Sydney, Australia - Lauren Banaszak

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My name is Lauren Banaszak, I studied abroad in Sydney, Australia.
I went hiking in Katoomba which is where the Blue Mountains are.
So if you're an adventure lover, nature lover, Australia is definitely a great place to go.
New Zealand as well.
i spent two weeks in new zealand; i went with 4 other UW-Madison students
and we backpacked across the South Island
I also went snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef which is up in Carnes and that was
the coolest thing ever, you're like
two feet away from the coral.
You think that
in Lord of the Rings they only shot at
the very best places, no, everywhere
you go it looks like you're Frodo trying to destroy the Ring.
My major is kind of rigorous. I needed to go to a school that allowed me to take a wide variety of classes.
So I looked at direct enroll programs.
And I've always wanted to go to Australia and they had the perfect program for me
that allowed me to take biology classes in addition to humanities classes that I need for
my honors in liberal arts degree
australia has really great
marine biology programs and environmental science programs
They're very world-renowned for those types of courses.
When I was abroad I actually took the initiative to shadow doctors while I was there
So I was able to see how the health care system differed between America and Australia
I think if you
go abroad
you can take the initiative to do things like that and it looks really great
to interviewers and future employers.