The Clever Australian - Greyhound Australia: New Ideas Driven by Connectivity

Uploaded by TelstraEnterprise on 18.11.2012

Greyhound Australia is Australia’s only national bus company. With a more than one
hundred year history, it now travels 38 million kilometres a year to over a thousand destinations.
We’d like to be seen to be an innovative company. And I think access to modern technology
will allow us to change the way that we look at ourselves and our customers look at us.
Always alert to opportunities, Greyhound Australia recently introduced Platinum Business Class
on the Sydney to Canberra run, offering greater comfort and onboard Wi-Fi.
The benefits is it differentiates us to our competitors in the market. It provides a benefit,
especially around our business customers. They can catch up on their emails or arrange
things that they have to arrange before they get down there. I think it suits a lot of
people. On those services so far we’re seeing roughly
a 20 to 30 percent improvement on our yields, and that’s very, very encouraging.
‘Connectivity on the move’ is an idea that’s helping Greyhound reshape its service
and its business with a key element being their ‘In Vehicle Monitoring System’ or
IVMS. Every vehicle in the Greyhound fleet communicates
with Greyhound headquarters through Telstra’s Next G® network, which integrates seamlessly
with Next IP®, so all transmitted information can be stored in the cloud.
The IVMS conveys everything from oil pressure to engine temperature and driver hours - which
is essential for ensuring safety and compliance. So one of the things we did was we added in
rev limits and speed limits, etcetera, to make sure that the drivers drove in what’s
considered the green range of the vehicle. It provides us accurate information, it allows
us to proactively manage the vehicles, to minimise downtime.
An engine failure in our fleet can cost between $35 to $55,000, so avoidance of those costs
is always important. Driving in the engine green zone and minimising
down time are just two ways that IVMS efficiencies have helped Greyhound reduce on-road operating
costs by up to $2 million a year. Through Next G®, Greyhound managers can also
access onboard cameras and statistics in real time from their desks or through their smartphones.
If something does go wrong the company is aware of it straight away. I think it’s
just an overall safer feeling for the passengers. The resource sector is a major transport growth
area with the “bus in, bus out” of mine employees. And Greyhound’s standard of ‘safety
and compliance’ reporting has helped it win some major opportunities.
The 3G modem uploads that data live. We can report back to a mine live.
We can tell them that the passenger is safe, they’re on their way home or they’re returning
to camp. In very recent times we won a couple of multimillion
dollar contacts and multiyear contracts, where the feedback we’ve had that differentiated
us from the competition is the access to on-time real data that they could then access.
Greyhound used to move about one and a half million passengers a year, mostly in our travel
and tourism business. In the next 12 months, we’ll be closer to five million passengers.
And the vast majority of that growth has come from the resource services business.
Moving into the cloud with Telstra was also a natural choice.
The speed of the network for us as a business is very important. The cloud gives us national
coverage in a scalable and affordable manner. It’s equally important that Telstra’s
people work very closely with Greyhound to resolve issues as they arise
Our account management relationship, the access that we have to key people within Telstra
as required, allows us and … provides us certainty as a business that if
we have an issue Telstra will be there to help resolve the technology challenges that
we have. Greyhound uses the Telstra Next IP data network
as one of its key enablers. It provides the link between Telstra’s utility
hosting and Greyhounds main business locations. The Next G® side of it also works with that,
in that we deploy remote sites very, very quickly using Telstra services. …I don’t
believe… there’s another provider that can help us do that in the timeframe that
we need. Greyhound has had a ten year relationship
with Telstra and they chose Telstra to help them take their ICT ambitions into the future.
For some of the places that we go, unless we were with Telstra it would be very hard
for us to get this type of technology when we want it, and this technology to be affordable
for us. Telstra being our sole provider helps us work
smarter as a business.