 million,
20 million, 30 million even 50 million dollars
they fucking complain.
All I got was $50 million this year. It’s not enough money.
Huh? How much did you say that you got?
I only got $50 million.
Ok. Give it to me than if you don’t like it.
I mean seriously? 50 million fucking dollars and they’re still
goddamn complaining?
I don’t give a shit what you people say if you think they deserve it.
Nobody deserves 50 fucking million dollars.
Nobody deserves it. I don’t give a shit how good you are.
Nobody deserves 50 fucking million dollars, period!
I’ll be happy if someone gave me a million bucks.
Sure, I’ll be happy but how many people in there lifetime,
how many people in there fucking lifetime will actually get
50 fucking million dollars?
Not a lot of people.
Another things is. Special treatment.
Oh, these celebrities and famous people they expect to get
special treatment just because they’re famous and they got the money.
Ahh, go fuck yourself!
You’re the same as us and you’re gonna be treated the same as us.
So fucking deal with it.
They go to the hospital and they whine and they cry, Oh my god
I got a boo boo on my finger and it’s bleeding.
I’m gonna faint because I can’t stand the sight of blood.
And the person next to you is dying of cancer and they say oh this
Is much more important than a person dying with cancer.
Seriously, FUCK YOU!
Let me see your finger and let me shove it up your goddamn fucking ass
and maybe it might feel a little bit better?
That’s what pisses me off about fucking famous people.