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starring CHO Seung-woo
and SOO Ae
Out of the way! The government troops have arrived!
Book of hymns
Where is he now?
Why isn't your god sparing you?
Listen very carefully.
The god that you believe in doesn't exist!
- Now cut off her head! - Yes, sir!
Mum! Mum!
- Mum! - Johannes.
What are you waiting for?
- Cut off her head now! - Yes, sir!
Please let my mother live!
See what happens to you when you are tempted by foreign forces?
In the Iate 1 9th century, Imperialist powers sent Catholicism and printed paper
to Eastern countries to expand their coIonisation.
Gojong became king of Korea's Joseon Dynasty,
and his father, Daewongun, executed a strong policy of seclusion
and closed the nation's doors.
With the fear and thirst for new things, the whole nation was engulfed
in a conflict between reform and conservatism.
Daewongun hastened to choose a Queen in order to strengthen the royaI power.
And during these times, a man meets a woman.
And this woman shall be the fate of Joseon. . .
They say that one of her strengths is that she has no father.
But how couId she be queen of a royal family?
They must be sick of the influences from the royal brides' families.
Just wait and see.
The royal family in power wiII not easiIy concede.
Daewongun has taken this too far.
The royal family won't give up so easily.
What will you do, Your Excellency?
A special day will dawn on us soon.
So how could I think only of myself?
They will not back down, Your Excellency.
l know.
So she will come to us the day after tomorrow?
Yes, Your Excellency.
l trust only you.
She must not be harmed by any means.
Do not worry, Your Excellency.
Also. . .
I've created a separate military office that is directly under your control.
lt's for security.
From now on, you will be in charge of special weapons development.
ln particular, we need to quickly create vests to block bullets.
That way, we can effectively stand against foreign invasions.
I understand, Your Excellency.
- Here it comes! - You caught it!
Come here, you fish.
Cook it the best you can.
- A Femme Fatale! - What?
lt means a very beautiful yet dangerous woman.
- Where? You can tell that from here? - Of course l can.
It must be because of those expensive glasses.
Mother, look at this.
Joseon is such a small country.
But it stands against big countries.
How brave it is.
You're already speaking like a queen.
To be honest, l'm not at all pleased about this.
Do you know what kind of place the palace is?
lt is a place that stinks of blood from never-ending battles.
Mother, I want to go to the sea.
OK, l will get ready.
I want to go aIone.
lf l can't even go on this short trip,
how do you expect me to go on that long journey alone?
Can you take me on this boat?
Excuse me, sir!
I'm asking you if you can take me on this boat.
The sea. . .
The sea must be a very special place.
Seeing that you're going there alone.
What does the sea look like?
I heard the water is salty.
Well, all water is the same anyway.
Will you wait for me here? I won't take long.
Wait, miss.
l'm afraid to stay here alone.
And l'd like to see the sea as well.
l won't be a bother. Can't l just tag along?
ls it this way?
Let's go!
Hey, we've come a very long way.
Are you sure we're heading to the sea
and not the mountains?
Why are you laughing?
Am l funny?
No, I was just remembering me asking my father the same thing.
So you were a fool like me.
I don't believe it.
I'm sorry.
What do those characters say?
'Ja' for red.
'Young' for 'a flower's corolla'.
lt's my name.
l liked writing my name like this when I was young.
lt disappears without a trace, you see.
Hold on!
Since this sweetbrier is red,
I just thought it resembled your name.
Look. Ja-young, 'Red flower'.
You really thought that?
- Why? l can't? - Of course you can.
So are you accepting it?
Of course.
Thank you.
This pIace hoIds the memories l have of my deceased father.
Whenever l got upset or sad,
my father would always bring me here.
And l always found consolation here.
Do you need consolation again?
I'll be going to a faraway place soon in order to fulfil my destiny.
Actually, I'm scared.
l'd like to show you something.
These are the eggs of a waterfowl.
No one knows about this. Even my friends don't know.
When the baby birds hatch out of these eggs,
they can fly right away as soon as they are dry.
And they never return home.
Aren't they courageous?
Hearing that gives me strength.
Thank you.
Thank you for this long trip.
Please, I'd like to repay you.
Well, if you insist, instead of money. . .
- Could you give me your hair ribbon? - Pardon?
Well, I think my friend would like it a lot.
He's a bit feminine.
Are you OK?
- You must get treated quickly. - I'm OK.
What's going on? Why are they after you?
- Let me see your wound first. - I'm OK.
Why do you have so many enemies?
Don't come any closer!
- Are you Min Ja-young? - Yes, I am.
l am Lee Noi-jeon. Daewongun sent me.
Are you alright?
Thanks to this gentleman.
I will escort you from now on.
- Is Ja-young here? - Quiet down.
- Is Ja-young here? - Be gone!
Watch it.
- Have you lost your mind? - Let go. You're wrinkIing it.
You fool. How dare you step foot in here?
- Tell her l'm asking for her presence. - Are you asking for your death?
Who said I was asking for death? I was asking for her presence.
Are your ears clogged?
Be careful with that sword.
You think l'm just talking because l don't have a sword?
Stop it!
What can l do for you?
There was a time when I yearned to be strong.
In order to prove myself,
I killed that tiger.
l'd like to give it to you.
That's enough.
All he wanted to do was offer a gift.
Stop being so uncooperative.
I really want to do this job.
But he said that he wouldn't kill women or children.
This is so frustrating.
Do you have brains or not?
Your head doesn't work? Look.
lf a pretty girl like this is gone, then your chances get better.
Be practical about it.
- l want to be practical, but. . . - But what?
l told him that it'll be tough, but just take a look.
- Why does he want her killed? - When did we ever ask why?
lt must be important since he's paying so much.
So are you taking the job?
You didn't mess with women and children until now.
I was wrong about you.
- lt's not like we need the money. - Dae-doo!
Who are you? Show yourself!
You're pretty smart.
Assassins will hunt her down. They will move soon.
You can guess who it is, right?
- This is absurd. - You're right.
Damn it.
You know what this is for, right?
Get it done in one blow.
Dae-doo, what's going on?
Where's Moo-myoung?
Well, you see, he's. . .
Over there. . .
lf you move, I will kill you with no mercy.
Moo-myoung, that rotten bastard.
You deceived me as well? You traitor.
This job was worth so much.
What a damn waste.
Who the hell spilled the beans?
I'm sorry.
Your Highness, are you asleep? lt is Noi-jeon.
What's the meaning of this?
My name is Moo-myoung.
My name was Johannes when I was young.
But my name was forgotten, and l became just a shadow.
'Moo' for 'no' and 'myoung' for 'light'.
That is why I am Moo-myoung.
Thank you for the gift you gave me last time.
I must go now.
What is the meaning of this? l am to wed the king tomorrow.
To me, you are the image of when l first saw you.
You are that image now. I don't want to remember any other.
- Let go of me. I will be disgraced. - Ja-young!
l couldn't protect my mother long ago.
Even though my mother was frightened,
l couldn't even help her.
Are you not frightened now?
Didn't you say at the sea that you were scared to go there?
l want to protect you.
If you would like,
I will help so no one can find you.
l want to go.
Starting tomorrow, Ja-young will exist no more.
People won't call me by that name any more.
l'd like to cherish my past only as fond memories.
Our meet like this is more than enough.
Be respectful and cautious,
and fulfil your duties from morning to night.
To the husband and wife. . .
Go away.
Don't stay here and go!
He doesn't work for days, and drowns himself in booze.
He's completely lost his mind.
Lee Noi-jeon.
The best swordsman in Korea.
Why are you looking for a person like me?
You have received too much attention from an exalted person.
An exalted person?
So what will you do about it?
l will see if you are worthy of it.
Is it a test?
With your life at stake.
You give up your shoulder to survive. Very entertaining.
This will settle the score for aiding the queen.
Don't appear before her again.
Next time, l will kill you.
I have a woman. A different woman.
She's neither a friend, a courtesan, nor a subject.
But she's a wise person I can talk to.
l'll think of you as a wise Queen who stands by my side.
Please rest. You must be tired after a long day.
I find situations like this uncomfortable.
l'll go sleep in another room.
Where do you think you are?
Stop him!
I came to see Daewongun!
You bastard!
I came to see Daewongun!
Leave him!
Do you really want to die?
My stomach!
My stomach! lt hurts so much!
My stomach! It hurts so much!
What's aII this noise?
My apologies, Your Excellency. l will send the crazy man away.
Your Excellency!
I heard you hire people for their abilities and not for their background.
lf I fight him and win, please grant my wish!
Do you know who this officer is?
Let's test your courage.
Put the bullet-proof vest on him!
That vest blocks bullets.
But l haven't tested it on a person yet.
What do you think?
Can you do it?
What is the wish you'd like to be granted?
I want to be a palace guard.
Since l was born of such a low origin,
l've wanted to work in the most prestigious of places.
l'm just a tail anyway.
But l'd like to be a dragon's tail rather than a snake's tail.
ls that all?
lf you survive, then I will grant your wish.
Fire again!
Second Iine forward!
Is he dead?
He's stiII breathing, Your ExceIIency.
He's a persistent fellow.
lt bIocked the bullets, but l'm still not satisfied.
There's still a lot of work to be done.
Grant that man's wish.
lt's dangerous.
Moo-myoung, you're here!
They want to get married that bad?
- l don't get it. - l do.
If you get married at a tavern, you can drink for free.
And if you're lucky, you can spend your first night in the back room.
Those poor kids have fun today, but what about tomorrow?
Hey! Why worry about the future today?
- As long as they're in love. - What?
How great it must be!
What do you know?
I envy them.
Where are you going?
To the palace!
Crazy bastard. When will he snap out of it?
He hasn't seen her for months since he went to the palace.
How frustrated he must be.
Why are you complaining so much?
All the bride and groom need to do is bow and you all just drink.
Oh yeah!
- Does it go over there? - Yes, once around the room.
Seeing Westerners in Korea now is not a strange matter anymore.
The country has changed a great deal.
What is the situation like in the palace?
The Queen held a banquet with the wives of foreign ambassadors.
It was just a ceremony, so you. . .
Since when has the country been ruled by the Queen?
Indeed, your orchid painting is matchless, father.
ls it really matchless?
So, I see you have an interest in orchids, my Queen.
I heard that orchids represent the proud spirit of a gentry and scholar.
That is correct.
Orchids are quite special.
They require a high level of attention to bloom such beautiful flowers.
Any neglect or haste and the flower will not bloom.
- My King. - Yes, Father.
I heard that you have showed interest in exchanges with Westerners lately.
lt is to be forbidden.
I know, father.
I'm gIad that you know.
Please forgive me, Father.
But how can you obtain the wisdom of blooming a flower
if you haven't bloomed one yet?
Have you forgotten how Westerners forced Catholicism and opium
on the powerful Qing Dynasty after it opened its doors?
The important part was the fact that the country had no choice.
lf there is no exchange with the West,
then we will not know how to handle the foreigners.
Are you trying to discuss politics?
Have you forgotten how this country was ruined by the bride's families?
If you do the same as them,
then l won't stand still.
l don't want to swallow it.
l don't want to swallow it because it tastes so sweet.
But it melts in my mouth if I don't.
lt's a shame that l can't taste it for longer.
Is this how you say it in France?
- Chocolat. - Chocolat.
That's much smoother.
Let me introduce you.
She is an artist and doctor from France.
She will help treat the royal family together with Mr. Underwood.
Your Highness, the King has gone into Lady Lee Gwi-in's chambers.
You don't need to report that to me anymore.
Please forgive me, Your Highness.
That's alright.
l know that you told me on my account.
Lady Choi.
Yes, Your Highness.
Are you good at sex?
Your Highness?
Why are you so surprised?
If l am to be loved by the King, l must learn.
What do you think?
- Will you teach me tonight? - Your Highness. . .
It was a joke.
You may go now.
Yes, Your Highness.
You don't need to be by my side any longer.
What are you doing?
What happened? How did you get in here?
Actually, l've been in the palace for quite a long time.
But since l am such a low-ranking soldier,
l didn't have the chance to be seen by you.
- Moo-myoung. - Yes, Your Highness.
Why did you come here?
I know you don't want to be in a place like this.
It's because my sword has chosen a purpose, Your Highness.
What is it?
To protect you, Your Highness.
This is an agreement signed by Nicholas the second himself.
lt contains initial support of his military area with his full attention.
Your Majesty, how did you ever come to such an exceptional diplomatic agreement?
This is excellent work. You have made all our concern completely disappear.
So is the agreement settled?
Yes, it is. We will begin the final measures as soon as possible.
Your Majesty.
We have received information that Korea and Russia have signed
an agreement to build an ice-free port.
We have received orders from Japan to discover the secret transactions
between Russia and Korea and plan a countermeasure.
Structure a new cabinet and station new troops in the palace?
This is a sincere request made by Japan?
Your Majesty, the Japanese government is very worried about Korea
disregarding its Japanese partner and becoming close to Russia.
Your Majesty.
Please find an effective way to appease Japan's worries.
A corset. I'd like to wear it.
A corset?
Your Highness, you mustn't.
- The Queen of Joseon must not. . . - Why not?
You must first experience things, before you deny them due to prejudices.
l will wear it no matter what.
Since it shows my back, I feel that it reveals everything.
A Korean garb is much more comfortable.
It hides many secrets, you see.
Shouldn't we bring honour to Daewongun?
But isn't the method too harsh?
Of course, it is. But there's no other way.
Give this to your master.
So did you get approval from Daewongun?
Watch your mouth. What do mean by 'approval'?
Are you trying to ruin Daewongun?
lf this fails, we must be ready to take full responsibility.
Lady Choi, bear this in mind.
I didn't hear that from you until the ceremony today has ended.
You did not deliver that message to me, understand?
Yes, Your Highness.
l still do not believe this news.
Because of me. . .
Because of this terrible daughter. . .
lf you're going to the ceremony,
you must not cry any more, Your Highness.
Mother. . .
Your Highness, if you are to go to the ceremony,
you mustn't cry any more.
You think I wouldn't know that it was you?
Your blood will make up for the Queen's tears.
Then l must slice into your neck first.
You don't want to accept the fact that you failed to protect her!
You rotten bastard!
How does it feel?
The torment of not being able to neither embrace, approach, nor protect her.
I'll relieve that pain for you.
Shut up!
The Queen has arrived!
Why are you so late?
They've all been waiting for the Queen.
I'm reaIIy curious about that 'eIectricity' thing.
It's strange.
How could Korea discover this faster than Japan?
The electricity lighting ceremony will now begin!
It's bright!
Electricity is amazing.
- Fantastic. - How extraordinary.
Ladies and gentlemen, Korea's finest warriors.
They will put on a special sword-fighting show for you.
Do you also think that l should take action?
What do l know about politics, Your Excellency?
Seeing that you don't oppose,
you must think the same.
But not taking action as an excuse will be another sin,
if those who have sold out the country cannot be punished.
What's wrong? What's wrong with you?
It's urgent!
- Where are you going? - To find Moo-myoung!
Where is the Queen?
What is the meaning of this? Do you know where you are?
Lady Choi, don't you know that the Queen is in danger?
Block the four main gates of the city, and do a thorough search!
- Find the Queen no matter what! - Yes, sir!
Your Highness.
How could this have happened?
l am this country's Queen!
As if killing my mother was not enough,
they leave us as prey to those crazy monsters!
l'm a dead person now.
This uprising is the people's frustration with the Queen,
who has brought Japan and Westerners to make this country suffer.
Quickly proclaim the Queen's death, and ease the mind of the people.
- Yes, Your Excellency. - Yes, Your Excellency.
Your Highness.
The sound of the rain. . .
sounds like the sea in fury.
You also must be very angry.
Because of me.
Don't return to the palace.
Forget about everything that has happened and live in peace.
l will be by your side.
lf you want me to be by your side, then call me Johannes.
l'm so cold.
It's dangerous if your body gets cold.
Moo-myoung, over here!
Dae-du, please be careful.
Don't worry and just give me the Queen's Ietter.
Keep in mind that if you get caught, the Queen couId die.
Min Ja-young
Come here! Is anyone out there?
- Look at this crazy idiot. - What's going on?
We arrested him because he was acting suspicious.
Buddha, sorry to do this in front of you,
but these poor people need to eat.
TraiI him and find where the Queen is hiding.
Yes, sir.
Where is the Queen?
You fools, did you think that the Queen was hiding here?
No one's here. We've been tricked.
My Queen!
My Queen, you have suffered so much.
- My King. - Yes.
She has returned from death. Yes, she has!
I'm sorry, Your ExceIIency.
What do you mean you are sorry? This is a happy occasion.
Now come inside.
Everyone thinks that Daewongun was behind the uprising.
The family feud will end when either the father or daughter-in-law dies.
Don't worry. We have a secret card in our possession.
l remember when I first came to the palace.
All l could see was what was in here. That was all.
But. . .
From now on, protect both the King and me.
The King has arrived.
- Were you here, soldier? - Yes, Your Excellency.
lndeed, you have great devotion to the Queen.
I will see how great it is.
- You may go and rest now. - No.
Like you have always done, go outside and protect this room.
I plan to spend the night here.
- Yes? - Why are you so surprised?
Aren't we married?
As your husband, l neglected you too much.
Now l've realised how precious you are,
after I almost lost you.
My Queen.
You look so beautiful tonight.
Do you know how much I missed. . .
. . .my Queen?
Why did you come here?
I know you didn't want to Iive Iike this.
It's because my sword has chosen a purpose, Your Highness.
What is it?
To protect you, Your Highness.
What's the meaning of this?
You wench!
What are you doing?
Somebody help us!
l'm not trying to kill you, Your Excellency!
This incident was no doubt an attempt to assassinate the King.
I don't perceive it to be politically-motivated whatsoever.
During the riot,
the Queen had disappeared and was with one person for a few days.
That is enough.
Even though it was an act to protect the Queen,
if he was alone with the Queen for a few days. . .
- You are out of line, Daewongun! - Out of line?
Shall I tell the King of the rumour spreading in the streets?
That Moo-myoung started the uprising because of his lust for the Queen?
And that he kidnapped the Queen to satisfy his needs?
That's enough!
Daewongun said that during the uprising Your Highness and Moo-myoung
abandoned the palace guards, and spent a few days alone together.
He spoke profanely of it as if it was true.
How could Daewongun speak of such atrocious things?
Anyway, the King stripped Daewongun of his title,
and removed him from his government post.
AIso, since Moo-myoung was charged for letting the King get hurt,
he was removed from his post.
And forbidden from entering the palace.
You're hurt.
You're hurt right there.
Seeing the exact date, time and forces, it is quite a Iarge protest.
lf Your Majesty compromises, then things wiII be easiIy resoIved.
Give Daewongun his title back, and restore everything to normaI.
lf I don't?
You wiII have to win in a match of honour.
Daewongun used the rumours of the Queen and Moo-myoung to his advantage.
lf you prove publicly that this rumour is completely false,
then Daewongun's image wiII be shamed.
So there needs to be an offering made to the peopIe.
Yes, Your Majesty.
I shouldn't be upset over the rumour about you and Moo-myoung.
But I didn't know that my feelings for Your Highness were so deep.
Make him fight my father for me.
The King is waiting for your answer.
Daewongun's protest. . .
Only four days left, Your Highness.
You have no chances of surviving that fight.
If you don't fight, I will not despise you.
Forever. . .
I will make sure that you will never be found.
l will fight.
lf you can never find me, what reason is there for me to live?
l will fight.
And I will survive.
We're able to meet like this again because I'm still alive.
Your Highness.
Since a 500-year old dynasty is on the verge of collapse,
I wiII stand up and protect Korea.
Move out of the way!
You've been forbidden to enter the palace.
You cannot go any farther unless you pass me first.
The fight has begun.
Moo-myoung is fighting the soldiers by himself.
Father has done it after all. . .
Don't move!
I will slice the neck of anyone who tries to hurt the Queen!
The Queen is suffering because of you all!
Because of you all!
The Queen is in torment!
I will slice the neck of anyone who moves, understand?
Your son!
Your daughter-in-Iaw!
Your peopIe!
Are you trying to kill them all?
Please stop!
Why is Daewongun doing this?
He should stop this.
l've made you into a hero.
The heavens are not on my side.
Your ExceIIency! We cannot retreat like this!
Your ExceIIency!
Your Highness, he has done it! General Moo-myoung has won!
ls it true?
He has pushed back Daewongun and the soldiers.
Unbelievable! He is amazing!
So what has happened to Moo-myoung? Is he still alive?
Your Highness. He is safe.
Have you rewarded him?
It shouId be deIivered to him by now.
ln case he was to succeed, l prepared a reward for him in the Queen's name.
Although he is an admirable soldier, he shall not return to the palace.
lnsult me if you want.
But, if there is a day Moo-myoung and the Queen are together again,
l will kill him.
This is a reward granted by the Queen.
ls it true?
Is it really money sent by the Queen?
- Yes. - ls it true?
Is it really money sent by the Queen?
Tell me the truth.
Is it really money sent by the Queen?
Feelings are so difficult.
I cannot talk to anyone about anything.
My heart aches. . .
You will help me?
OK, then tell me what he wants.
He wants to fix the mistakes of the Korean government.
lf l had extended my hand this much, then you shouId grab it.
You are drowning, so who wiII offer a hand besides us?
The end of my brush is overflowing with strength today.
Do you think this country will bend to your will?
Think it over carefully, about whether you'll help us,
or whether things will end like this.
Who is that person?
Your shadow. lt has never left your side.
You should know well, shouldn't you?
Korea's King dismissed Japanese forces
and reshuffled the cabinet with pro-Russians.
Summon all the men!
When the night is through, l will carve it here.
'Kill the fox with one stroke'.
We will follow the orders of our Empire
and assassinate Korea's Queen today.
The Queen's cruel death will set an example.
And our actions must never be known outside of here.
Drink all that you want tonight!
Cheers to the Emperor!
They've finally revealed their savage selves.
Go save my daughter-in-law.
- Your Majesty! Please try to understand! - Let go!
You must be safe in order for this country to stand again!
Your Highness, you must escape!
Your Highness!
They are coming for you!
You have to escape from here!
How could you enter the palace again?
Your Highness!
Lady Choi, why aren't you sending that man away!
lf you will not go with me, then l will die here!
You are such a fool.
You are hopeless.
Why have you come here?
Your Highness.
Do you know how much you are tormenting me?
My heart is having doubts.
Because l want to escape with you.
Then l will be in debt to you again.
Yes, we could escape them.
But now it is different from before.
I can avoid the angered citizens for a moment until they are calm.
But what citizen will trust and follow me if I flee the enemy?
None of that matters!
You must live no matter what!
lf there is no Queen, then what use is this country?
Please forgive me.
l can feel your fear from here.
l am afraid.
So afraid that I cannot look at you.
Do not be afraid.
Nothing will happen to you.
Please trust me.
The Queen has made this for you with her own hands.
He is mine.
Noi-jeon. Noi-jeon.
Help me up.
Go protect the Queen.
Your sword was fun, my friend.
- This way! - Kill her!
Kill them!
Kill her!
You bastard.
The minister of a meaningless country crawling in here at night like a mouse.
Don't come any cIoser!
Your Highness, for greater prosperity of the Far East, I bid you farewell.
What is this?
Stand back!
While I'm still alive, none of you shall make a step toward the Queen.
You cut your nerves and lose your leg to feel less pain.
But your country cannot overcome Japan.
Why isn't he falling down?
l am sorry.
l am not afraid of you.
Never forget me and this day.
l am the Queen of Korea,
Min Ja-young.
PIease give me your hair ribbon.