"The Duleks" - Episode 6

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Announcer: The Duleks is filmed in front of a live studio audience.
Teacher: Ok Jimmy, please spell "Doctor"
Jimmy: The doctor is here?!?
Teacher: No no jimmy, it's ok, just spell the word 'doctor'
Teacher: Correct, now jimmy, please spell 'Exterminate'
Jimmy: E…X…T… erm…R…W?
Teacher: Oh I'm sorry Jimmy, the correct spelling is…
*Children screaming*
As bob has already said, it's not just your impatience with new employees.
Well, what is it?!
Well, in the last 6 months, you've exterminated 48 employees…
Destroyed 17 computers, broken 3 headsets and...
Melted the angel on the top of the company christmas tree!
So what reason have we possibly got NOT to terminate your employment here?
I am sorry for exterminating 17 of my classmates, headmaster, its just they…well…
I don't think we have anything else to say young man. You are expelled from this school, and your education here is terminated.
Now, get out!
*Sings* Always look on the bright side of life *Whistles*
*Sings* Always look on the right side of life *Whistles*
Well son, it looks like we both got a lot of spare time these days.
Yes daddy, I'm going to enjoy spending more time fishing with you.
Malcolm and Jimmy: EXTERMINATE !!!