Top 5 Video SEO Tips and Strategies

Uploaded by ninavucetic on 24.02.2012

Top 5 Video SEO Tips and Strategies
Hi guys. It’s Nina here from and today, I’m going to be talking to you
about some video SEO tips. Now I do have an SEO background and I do talk about video SEO
quite a lot but only because it’s so important but I also love to break things down for you
and make it as simple as possible.
So tip number one when it comes to video SEO. What does it mean? Video SEO is video search
engine optimization. So basically, the more that you follow the tips I’m about to give
you, the better your videos will rank both on YouTube and on Google because there is
an algorithm that is sort of behind YouTube and Google that picks up on certain things
that I’m about to tell you and that will really help you to boost the traffic, to boost
your visibility, to help people find you, to get those targeted leads that you really
So tip number one when it comes to video SEO is pick your keywords carefully. I talk about
this a lot, I know, and I’m going to break it down to a really simple kind of way of
starting off this whole keyword process. Basically what you want to do is pretend that you’re
your ideal lead, client or prospect. What would you type in to either Google or YouTube
to find yourself? That is where you should begin all of your keyword research and that
is the starting point essentially.
Next you head over to the Google Keyword Tool to see whether you actually hit the nail on
the head. Like, are people searching for this keyword? Because if they’re not, there’s
really no point in doing video about it and if the searches are like hundreds and thousands,
you will really find it hard to rank for that particular keyword. So we want to get a sweet
spot which I always say is somewhere between 5 to 50,000.
Tip number two when it comes to video SEO. Get that keyword, that all-important keyword
and use it in your title. Now try to use it twice if possible but do it in a way that
is natural; and for example, if you are a video marketer, so video marketing, five essential
tips to video marketing. You’ve put it in there twice. It doesn’t seem like it’s
stuffed. It naturally reads well and it’s easy to follow.
Tip number three when it comes to video SEO, again, get that keyword and use it in your
tags. So you want to use the main keyword but you also want to use other keywords that
are related to that main keyword and you can find this on the Google Keyword Search Tool.
It will give you a list of sort of related terms in their search volume but another little
bonus tip is that you can find a similar video to yours and see what keywords they are using
especially the ones that are ranking really high.
Tip number four when it comes to video SEO is use that description space really well.
Fill it out as much as possible. Start it off with your hyperlink. So make sure you
got that HTTP to make it a clickable link and then fill it out as much as possible.
Add as much content as you can and use that keyword several times in that description
box. This will really go a long way in helping you rank higher on both Google and YouTube.
And finally, video SEO tip number five is get a transcript of your video. You can do
this easily for $5 on or Elance, oDesk, whatever service you happen to like
and use. But you can really get a great price and another little bonus with this transcript
is that once you upload it onto YouTube, you will be able to read it. You will be able
to recognize the text and it will really boost your rankings but you can also use this transcript
to create social media updates, to create blog posts, to create articles that you can
post on different article submission sites and to create maybe even a podcast or various
other things. So the transcriptions are great and really cheap.
So they are the five video SEO tips. Thank you guys for watching. It’s Nina here from 2