Homeland Security Spotlight

Uploaded by LCCCGoldenEagles on 02.04.2010

Are you interested in getting into a career that focuses on protecting our country?
LCCC's Homeland Security program might be the right place for you.
Since 9-11, 2001 our world has changed we all live in an environment that is much more threatened.
Thankfully those threats are watched every day by thousands of Homeland Security professionals like Larry and his dog Bo.
Bo is my explosive detection K-9 and Bo's purpose in life is to look for explosive odors.
Bo sniffs for bombs all across the state of Wyoming.
We have flown around the state to respond to requests from local first responders
for bomb threats at schools, airports, hospitals.
They've also done work for the governor and even the president at the democratic convention in Denver.
It's a service that we just feel is going to be even much more necessary in the future.
And this is only one example of the many different fields of security.
Many of us that currently work at the offices of Homeland Security came from first responder professions
law enforcement, firefighting, emergency medical. It's a broad spectrum of services with a lot of different skill sets in it.
LCCC offers a Homeland Security program that allows students to get a start
in the field with either an associate of science degree or certificate.
We like to have well trained, skilled first responders.
Those things come from an educational program that starts early on in a person's career.
I'm Lisa Murphy with this Laramie County Community College Spotlight.